Slimy Alright

That’s why her nick name is Ratchett. Danielle Hill was in the Cape Cod Times with her talking points (construed several times) about her arrest and felony charges being the result “wrong place at the wrong time.” Well how about this:

She was arrested in New York in 2009.

She was charged with a felony.

She was put in jail.

She was given a court date in January 2010.

And she didn’t show up.

The felony warrant was issued September of 2010.

Wake up Danielle...So very, well..... sad.

We’re not going to talk about that clown show of an election committee.  Equipped with its own bully who enforces the ridiculous dictates from the Council.  Then the election committee and candidates are all out together getting smashed last night trying to forget…

How can she expect us to believe that she did not know that these serious charges were pending and she was wanted? And she tells the CCT that she’s not sure when she will return to NY to answer them? She says she’s not guilty.  When was she going to tell the court ? Well then….

So the question becomes how do you not clear your name on a felony charge?  Why were you working as a clerk at the infamous Tribal Court? Guess it’s the right fit? And currently working in the grant program? Dishonesty is the criteria as we said before.

And we are lead to believe that Ratchett is not a fugitive from justice with a felony warrant in the state of New York? Apparently not, according to law enforcement in Mashpee. Well let’s look at how justice is handed down here.

Take a look at another episode involving Carlton Hendricks, Jr. He had a misdemeanor warrant issued in Mashpee because he had not paid a $300 fine. He was a candidate for election at that time about 6 years years ago. Unknown to him was the fact that the warrant was issued on the Tuesday before the election. He had seen police officers during the course of the week nothing was said.  But, on Sunday, election day,  Hendricks was arrested. Right, on a misdemeanor charge, on election day.

So it’s very interesting how certain people are obsessed with debunking our definition of Danielle Hill as a “fugitive from justice” when it’s clear that they deliver justice in a very select way.

Again the Town of Mashpee and it’s selectmen would never adhere to these kinds of employment practices or for law enforcement to diddle with its duties. Of course since we have no land in trust, the Mashpee Police Department is our law enforcement agency.  But when it comes to us,  the rules are different aren’t they?  We provide certain government officials quite a bit of entertainment no doubt. Instead of weeding out the bad people, they allow them to fester among us.

It’s an old strategy tried and true.