Tribal finance told Treasurer Robbie Hendricks that there is not enough money in the bank to cover tribal expenses. They said  he had better “prioritize” what and who needed to be paid.  Are you laughing yet ?  Well you know what that means.  Shovel Readie Ceddie will be at the top, Messy Jessie next and so on down the council list of greedy incompetents who collect big cash every Friday and do absolutely nothing to earn it.

They spend over $400k a month on salaries.Salaries for the Fryebal Council.

But check this out.  These crooks borrowed a ton of money over the last 45 days.  $45m to buy the very crappy land in Taunton…and $11m a couple of weeks ago.  Problem is they have not received the last request and it won’t be a total $11 m because Genting charges $2.3m on the money so they only get about $8m.

Biggest problem—they are $8m shy of the $200m cap on the Genting ATM. The Gang has run through $200m and there’s nothing to show for it but a lot of do-nothing-staff.

SRS has been living a lie since he stole the 2009 election. Now reality has set in and as usual, he hiding.

SRC has been living a lie since he stole the 2009 election. Now reality has set in and as usual, he’s hiding.

Genting has made it clear that:

$200 m is the end of their criminally expensive loans

They will not finance the casino

The Compact with the state demands several things SRC and Crew cannot deliver:

SRC promised the state a $500m “resort casino.” Because he has no investors or underwriting he’s trying to launch a “Beta” casino in a warehouse on the Tauton property.  You can imagine the horror of even trying to offer that concept to the state gaming commission. There’s no substitution allowed. 

The Compact also requires the SRC to pay off the old investors.  That’s $60m that they do not have, obviously.  He’s trying to negotiate  installments. Not allowed.  SRC is trying to argue that the payoff comes later… another untruth. The Compact requires that it be paid in full.

And even more damaging is the 6 years time period that allows for potential lawsuits over the shaky, shady LIT decision that hangs over the entire business like a wet blanket.


So you have a gaming commission eyeing a sure thing like a group who has backers and money and the ability to get a casino built without a lot of controversy. Generating tax dollars is the goal and MWT is undoubtedly  financially unsound….

And well let’s face it ….our tribal government is loaded with ghetto fabulous drama and totally lacks credibility.

Most recently we have a tribal member working in finance who was indicted ( FBI investigation ) for money laundering dope money. It could open the door for the feds to start looking around just as the housing fraud, and council member involvement, has caught the eye of authorities because it is so bad  and blatant misuse of federal dollars.

We had a tribal member who was a high level staffer on the gaming authority who was arrested for drug trafficking ( in his behind no less ).

So there’s “Less Stress” in issuing the license to a credible group with money an a true plan to develop a real resort casino in a better location that will generate tons of money.

We just can’t get a break.