We forgot something

"Oh Shi-, they know." SRC in his posh office at his empty desk in the empty building of the Woebegone Tribe.

Ceddie 2X’s looks for a way to deflect his failure to deliver a casino while taking millions in salary and benefits.

Ceddie 2X’s still has a problem with the ” Sovereignty” method of building a casino.  The Indian Gaming Commission wants  the Tribe have a compact with the state…..which is a mile high hurdle for Ceddie 2X’s.

But without financing…it doesn’t even matter does it Ceddie “Moot ?”

C2X’s has overseen the distribution of $200m to parts unknown and gave tribal members donated turkeys and hams.  He has disemboweled the fabric, culture and image of the tribe with his inexperience and greed.  Our bizarre spiral into debt and despair has reportedly caught the eye of  federal investigators on sever levels.  We can only hope.