“Ceddie 2X’s”

Johnny 2X's is Cedric's name sake. Suddenly he's talking to the Elders who he allowed to be disrespected and denigrated during his entire reign.

Jimmy 2X’s is Cedric’s name sake. Suddenly he’s talking to the Elders who he allowed to be disrespected and denigrated during his entire reign.

You know things are bad when Shovel Ready Ceddie, his wife The First Lady and the Mean Travel Queen show up to an Elders meeting. He has been to the Elders meeting  exactly 2 times in 7 years, that’s how he got  the new name “Ceddie 2X’s.” Just like the guy in the movie Goodfellas …Jimmy 2X’s who said everything 2X’s.

Ceddie 2X’s is a character alright.  Unfortunately this horror movie is real. He’s was doing damage control on steroids because his fairy tale is over. So here’s his script.

He tells the Elders that they should not listen to rumors about the Tribe being broke and unable to adhere to the state compact.  So instead of admitting that the tribe is broke, that he has no financing for the casino and that he can’t live up to anything in the compact ( including the mandatory pay off of the old investors ) he says the MWT is going it alone as a sovereign nation.  That there will be no presentation to the Mass Gaming Commission. There’s nothing to present. But actually he gets out of paying off the investors, builds a slot dump or some other raggity mess  and can stall forever. You better believe he won’t put that in a press release or talk about it on a conference call.

So the Tribe is going to go out on its own without worrying about the Compact.  You heard it right here.  And he admitted that he is going to put the damn thing in the “warehouse” ( as we disclosed earlier ).  Red flag #1 that is in no way a “Resort Casino.” Red flag #2 there was no mention of financing anything.  Red flag # 3 who waits this late to get the financing on such a huge deal like this.? All Ceddie 2X’s was interested in was getting a check, the casino was never on the radar as a true Tribal benefit.  It was always Gentings baby. They would have kept going until March, maxed out the loans from Genting,anticipating that the Mass Commission would issue another license.  This is called preemption.

So Cedric admits that he can’ get it done the right way and basically admitting he can’t meet the terms of the Compact.  Now— two days ago he was talking like the state would be foolish to issue a license to another group.   Now he’s saying our LIT says we don’t need the state. Right, you got lawsuits on the horizon and a good old fashioned depleted bank account and nothing to hock.

Be sure to ask about that financing at the general meeting today and if Ceddie 2X’s got paid Friday.