Carlton Hendricks, Jr. poses continuing threat to Genting Tribe

Carlton Hendricks Jr, took a huge bite out of the Cromwell Genting Tribe on Sunday. The Fight for Right goes on. Hendricks vote count of 246 votes topped Genting pawns Cheryl Frye Cromwell (225) Yvonne Frye Avant (215)  and Winnie Johnson (213) and the Fryebal Council. Despite questions about recorded and non recorded votes from Aaron Tobey, Genting clearly feared the fallout of throwing yet another election in favor of their paid disciples.  So Reel Wamps can only claim credit for 2 out of 3 outcomes.

Hendricks has consistently voted against the continued increases in budget that is now approaching $80 million with no benefit to the true tribal members. Of course the  scandal continues over the slush fund to Council members and others where there is no record.  And the federal government is very interested in all this.  But we have t give Hendricks the total credit for fighting alone on the inside and without help from the outside.  Maybe the membership figured it out.

Apparently the pressure is on.

If the real tribe is to make a comeback it needs outside help for sure, but Robbie Hendricks needs to be ready to explain himself to his peers.  Tough job Robbie.

The Scoreboard…

C Hendricks 246

C Frye Cromwell 225

Y Frye Avant 215

W Johnson 213

W Pocknett 200

A Tobey 199

R Tobey Stamps 197

L Jackson  155

Many of these people had no business running and if they had gotten behind those who could win, our nightmare would have been over.Actually. Genting would have had to sacrifice their soldiers Cheryl and Yvonne.   But some people are bought off for nothing.  Yes they are. But there are new eyes watching. Thank God.