No influence peddling here…no sir !

As they sat at the Council table wolfing down food ( while conducting tribal

Cromwell desperate for another $3.8m Genting loan. Where oh where does it go?

business), Cedric and crew were trying to find a way to get around a tricky tribal legal mandate.  The laws says that investor money can in no way be tied directly to tribal policy making.  It also says investor money can in no way be used to influence tribal elections or  governance of any kind.  Well at the last Council meeting they did the whole thing…. it took them a while but they absolutely violated the tribal law courtesy of Genting. They didn’t have enough votes because Cheryl Frye Cromwell and Yvonne Frye Avant (its their election) and others abstained or wouldn’t vote so it took 1, 2, 3 votes to get the required 7.

They desperately needed the $3.8 M loan from Genting. And the language of the loan agreement states that the loan would only be made if the election revisions were passed by the Council. Of course they will ensure that this upcoming election will come out the way they want it, just like all the others…after all we’re the ” no redress ” tribe eh? And  Mark Tilden aka tribal attorney was there violating tribal law and collecting his over billed fees right to the end.  He’s guilt free.

And there you are.  Confirmation that Genting owns us and could care less about our little constitution and our phoney government full of horrors.

Cedric,Jessie, Robbie and Tah Tah want that pay check and nothing is going to get in the way accept maybe an outside force of some kind. Stay tuned…