Snatching victory from defeat

39 people attended the Tribal Budget presentation Saturday. 13 were Tribal employees, 7 were  Cedric and Council members and 19 were Tribal members. The budget passed by a 21 to 18 vote.  No landslide here.Here’s what we know

  1. All the (13) staff voted for the $22m budget
  2. All but 1 of the (7) Council members  (Carlo) voted for the budget
  3. Only 2 Tribal members voted for the budget

If 2 more tribal members attended the meeting and voted against the budget like the vast majority, it would have died on a tie vote.

The budget is a mirage.  If it were real don’t you think the professional staff would stay around to keep getting paid?  They knew Genting was out of this deal very shortly. We’re not using the political acumen we used to be famous for. We had accountable elected officials who protected us. They did not sell us into slavery and make us out to be fools before the whole world.   But then again you literally  have the worst people in the Tribe at the helm.We cannot blame anyone for what’s happening to us.   When we choose to be embarrassed and do nothing but gossip and complain, then we are abused.

You have to do something for something to happen.                          

The legal Tribal insignia has been replaced with this cartoon. Fake and phoney.