Constant reminders


The link below is a constant reminder of the dishonesty that exudes from our tribal government. It comes from the gouging lawyers (Arlinda Locklear & Mark Tilden) and the so called chairman, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and the supporting cast of council members who perpetuate the lies and deceit. This is the 4th column of this type that continues to appear in the media recently that basically reiterates what we have been saying for years. It tells us that our government has ruined our opportunity for success on any level.

Also remember that Arlinda has been central in promising a fix to the supreme court decision blocking LIT.   She said it would be in a matter of weeks not months. Liar.  She knows that she’s talking about a technical element in the Supreme Court decision that has nothing to do with the actual Land in Trust dilemma. But it’s the consistent lying that has gone on to get paid, while we suffer.

We can’t blame the White man, the Black man or the administration because we have allowed it to continue….relentlessly.   We haven’t forgotten the updates on the ridiculous meetings…it’s a lot.  We will get to it.