Praying that it’s a rumor

They say that the First Lady is the Tribal Administrator. Oh boy! They say that Robbie Hendricks is still the Emergency Manager and collecting a check as Treasurer  and no one has seen him at either job ($150 K). They say Kimmie is manning the New Bedford Health Clinic and she can’t prick your finger let alone see it. They say no one knows what David Weeden does on the work site cause the White guys are in charge.  But he looks good in his brand new truck.

They say the Narragansett and the Shinnecocks  are dividing up the prize money already since their people are the judges at our pow wow…and the head dancers. They have decided to create a pow wow for the others because few of our people come to the Indian Circus. We can’t call it an Indian Circus really because we have so many Indian Impersonators that the Natives don’t come.  It’s a costume ball because they do not ask for a tribal ID for grand entry and to participate in contests. A lot of these people are not Indian and they compete .

Now that can get pretty sticky for a lot of people who used to claim tribes that were not federally recognized, because their roles were not validated.  Now that’s changed.  You would be surprised who is not Indian. Maybe not.

The Narragansett have been our enemy for centuries.Now they are smirking at us because our traditional leaders are not present to conduct ceremony and preside over the oldest pow wow in the country.  It’s another reason the real Mashpee stay away because it  has become a Costume Ball. And it’s not very good impersonations .