Double down to a meltdown

Tah Tah in better days long ago

Tah Tah was on a mission.   You can tell because she had her mother with her.  It’s double down serious.

Carol was shuttling her Tah Tah house to house trying to gin up support for tonight’s meeting and get people to sign a petition.

Tah Tah’s petition would get rid of her (not so darling anymore).. leader CeddieLou. She feels ignored and isolated.

She’s clearly resorting to  the Tobey T playbook, which means nothing will happen.

She sent a letter to lawmakers at the statehouse against everyone on the Council ( accept Carlo, Laura and Winnie ) saying she is being bullied and harassed by her once partners in crime and CeddieLou.   There oughtta be a law she says. Who’s idea was that?

It all confirms what we all know about Tah Tah.

This is why no one takes us seriously.   Just imagine.  We have no dignity left.

Lunatics running the asylum.