Tah Tah gone wild: Episode 29

The Ghetto Culture has consumed us!

Herrin’: “Where’s everybody? ”

Roe: ” They’re trying to get Tah Tah committed to the nut house. Since we won’t have a casino in Taunton, a delegation of staffers went up there to see if they would take Tah Tah instead. They were beggin’ and pleading and willing to pay millions! ”

Herrin’: ” Now that’s a worthy mission. but I know they turned em down.”

Roe: ” Yah, they did .”

Herrin: “What she done now?”

Roe: “I donno where to start.   The girl is has scared the Bejesus outta every staffer in the damned building.”

Herrin’: ” That ain’t nothin’ new boy.”

Roe; ” Well, she keeps on terrorizin’ that Navajo Sue girl. And Navajo Sue is quittin’. She don’t wanna be the tribal administrator no more. She made it clear that she was tired of Tah Tah interfering. But it’s also because she sees the cash flow and the lack of money coming in. Navajo Sue said the Housing Director Ron Scott needed to be fired cause he was incompetent. Course the guy inherited a mess from a long line of incompetence since Alice died.  No one could clean that up.'”

Herrin’: ” I bet the indictment of that Narragansett Housing Director….that Brown woman, I bet that didn’t help matters did it?”

Roe: ” No it didn’t.  But here’s where Tah Tah comes in.   Tah Tah’s been keeping Ron on the job because he rents a room from her!”

Herrin’: ” Well then, what’s that say about him? Besides Tah Tah’s gotta keep that Repo man away.”

Roe: ” I know it. But listen, on one a her rampages, she took all the parts outta the copy machine cause she said it made too much noise when the staff used it. I guess she had a bad head.   It took days to get the service people to come because they are terrified of Tah Tah.   They finally came, put the parts in, and she took the damn thing apart again.  Shut the copier down AGAIN ! Money down the tube.”

Herrin’: ” That’s what they do best.”

Roe: “Yaaaaaas. Well you got certain Housing employees who are lounging on their decks instead of working on our housing needs. So we’re payin’ Valarie and Imani to hang out.”

Herrin’: ” It’s the new ghetto culture.”

Roe: ” It’s too bad.  We  came so far.  But what bothers me is the out and out lyin’.  Every body talked about how Jessie Baird was so nervous presidin’ over that Sunday Meeting. ”

Herrin: ” Yah, I heard that too.  But you know her.  She just makes things up, and presents them as fact. She don’t bat an eye either when she does it.”

Roe: ” She lied about Genting.  She said ‘ Oh yaaas they’re going to be with us for a while.’ And Carlo said, ‘No they’re not. They said they were gone in six months.’   And only Cedric knows when it begins and when it ends.   He and that perfect example of sophistication TFL were partying down on his birthday getting that tan.  All ya can see are the whites of his eyes now.”

Herrin: ” Whatta ya trying to say ? Ha ha ha. Oh,  Jessie says she needs staff.”

Roe: ” Wha for…keep up with her lies?”

Herrin’: ” Probably. Robbie got a $20,000 raise cause he didn’t know his salary was so low.”

Roe: ” Ya, he didn’t know that as the Treasurer, he was supposed to have an independent audit either. He asked Cedric what to do. Can you believe that? You know Ceddie Lou said, ‘ We don’t need no audit.’ As Mark Harding carried boxes outta the office. But those 15 bank accounts don’t lie.That boy is foolish. He was our last hope.   He’s still wanderin’ around.”

Herrin’ : “He fell right in with ’em. Jesus.”

Roe: ” They say he’s scared of CeddieLou.  That he just doesn’t know what to do.’

Herrin’: “Cedric ain’t who he should be scared of. “

Roe: “Speaking of scary, here come them Tobes…”

Herrin: ” Man, they ain’t changed in 100 years.  They got another petition goin’. Who’s side are they on today? “

Roe: ” Just, start the truck…..don’t run ova that kid for Christ sakes.