What’s the rush people?

Wave goodbye.

  • That public relations wizard Brooke Scanell quit today.   She walked after she milked us for about $750 K.  She was behind some 5th grade  media and message campaigns that ultimately made us look like fools and spread misinformation that ended in complete disaster.   You better believe the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe won’t be on her resume.
  • Navajo Sue AKA  Drula or Trula Breuninger, put her resignation in for June 7th. Her buddy Navajo Joe dragged her in here about 7 months ago to make a quick buck, around $12k a month. Tah Tah complicated things also. Tah Tah bullied her and insisted on giving  herself the title of Human Resources Director when she was anything but.  Navajo Sue demanded a 2 month severance…..and she’s the one who quit!
  • Ron Scott is no longer Housing Director, as we told you.
  • That old geezer Leon is back at $60 an hour.He made double that before.
  • Marge is retiring from her $80k a year job as finance director.   She says “she don’t know what Mark Harding was doing!”  And Robbie don’t know what she’s doing.

MWT bled dry by overpaid consultants, lawyers and staff

We all know why these people are leaving.  BBO.  Backers Backing Out. The money has dried up.   The latest infusion from Genting is beyond late and probably ain’t coming….but Cedric, TFL, Jessie, Robbie, Tah Tah, Yvonne, and Trish keep taking those checks, and you keep getting those $30 food cards.

The details of the Tuesday meeting are coming up.  Now that’s a mess if ever there was one.

Also…the Tribal Council has been in workshops for two days, at Sea Crest. Today’s the last one. They’re being taught communication skills.  Don’t laugh.  The consultant was selected by Jessie. Now that’s funny.