Spinning out of control

Cericspin is killing us.

Today’s Sunday membership meeting will be another futile session full of unanswered questions and nonsensical Cedricspin.   The poor man is trying, desperately to remain relevant because he’s destined to disappear into the world of scam artists who exploited their own people. And now you have that bastion of credibility, Cheryl Frye Cromwell, aka The First Lady, trying to stamp out any semblance of free speech and assembly left to tribal members.  She’s got a nerve.

Cedricspin was back on various state media talk shows spewing the annoying  blah blah talking points written by extremely overpaid White staffers.   The stuff is awful. It’s not only misleading, it’s demoralizing.   But Lou gets paid $17k a month Sometimes it’s $24k…pretty much whatever he bills a tribe with many members who make less than that a year. The guy is keeping Cedric on life support because he’s hooked up too. Best we know, other than contributing to the bad strategy and talking points, he gets pizza, garlic wings, Cedric’s laundry, runs errands for Connie and laughs all the way to Sovereign Bank.

Back to Cedricspin.  Cedricspin means you redesign the so called tribal casino and get it in the newspapers, reveal it to the suspicious Tauntonites ( who have not been given the incomplete LIT application that Mark Tilden keeps BILLING FOR WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS…$160 k) and do more blah blah.

But to show you how ineffective Cedricspin is….. the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is moving forward by allowing southeast gaming interests to resubmit thier plans without paying the $400k fee. If they are rejected by a town…they can move on to another locale without paying the fee. The Commission is doing everything it can to launch a casino in our region because they do not believe Cedric. Cedric’s life support plan works like this: he redesigned Genting’s casino by relocating various parts of it,  which conflicts with the agreement with the town of Taunton.  Again just making things up to confuse people, giving them hope and justifying paying out $1.2m a month.

We don’t have a casino license.  We don’t have LIT.  We don’t have a way around the Supreme Court case that says the BIA can’t take our land in trust.   The whole plan is built on lies that Cedric keeps spinning as the truth.

Cedric’s irrelevance is our irrelevance because people keep asking, “Why don’t the tribal members do something ? Why does this keep going on if the guy is so bad?”  We don’t like the answer to that.   But Cedric takes advantage of it and keeps rigging elections and making us irrelevant.

So we will continue to watch Cedric preside over “ghetto fabulous” Council meetings where he tells Marie to ” Shut the fuc- up,” amid Council members getting huge raises and others crying as they’re outted for robbing various grants and still others are accused of selling drugs to the others mothers and taking care of outsiders instead of our families. This is our little reality show at the hands of a family that had little to do with us in the recent past and has never been in charge of anything in this tribe’s history. This is who we have become.

This is what happens when incompetence reigns and no one steps up to stop it.