That’s Gratitude For Ya…

Not only are the members of the current ruling party of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe corrupt, they are also terrible liars.  “Integrity and justice” indeed.

I want to get right to the most dastardly of their lies, the idea that the Fisherman’s fund benefited Glenn Marshall, Shawn Hendricks, and Desiree Hendricks, plus “certain tribe members.”  Well let’s get right to the Tribe members that benefited from Mr. Marshall’s largesse, and Heaven help me, I am going to name names.

Sherry Pocknett (see Sherry with Cedric left)
Sherry is one who took aid from the Fishermen’s Fund and turned around and stabbed Glenn in the back.  Sherry, a single mother was seen many times “climbing the stairs” at the old Tribal building with requests for help, as did many others.  Glenn was more than happy to help out with mortgage payments, utilities, tuition, and the like.  In fact, Sherry’s son, Jamaal Branch, would not have been able to graduate from Colgate University without the help of Glenn Marshall and the Fishermen’s Fund.  Jamaal was a star running back at Colgate U, and later became a practice team member for the New Orleans Saints.  Though he never made the regular lineup because of the Saint’s depth, he did make a touchdown in regular season play.  That’s gotta be worth something.  That’s gratitude for ya.  Oh, and Sherry, you will never have a restaurant in the non-existent casino.  The Malaysians will see to that.

Yvonne Frye Avant. (right)
Yvonne seems to have forgotten that Glenn Marshall created a job for her in the Tribal administration, a job which she still holds.  Her husband, Elliot Avant, has also profited from the Tribe through no-bid work.  Oh, and Yvonne is a council member, and was so during Glenn Marshall’s administration.  She was reportedly on of those drinking champagne toasts and doing high fives when Glenn resigned.  That’s gratitude for ya.

Cheryl Frye Cromwell (see Cheryl and Cedric left.)
Yes, this is Mrs. Cedric Cromwell, another who has gone to the Glenn Marshall well many times.  Glenn did many good deeds for her.  That’s gratitude for ya.




Amelia Bingham.
Whaaaat?  Yup, Mrs. Bingham “climbed the stairs” at least once, when
she demanded an irrational amount of money for worthless and
inaccurate information that was requested for purposes of Tribal
recognition.  Of course, Glenn, being a softie, caved and gave her
money.  Tribe members, you ate that one. Oh, and she later sued the
Tribe and the Officers.  That’s gratitude for ya.

You see, the reason that Inspector Clueless, AKA Aaron Tobey does not want to reveal the names of the people who took money from Glenn is because it would reveal the names of many of the supporters of he current corrupt bunch of liars.

Okay, that’s a few.  There will be others coming.  Just hope that YOU are not on the list.