Our Own Trail of Tears


Information is a powerful weapon.  We have tried to make sure tribal members understand what’s happening to us during a time when we have no leadership and complete abandonment of the most basic elements of our traditions.

The extraordinary attempt by Cedric Cromwell to distract tribal members from the serious financial mismanagement and coverup of numerous examples of incompetence and violations of the constitution, is astounding, but not surprising.  He is after all, an outsider along with Aaron and Mark. Like all outsiders, they thought they were smarter than us.

To say the Aaron Tobey conducted an   investigation into financial misappropriation by Glenn, Desi and Shawn is not only silly but pathetic.  Pandering to the media that prints anything  to do with Glenn. What happened to his investigation of his woman Ronda Hughes who had lied on her application and was hiding marijuana on her person (very personal place) when she re entered the country?

Who else of their miniscule support group was accepting big money from the Fisherman’s Fund?

Why do they keep hiring family members who are not qualified to work in for the tribe?

How big is the debt to pimp us out to the Chinese who are hiding behind us as they consume little tribes with weak leaders?

What is the deal with Genting?

We should be worried more about how tribal members get paid under Genting, because GENTING WILL OWN THE CASINO BECAUSE IT IS A COMMERCIAL CASINO NOT A SOVEREIGNTY CASINO BECAUSE WE HAVE NO LAND IN TRUST.

The problem with the state is that that tricky little clause that says if we receive a commercial license we have to promise never to exercise our right to build a sovereignty  casino that guarantees each tribal member over 18 an allotment.

Always squallin' Cedric's elated that he got away with it

Do you think

that Cedric is suddenly sending out casino update letters cause everything is cool.  He’s got quite a few people breathing down his neck  right now. He hasn’t given tribal members an honest answer since he held that clenched fist over his head on Feb 9 with his fraudulent election.

And he can’t even give you an estimate of what your allotment will be, can he? Think about it. He can’t even ball park it. That’s just not part of  the deal.

He knows what his allotment is….him, Aaron, Mark, Marie, Cheryl, Trish and Yvonne are the only ones that have a sure fire allotment in this deal.

They’re getting paid to pimp the tribe.

Better yet do you really want Cedric negotiating this deal?  Glenn did a lot for this tribe and we all know it. His personal mistake pales next to what this administration is doing to us.

Read today’s Globe and see how they see it.  Same way we do.