Debit Cards, oh yeah…..

When people apply for debit cards the company warns of fraud and the potential for illegal access to to bank accounts.  Well the officers of the tribe have debit cards.  Cedric Cromwell, Mark Harding, Marie Tah Tah, and Aaron Tobey.  It’s the  ultimate theft of cash from tribal coffers. There’s no way to trace the cash withdrawn, that’s why governments do not   issue debit cards to anyone. Course there are no rules with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, and the White people are letting it go unchecked laughing.  We have come full circle.

It’s so illegal.


Debit me on Bro

So ask Cedric about that.  Maybe he can explain it in one of his ridiculous update letters.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent on the American Express and now on debit cards on the tribal account.

Unlike the Fisherman’s Fund that had a long list of tribal ( and council ) members benefiting from the original investors, who really helped tribal members with their bills and basics …like food.  This Chairman pays himself and council members, only…. who do nothing.  Nothing, nothing. Pimping the tribe to the Chinese.


Back when times were hard, not that long ago, and the Mashpee took care of  themselves, a certain family was at the head of the line asking for an ” order ” and that order kept them from starving because they couldn’t hunt  or fish to feed their families.  That’s what we did for each other and turned our heads to the foolishness and concentrated on staying alive.

That was how it was.  We shrugged and went on.  Each family had a role.   Each family did certain things.

The politicians, the keepers of traditions, the hunters and fisherman, the educated ones. They respected each others roles and didn’t get in the others lanes…..And there were the scoundrels then…that are still scoundrels today… lying and pontificating on TV.  Making things up. That’s the family that didn’t do a damned thing and we all know who that  was…is.

So here we are with the worst at the helm.  No one would ever have thought it.

Now they are in charge and they have brought us nothing but shame and disgrace. Keep asking ” Grungy Boy ” them

questions. Keep asking.

While they keep getting paid.