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Dig This…

Oh, my dear Paula, you have elevated smarminess to an art form.  We all sorely miss Alice Lopez, but don’t you feel just a little bit ghoulish, digging up her recently departed soul to use as a screen to project your thoughts on?  And confusing thoughts at that.

Can it be that you are feeling some regret for your role in the stolen election of 2009?  Or maybe you realize that Cedric is not the messiah that you made him out to be.  Paula, you need to show a little courage in this.  You can tell the truth and they won’t hurt you.  Besides, what have they done for YOU lately?

Being nice to each other and getting along are such lofty goals when we are being raped and pillaged by our own tribal government.  I am sorry if this hits close to home, but truth can be uncomfortable at times.

To 40B or not to 40B

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has long recognized the need for affordable housing within the town of Mashpee.  Affordable housing is one of the ways to preserve a cohesive community and prevent the diaspora that will surely result from the artificially inflated sale prices and rents of even the most modest of houses in Mashpee.  This is, after all, our homeland.

We do, as a tribe, have access to HUD programs for Indian Tribes, and we are fortunate in being gifted with land on which to build housing.  To readily take advantage of our situation, that land should be in trust by the federal government.  It is not. I lay the blame at the feet of the Cromwell administration, who were so busy lashing out at their enemies and consolidating their power that the Carcieri case was decided right under their noses—and they hardly uttered a peep, until it was too late.  They could have submitted an amicus brief, and delayed the decision.  So what do they do?  40B.  Yup.

MGL Chapter 40B, sections 20-23 provide for affordable housing in the Commonwealth in municipalities with less than 10% affordable housing by allowing developers to bypass local zoning ordinances under certain guidelines.  40B developments often cause lawsuits and trepidation among the citizens of a town.  Not that an Indian housing development wouldn’t do the same, but at least we would have had the benefit of federal protection.

Of course, the 40B could become a reality, at which point then we will have to deal with a real problem: who controls the process of accepting or rejecting applications.  I certainly hope that the present council has no part of it.  If so, I could write out a list of who will live there.  You know what I’m talking about.  The only way to prevent that is to have a strict list of eligibility, in sequence:

1.  Elders currently living in Mashpee
2.  Elders who formerly lived in Mashpee, but left for various reasons.
3.  Needy families who currently live in Mashpee.
4.  Others.

The lowest level of tenant should be descendants of those who left and never attempted to return.  This program should not be a means for the council to buy votes.

Inspector Clueless rides again!

Aaron Tobey, AKA Inspector Clueless, has finished his investigation.
Forgive me while I laugh.  Inspector Clueless, a member of the present
illegitimate tribal council, has finished his illegitimate
“investigation” into the previous administration, whereby he concluded
that the illegitimate “elders council” should file charges against the
three members the previous administration that he, and the other
members of this corrupt and lawless regime, would like to punish.  Of
course the whole thing is probably unconstitutional as well as a
demonstration of a vindictive spirit within the tribal council.

It should be pretty clear to any but the most ignorant observer that
Cromwell, Tobey, and all their thralls and sycophants are guilty of
the most horrendous crimes against democracy and simple common
decency.  They are guilty of what could be charitably called
“irregularities” in the 2009 and subsequent elections, and corruption
in their daily activities.  They have used the platform of our beloved
tribe to enrich themselves, crush dissent, and buy the votes of
ignorant and questionable “members” of the Tribe.

This feckless and incompetent junta has systematically destroyed any
good will and friendship that we may have had.  They have stiffed all
or our most important vendors and consultants.  They have cheated,
lied, and stolen wherever they could, and yet, they have the
unmitigated gall to pursue Glenn Marshall, Desiree Hendricks, and
Shawn Hendricks.  They are doing this through judge Henry Sockbeson, a
close personal friend of council member and treasurer Mark Harding.
It’s funny how he took a year and half to consider David Pocknett’s
complaint, yet this one gets on the docket right away.  I get the idea
that they want to persecute Glenn Marshall in absentia.

There may be many violations of constitutional and tribal law
involved, including, but not limited to: bill of attainder, ex post
facto, ex parte communications, and so on.  We must put an end to
these crimes now, by whatever means necessary.

More coming…

Paula, Stevie, and cousin Amelia, is this what you wanted?

More coming…

They say there’s good news at today’s meeting…..



Roe says, " Minnie Ah Hah has the plan."

So……………..they’re all resigning?

Herrin' says, " We gotta get them outta there."



The so called Council is supposed to present a budget to the membership to vote on, every year.

They’re suddenly doing just that.  Having finance meetings. Working those numbers people….cause they don’t have  a choice. Question is, what happened to the 2009, 2010 and 2011  budgets?  It’s a little late to try to reconcile the bad books and  shift the focus to others at this  stage of the game. It’s getting very hot for Mark Harding, Cedric, Marie and Aaron.  They violated the constitution 3 times because they failed to present a budget to the tribe for a vote.  They failed to do so in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  They’ve given themselves huge  raises repeatedly. And a host of atrocities continue.

Do you realize that you could give each legitimate member of the tribe ( 1700, including children) $2,000 a month and still come out ahead.  Cause people…these outsiders  in charge are pimping us hard for the Chinese.

Tribal members are still trying to figure out what the Council does for  over $650,000 in salaries a year and 24 million in debt. Then again they clearly don’t work for us they work for Genting. Of course there’s the American Express cards and all the other mystery spending and malfeasance that has plagued us since they came to power.

More tomorrow on your paycheck and that casino on Uranus…..even better Old School brings out the old habits of the First Lady once more !

Gangstas and their “Grungy Boy”

Whoever made this headmess for Cedric should be punished

Mashpee–Genting has quite a reputation. It’s so bad that the US  Senate  Select Committee on Indian Affairs launched an investigation into corruption in the Indian gaming industry that revealed that Genting had strong connections to Islamic extremists known to fund jihad.  That’s according to the Florida Clarion. That was revealed on Wampa Leaks at summers end.

It’s all the buzz in the Sunshine State that continues the steady drum beat against the Chinese.  The Republicans say  the Chine own America, and they have a tendency to be pretty obnoxious in committee meetings and  literally bought up every lobbyist in the state. Their technique is tacky.  The little Chinese man Cedric trotted out at the Sunday meeting condescended to tribal members by telling them that they would be trained as dealers… their casino on Uranus. There  was no answer to the question of, ” When should we expect a check ?”

Indians don’t work in their own casinos. They can work in commercial casinos that they front for though, cause that’s the only way they get paid.  Somebody needs to tell Bill Delahunt he paraded back and forth…chastising  the people he worked for when Glenn Marshall was chairman and now when Genting  is paying him, he needs to search his memory….hard.

Course the Mashpee have been pimped so hard by Cedric Cromwell he’s turned an ashy green “Grungy Boy”  Dorchester culla, ( there’s no word for it in the Wampanoag language) ah hmm. Genting  is  having issues with every Indian Tribe but the Mashpee.  The  Shinnecocks of New York got rid of their original investors ( sound familiar ? ) and were considering Genting.  Recently their tribal members  made it clear that they didn’t like Genting and voted against them taking over their tribe.  Cedric didn’t like that. Cedric believes in slavery, secrecy, no answers and tums.

But Genting’s track record is abusive against Native America.  Ask the Senecas.  The Senecas were paying 28% interest on a loan from Genting for the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel .  It  was supposed to be for 5 years.  It ended up being for 15.  That’s a violation of federal law.  But more than that, the Senecas refused to pay it, ” armed Chinese , with guns blazing, showed up at the council meeting demanding payment.” That was sworn testimony. Genting is not a reputable group with anyone but Grungy Boy.

Barry W Brandon

Last bit of bad news. The tribe recently hired Barry W  Brandon, the Indian lawyer for the Seneca’s that literally ran out the door to a car when he was fired by them.  Course that was all during the Genting madness. Now he’s hanging out with us. In 2008 the Senecas were paying Brandon 700 K a year. Not bad.