I Can Barely Bear It…

Run, bear, run!

Cape Cod is in the midst of a frenzy of bear sightings.  It seems that somehow a wild black bear made it across the Cape Cod Canal  or the bridge without even being stopped and asked for identification.  Bears and wolves did once roam throughout southeastern New England, over two hundred years ago, but hunting and loss of  habitat that came with the advance of colonization drove them to extinction here.

Well, he’s back!  We now have what seems, at least from the grainy, distant photos so far, a bear running for all he’s worth.  What he’s after is open to speculation, but bears don’t need much more than territory, food, and a mate.  All very well, but who is this bear?

Could this be our very own Running Bear, hellbent on a course that leads nowhere?  Or maybe he’s headed for the Chatham B’ars Inn on a quest for the perfect destination resort.  All he has to do is attach a slots shack and voilà, instant casino—easy, breezy, Mattakeesy!  What’s more, we can prove that some of the original inhabitants of Chatham migrated to Mashpee in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  There’s our connection.

Whoever he is, good luck.  Run, bear, run!