Ceddddddddddric…we know you’re in there!

Pago Pago eh Cedric?

Herrin’: “Everytime Reel Wamps busts Cedric he sends a letter out or somethin’. ”

Roe: ” I know it.  Now his behind is hiding in the trailer.  He moved back in weeks ago.  That cost $7,000 for the phone to be reconnected and the internet.”

Herrin’ : ”  Well boy, don’t you know he’s one of them monarchs. He’s powerful and important. But man that Wampaleaks is working his behind ova like a bulldozer !”

Roe:” Ya they are and them Chinamen want their money back if he blows this casino scam.  Where’s all them permits he says he’s gut for the Community  Building ? That damned dumpsta costs money don’t ya know.  Sittin out front like he’s goin’ to do somethin to the council building.”

Herrin’: ” Ain’t no permits to build or tear down. Ain’t no money from USDA.  Just some more lies to try to cover up.”

Roe: ” They sent out bid requests for demolition and construction to every member of the tribe.  We probably got 10 people with companies that can do that kinda work.  One household got 10 pieces….even the kids got a letter. All to try to look like they’re gonna do something on 55 acres.”

Herrin’: ” Foolish boy. Foolish. But I gut one worse than that.  They got Bobby ” I ain’t got my GED either” Foster, in charge of an auction of tribal equipment and utilities. He’s gut a new title don’t ya know. Office Services and Tribal Assets Manager he is.”

Roe: ” Jezzzzzzus.  Bobby?  Who would put Bobby in charge of money or assets?  Sherlock Holmes is still looking for his 2008 Pow Wow Report.”

Herrin’: ” Come on, come on boy…. Since Cedric’s gang took over the only asset we had was Slow Turtle’s statue, and Nita stole that.”

Roe: ” Shoot that thing is gonzo.  You’re right. I know.  But what about that Sunday meetin’ ? It was sickening.  He kept talking about the Community Building, that he can’t get the permits for.  The Chinaman sitting there lookin’ upset.  Markie and Aaron in the corner lookin’ at the floor.  Aaron lickin’ his lips ferociously. Tah Tah left early and went and sat in the corner at  Dino’s …sun glasses on….drink in hand.  Only 25 people showed up.  The front row was full of White people nobody knew.”

Herrin’: ” Most likely those people who would come into genealogy and tell Patty and Eleanor their grandmother was an Indian princess and show them a picture of somebody with black hair. Thanks Jessie Little Doe whateva whateva.”

Roe: ” Hey, even Glenn Marshall’s sworn enemies stood up and told Cedric he was horrible and that Glenn took good care of tribal members and we got nothing to show from Cedric but mess.”

"I'll never come outta the trailer."

Herrin’: “Who don’t know that.  Listen I think Cedric’s smart enough to boot it outta here.”

Roe: ” Well, normally you know, I would argue with ya, but after that meltdown at Taunton….Pago Pago looks mighty good to him right now.”

Herrin’: ” Oh ya, I forgot about all them Pago Pago plane tickets.  Hey, ya think he’ll take Cheryl TFL with him when he skips town?”

Roe: ” Hell no boy, he told Brook Scannell he was leavin’ Cheryl to attend to her Turkey Buzzards, and that awful Buzzard Crown she made for him.”

Herrin’: ” No shaaaaaa!”