Where they at?

If Cedric has building permits he should produce them.  Right.  Stop wasting postage writing letters  to members telling more lies every time you get caught.  The last building permit issued for the tribe was 2010 for the  health trailers. Check with the town yourself. Oh yeah…the taxes have not been paid.

Well then. Let’s move on.

If Cedric has the application for land into trust, he should also produce it. It’s so hard for CeddieLou to be a leader.  He prefers buffoonery.

Brooke Scanell’s little vote buying sessions with the unemployed Tauntonians  haven’t gone all that smoothly. On three different occasions at these forums, individuals have asked for the LIT paper work.  They just don’t believe this crew.  Cedric, tribal lawyers and Judy Shapiro, who is supposed to be confirming our link to Taunton ( wink)  responded this way: they “have seen the application,” that they have “held it in their hands”….and of course CeddieLou mumbled an evasive answer as is the mandatory response for buffoons. All this is documented on Wampaleaks and a host of different blogs and in newspaper columns…the absurdity of these responses is way beyond the pale. It also confirms the dishonesty and incompetence of this administration.

Oh by the way, all LIT applications are posted on the Department of Interior BIA website.  You will be hard pressed to find ours. The CIA  Scotland Yard, the FBI will come up empty handed.

So now you have to wonder why the state and the governor is even engaging this dishonest government.  A government that has abused its own people publicly and with regularity.  There’s something up with that.