“Stunneded ain’t she ?”

Herrin’:  ” Did ya hear about  Cheryl Frye Cromwell’s email ?”

“Their motto: “Them birds gotta go!”

Roe : ” Nope. What she done now?”

Herrin’: ” She sent an email  with a picture attached  to it…to Indian Health Services, tribal members, staff  and the damned world claiming a bunch of eagles were flying over the tribal health office.  She  said it was a sign of blessings bestowed on the tribe.  Oh she went on.”

Roe: ” Well, what’s wrong with that.”

"The Scavengers" Down to the bone!

Herrin’: “The picture was of a bunch of turkey buzzards.”

Roe: ” Come on now…come on….turkey buzzards? ”

Herrin’: ” Damned right boy. Turkey buzzards. That girl is titched.”

Roe: “Stunneded ain’t she?”

Herrin’: “Blessed? We been cursed ever since their behinds occupied the Council.”

Roe: ”  They gut a special Scavengers Parade  for them ya know.  Cedric’s the Grand Marshall marching in the front every week….wearing that foolish crown of buzzard feathers.”

Cedric wearing his Buzzard Crown

Herrin’: ” Oh that’s what that thing is. We didn’t know where the hell he gut that from. Can’t we get a break from these numbskulls?”

Roe: ” Well, I don’t know.  They’re pretty funny. Cause they’re so stupid.”

Herrin’: “Ya but ya get tired of laughing to keep from crying.”

Roe: ” Turkey buzzards.”

Herrin’: ” Scavengers.”