If you believe Cedric, raise your hand….

Nellie asked for the permits to tear down the historic Tribal Council office and the permits to build the Community Building.  Course Cedric Tobey  Cromwell had nothing, but he told Nellie ” everything was in order” with the permits.  He just can’t produce them.  USDA has not sent the 12 million and why would they?

On to the leery Tauntonians political leaders stuck in the briars with Cedric.  Thorny and stinky.  If the Aquinnah went down in  in a blaze of defeat  in Freetown with their casino,  what’s in store for Cedric’s  slot dump and the Tauntonians? Well,  first the Mayor and his Counselors are looking at an agreement their constituents don’t like at all. They made that clear after about 5 hours of  “we hate this deal with the Mashpee. ”  The Tautonian leadership used the open government law to stall until Thursday.  But people, it works like this: The Mayor and those elected officials answer to the people who packed that auditorium.  It’s called democracy.  They have to  do what the electorate tells them to do or they don’t get re-elected.  And Cedric and his gang…well they don’t know anything about that.

Mark Harding talking about bones and secret burial places is atrocious.  He can only fantasize about the traditional ways of the Mashpee because he most certainly has never participated.

To disguise incompetence behind Indian tradition and some silly concocted  BIA procedure for land into trust is another outrage.   It’s also an insult to the most credentialed tribe in the country…. Aho Bro!brought to it’s knees by some awful people who care nothing about a very proud tribe.

Course if you’re not Mashpee, you just don’t get it.

The land in trust application comes first Cedric.  So throwing words around like scoping means nothing…cause you have the application in before the scoping.  The whole thing will take years according to your own lawyers.  No kidding. And if course you have no application in you’re not in play. So send a letter  out lying about  that.  Good luck with Taunton tomorrow.

Question….do we get a refund from Brook Scannell for $500,000 of negative  press?  Just saying. Aho Bro !