Indian Identity Theft

Greg McKinney should be ashamed.  But he really doesn’t know any better.   He allowed a column to be published under his signature in the Taunton newspaper.  It was probably written by tribal flak Brook Scannell.  In the piece he says he was raised in the “Mashpee Wampanoag family” and listened to  the parables about days of old.  That is a bodacious parable .

Greg pondering parables

Greg grew up in Newton and whenever  he came to Mashpee from childhood to adulthood,  they beat it to South Cape Beach quick fast and in a hurry.  The McKinneys, with the exception of Glenn,  made it a point to stay away from the other 6 families in the Peters crew, let alone Mashpeeians.  This  was the McKinney brand and they wore it proudly. Their disconnect from the Mashpee and their own very prominent Indian family was glaring and that’s a fact.

We’re still trying to figure out where and when he listened to all those parables.

This went on right up until recognition, when all of a sudden Greg is an ” Indian ” businessman selling janitorial supplies. You have to understand who influences Greg.  His mentors are Cedric Tobey Cromwell and Mark Harding both experts in Indian Identity Theft.  They flat out lied about their tribal experiences.  Those experiences never happened and the tribal members know it. Who cares?

The real atrocity with this Identity Theft issue is the fact that our documented identity as a tribal community was the reason for our recognition.  It was the recognition fight lead by his uncles and other relatives in the Mashpee Wampanoag family. According to the BIA, our identity documentation as an indigenous people is described as the most thorough in Indian Country. It’s all we have left.  It’s all any real tribe has and most take violation of that traditional identity  very seriously.

Bet the Pocasset Whatever Their Name Is Tribe can’t produce a single piece of paper proving who they are….but the mainstream media lumps them in with us like they’re legit.

But let’s look at Greg’s role in the tribal government.  Cedric and Markie made him the Chairman of the on again off again Economic Development Committee. This is the EDC that the Harvard Project said did a a terrible job of establishing a business plan for the tribe or being effective.  The committee also plays an important role in adhering to a requirement for IGRA so that tribes don’t end up like us, depending solely on the possibility of a casino that generates nothing for the membership. That plan for us to take care of ourselves in a way we did it for centuries never materialized…Greg didn’t hear about all that in the parables apparently.

Well, Cedric and Mark first started making a fool of Greg when they had him launch the Federal Charter.  The Charter scam was soundly defeated by the “Mashpee Wampanoag family.” As far as we know.  Greg condescended to the membership about the validity of the plan (to make Cedric, Aaron Tobey and Markie the head of a monarchy….for life).

The members shouted him down, as they asked each other ” Who’s he anyway? ” Maybe he should have told a few parables.

And then there’s the most recent effort that executed an  administration policy of diddling with grants. Witnesses said Greg was trying to take grant money from the Environmental Protection Department.  What’s the justification? For what? How about not allowed.  It got pretty hot and thank God it didn’t happen. Maybe a parable would have been more persuasive.

The state, the poor desperate Tauntonians and most stakeholders don’t give a damn about this Administrations claims of Native American authenticity.  They just keep looking at the Administration record with other governments and the mistreatment of it’s own people. They know the Cromwell administration is exploiting it’s own people and they also know this administration has some serious financial mismanagement issues  that make any partnership untenable.  They did it to themselves.  But they really carpet bombed us in the process.

That’s one hell of a parable  ain’t it?