No questions answered

At the last Sunday Meeting,  tribal members were subjected  to an hour long  karate demonstrations by children.  They heard more misinformation on the progress of the elusive Community Center. Ya, it was a really small crowd.  Our people are disgusted.  Cedric didn’t want to talk about anything ….so he stalled for 2 hours.

Here’s the thing.  Cedric is publicly discussing the financial commitments to the Tauntonians.  $33 m here….. Aaron’s brilliant bingo bonanzas ….It’s all pretty standard in the process of preparing to do a compact  with the state.  It doesn’t mean the state is going to do the deal.   And we know Cedric will do anything to get Tauntonians to buy into his casino.

Well known fact: The Cromwell Administration lacks credibility with tribal members. Why? Because Cedric won’t answer the question:

What’s in it for us?

He’ll never answer the question.