Get the blow torches

We can always hope.  But we can’t expect the impossible.  The impossible being that Cedric Tobey Cromwell, Aaron Tobey and Mark Harding, would actually do something to benefit the tribe. We’re talking about the real tribal members.

Recently, Cedric was pandering to the Tauntonians promising them a partnership resulting in good paying jobs, a bright future and prosperity.  These poor people would strike a deal with the Devil if they thought they could make a buck. Ironically the Harvard Project basically said that the Mashpee Wampanoag  government was in a shambles with no economic development plan and funneling  millions of  foreign dollars  into tribal coffers that just  vanish. Poof !  The Harvard Project said the operation lacked transparency. In a big way eh ?

We won’t get into the abysmal administration and pilfering of grants etc. Wow.  So how could Cedric have the nerve to go to the Tauntonians and say he’s going to make their lives better when his team has destroyed the Mashpee Wampanoag?

Well then. Let’s move on to Brooke Scanell’s retirement hustle. Better known as the oldest vote buying scam in the universe. Paying the Tauntonians to show up and get their families to vote for the casino project….even though it’s non-binding. 300 people out  of 50,000 residents.  Okay.  That 500 K would go a long way to help tribal families.  But the priority is paying Cedric, Aaron and Markie. That’s priority # 1.

So now the tribe has a second Mascot, that would be Steve Helms of the New Bedford illegal aliens.  Steve is now a bona fide propagandist. That means a “good faith” propagandist. This is the same guy who brought his little kids to a union meeting in breach cloth.  Right.  He attended few pow wows and did a lot of bad mouthing of the First Lady over the years.  Now he’s the token  unofficial Mashpee Wampanoag Indian selling Cedric’s hustle.  Unless Helms has a contract, he will be just like all the other numb nuts in the newspaper  photos shaking hands with no guarantee.  But Steve Helms thinks he’s going to get paid and he’s rumored to be running against  Cedric because he has the support of the very people Cedric  put on the rolls illegally! Poor Cedric.  Poor poor Cedric. Now dubbed, “Wasa matta with you boy?”

Here’s the biggest mess ever. Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse… the land into trust issue is back.  The Town of Mashpee has said it will not allow the tribe to  tear down the old Tribal Council Office  nor will it allow for the construction of anything on 55 acres. That would be the  so called Community Building developed by David Weeden. Cedric’s official Mascot #1 David Weeden.  Ah yes.  The loveable David.  Mark Harding’s new best friend. No certification or license.  Perfect.

Well back to the 55 acres.  If you’re wondering why the town put the freeze on building or tearing down….It’s because  the town still owns the land.  If the tribe had an actual application for land into trust pending, the Town would see that as an act of good faith, that the tribe was trying to complete its sovereignty  and waive the taxes on the 55  acres and the housing  acreage  etc…The previous administration had been doing this all along.  But now under these nuts, nothing has actually transpired to show a good faith effort to put land into trust, the town says the tribe owes it  hundred of thousands of  tax dollars.

Of course Cedric and his boys are saying that the USDA is screwing things up by not releasing the millions.  Well, clearly the USDA will not release  the money under these circumstances. But Cedrics  putting on quite a show for the state that has its own problems.

Right.  And They’re over in Taunton talking about bringing them prosperity? And they can’t or won’t  pay the bills in Mashpee? Plus now they’re sucking up to the real Elders when its too late. How about giving them their money back and  return their van? You evicted them from the Council grounds after they demanded the bank statements and audio tapes.  Right now Nellie has been waiting for 4 months to hear from the Great Henry Socbasen about Patricia Keliinui’s rigged 2009 election that cursed us with this horror show of incompetence. Where are the infamous sign in sheets Joanne?  Stop worrying about the Elders and find those doctored sign in sheets why don’t ya?

Get the blow torches. Or even fish heads and pine cones will do nicely.