Money orders? On the tribal American Express card?

The most glaring incidence of wrongdoing was the use of the tribal credit cards to purchase money orders.  Marie Stone is the guilty party on one.  It was part of a long list of  abuses discovered by the tribal Elder who reviewed and documented the spending spree for 31/2 hours.  There is absolutely no justification for the purchase of money orders on a tribal credit card.  It is obvious what is happening here.  It is a glaring abuse of power for personal gain.

It has being continuing and has escalated to hidden accounts  in the Project First Light, Inc.,  under the control of  Cedric Cromwell, Aaron Tobey, Marie Stone, and Mark Harding who are officers of the tribe. They further encumbered the tribe to the debt they incurred.  It is the symptom of a larger problem that has gone unchecked.

The tribe is still a 501 c 3. A private non profit. Remember, no land in trust, which means incomplete sovereignty as a government. And it also means the tribal court is symbolic at best, and has no enforcement powers.  Tribal Supreme Court Judge ( of what ? ) Henry Sokabasin is trying to appear that he is taking action now, as the ship is sinking. It does not however, erase his collusion with the Administration for 21/2 years and getting a paycheck for it. His record is most apparent.

There are very strict rules governing 501 c 3 administrative expenditures.  The cards are tribal credit cards. It’s illegal.

Laws have been violated. It’s clear that there is no way to reconcile the financial reports on any level.  No tribal meeting will answer your questions.  This is a serious legal matter now that has progressed to  a different level altogether.

The coverup must end.  The resignations must happen. This tribe has suffered enough.