Chambermaid training available

Deal or no deal? Lots of show without telling anything.  The casino.  What’s in it for the tribal members? How does the tribe scale all the hurdles set in the law?

How do you get a community to do business with us after Cedric, Aaron and Mark abandoned Middleboro? Then they engage in the purchase of land in Fall River already set aside for a bio tech facility, stumble over to Raynham for another incomplete  crappy deal , then on to Plymouth of all places….and now it’s Bridgewater? Not enough land. So is it a slot dump? The real question is why are they scurrying around for land this late in the game and still trying to act like land in trust is not an issue? It’s all Cedric talks about in the papers.  LIT is another colossal screw up that he tries to coverup with impossible strategies that are confusing and misleading.

The deadline isn’t July, it’s whenever the state wants to say ‘times up” we were pretending to give you a license….we’re really giving it to some one else.

Genting says they'll give tribal members jobs

Worst of all….Genting for the second time, makes no commitment to tribal members about their share of profits, instead the little Chinese man  condescends to offer tribal members jobs in the casino. Steven Bingham said that was an insult.  And he was right.  Delahunt orders a tribal member “not to bring that up again,” as he paces back and forth on the stage wondering if this is worth the 15K a month.  Who works for who?

Cedric’s  hiring of Michelle (Tobey) Fernadez as the Housing Director set off a firestorm of protest, apparently from her own family.  The Tobey’s were pushing her around in the parking lot when she ran back in the building calling for security.

This is the ultimate horror show.

And the issue of the crazy spending on the charge cards…” That’s how you do business, ” says Cedric.  Are you kidding me?

Where are the financial reports from Mark Harding?  Next month he says.  That’s what he said last month And every month for years.  These babies have a lot to hide and they are in too deep to do anything but run for cover. All the meetings in the world will get us no answers.  None. Cover up is cover up.

As they say, they’re peeing in our face and saying it’s rain.