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The Great U Mass Education Debacle and the scandal to beat all scandals

The University gives our kids a second chance

Actually it was a good thing and a close call all in one.  The University of Massachusetts, Boston ( Cedric’s alma mater, wink wink…ah that’s what he said… he actually attended Roxbury Community College) recently stepped in and fired Gail Hill as the administrator of their education grant.  Things were not managed right at all and so the University said they will administer the grant..  They will do the hiring and the firing. Wow.  Nothing left to say other than we’re not surprised.

Instead of  providing tutors for tribal youth, they spend thousands on trips to a water park.  Instead of finding Elder or other  young tribal members to mentor, tutor or teach them..they do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  There is no additional preparation of our  kids for college.  No relationships with the community college or any of the extraordinary institutions in the state to keep our kids on the right path.

Our children don’t stand a chance with a tribal government that does not  provide a safety net and has unqualified people at the helm.  It could care less about the survival our kids. Our children are supposed to be the primary beneficiaries of recognition because of the resources brought to us by institutions like U Mass.

Our children need guidance and a plan to survive in a world that is constantly evolving.  Every child deserves a chance.  Why should the same families produce college bound students?

Every child deserves the option.  We can’t survive with one or two kids out of the graduating class  furthering their education. That’s generally the best we can do.  Getting them to finish high school is a problem.  No tutors, no support, no real scholarships… no safety net. It’s an outrageous shame.

So you see U Mass did us a favor.