Not one person in leadership had an ancestor doing what these men are doing.

Minnie Ah Hah so totally Mashpee

When the posse closes in, the bad guys start blaming each other for their demise.  They start making even more mistakes. But worst of all….they rat each other out. They start coming up with stupid ideas to cover their tracks and lie incessantly about what the tribal government can do.

Cedric stares off into space  babbling about some blog and shouts that Minnie Ah Hah is a Tobey, while traditionalists shake their heads sadly.  Everyone knows the impossibility of  that statement.  Everyone knows but Cedric. Belonging is so important to Cedric.

Cedric Cromwell says his Tribal Court is viable and effective and sovereign.  He says that Supreme Court Judge  Henry Sockabasin has presided over  40 cases. For God sakes  what  decisions?  Is it domestic violence? Is it civil? Is it criminal ? Have any tribal members received subpoenas? Do you have to show up?  Course not.  How are the rulings  enforced? Oh that’s right.  Real legal disputes are handled in Barnstable County Court….oh yah.  We have a fake court without  authority or enforcement powers. But the District Attorney and the Attorney General have to be convinced that we’re sovereign. Ha ha.

They had one tribal court case that was purely internal  a with it’s OPINION not  a ruling, that took  15 months for Sokobasin to give an opinion on what was a ballot issue.  It was a constitutional issue that a 12 year old could resolve because it was so obvious.  Sokobasin ruled against the obvious confirmation of the tribal constitution. He came down on the political side of  Cedric Aaron and Mark.

So as we languish in embarrassment.  Just remember they’re peeing in your face and calling it rain.