Leon the Lumbee does Mashpee

Leon started working for the tribe as a consultant running Housing after Alice died.  Leon the Lumbee, the so called administrative guru is well past retirement age.  Or better yet,  way way past retirement.  Being up in age does not stop him from telling you, all the time, about his big reputation in Indian Country.  Well, that rep gets mixed reviews….

Leon ran Housing for a while, then he created a second consulting job for himself as the tribal administrator.  While in Housing he saw a lot of stuff and the reasons for a lot of negative audits.  He was supposed to be fixing things over there but he never did. Leon becomes the tribal administrator. The new guy comes into Housing and the melt down erupts a few month later…Noni  does a Mashpee on Shelly Tobey and the rest is history. New guy is out the door because the whole place is a mess.  Leon can’t find anyone to take over Housing after he tries everyone with actual credentials. They say hell no. He brings in Michelle(Tobey) Fernandez, as interim Housing director. Yes he did….. and the whole office implodes. Great administrator eh?

More weirdness occurs when Leon is doing the  Indian housing rehab program  and according to several sources tells a tribal member they have to use an Native contractor…..guess who that is?  Mark Harding, aka tribal treasurer, ….wow. How come you’re not surprised? Yah….course that’s illegal too.

Well, Leon is supposed to be skedaddling outta Mashpee soon.  For an old guy, he really moves around a lot.