Oops! She did it again!

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your
mouth and remove all doubt.
— A. Lincoln

Paula, Paula, Paula—just when people have forgotten what a fool you
can be, you jump out of a page somewhere and refresh our memories.
You project your foolishness in several ways.

First of all, no accusations were made about you personally, so I do
not see why you need to come to the defense of the Council members who
may be involved in any impropriety. Oh, yes, you fail to mention that
the man whom you referred to as “Treasurer Mark Harding” is not just
some guy you know, but your life and business partner, AKA your
“husband.” Is he not a man, can he not defend himself? Or does Mr.
Harding see you as a fool that he can use for that purpose?

Secondly, you doggedly cling to the lies that you and others
propagated about the shunning of certain individuals who were shunned,
not for asking for financial information, but for suing the Tribe and
for suing individual Tribal members, whose livelihoods and property
were placed in danger. I know of one member who was unable to
refinance her home because of the renegades. And while we are at it,
Steven Bingham was given free access to the Tribe’s books and did not
follow up, because the whole thing was a scam for the Binghams and the
Tobeys to have a big payday from the millions they sued for. Get your
facts straight.

Thirdly, you decry the anonymity of the bloggers, yet you remained
anonymous while your friend Peter “The Great Gadfly” Kenney wrote lie
after lie after lie about your enemies. You used all of your media
connections to tear down your enemies, especially Glenn Marshall, who
rebuffed you when you wanted him to leave his wife for you. Gad, you
are a disgusting individual.

Fourthly, if you don’t think that this administration are capable of
the vilest kind of retribution, think again. How is it that a man who
ran in two different Tribal elections was arrested the night before
each of those elections? Could there be a connection between those
arrests and the fact that the only Wamp member of the MPD is closely
related to and supportive of the people in power? I hope not, but I’m

Paula, you think that by publishing your plaintive pablum that you
can influence the people to sympathize with you, but you are wrong.
Do not imagine, either, that people outside the Tribe will be
fooled. It’s out there, and will continue to be.

You suffer from a common ailment among those who never were part of
the Mashpee community, that of underestimating our intelligence.
Your chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer grew up elsewhere, and
think that they can put one over on these bumpkins. Well, I have news
for you, not all closed eyes sleep, and the quiet man may be the wisest.

Paula, you really need to do some soul searching, because, you know,
many people want to like you, but your obsessions turn them off.
Honestly, I think you should consult with a wise person and avoid
those that you now associate with. They may drag you down with them.