Why we’re so messed up

The Sunday meeting was as awful as usual but there were some very entertaining presentations  that were priceless.

Momma’s Gonna Knock You Out

Connie in sun glasses before she went ROGUE!

How about Connie (Tobey) Cromwell? Cedric’s mother was cheering on angry tribal members complaining bitterly, about the Community Building project that employs only 10 tribal members.  Cedric can’t  even keep his mother in line! Course no one believes that that the Community Building  will ever be completed.  It’ll be one of those unfinished construction sites with the cement foundation and the steel beams sticking up rusting away. Man, it’s an expensive PR project that took them 4 years to get underway.

“Little Scam-a-lot”

How about Jessie (Tobey) Baird babbling about anything she thought would make people pay

Jessie, where's the Wampanoag dictionary? Oh forgot about that ? Where's it at girl? Oh, on the internet? Since 2007?

attention and becoming indignant  about the fact that her husband didn’t get a job at the Community Center dust bowl .   Oh the “Populist ” Jessie ” the “advocate” ” the phoney linguist” without a college degree or even a high school diploma?  Running for office are you Jessie?  Going to win with all those illegals you added to the rolls when you were in charge? This oughta be good “Squish Squish.”

Big Belabor the Point

Reel Wamps has said for 3 1/2years that the tribe is getting screwed in a bad loan deal at  17% interest,  for what we believe is in excess of $45 million. We have nothing to show for it  but  incompetent self centered leaders with exorbitant salaries .  Once the documentation was given to the Mashpee Enterprise, it was merely confirmation of what we already knew.  But we still  still have a tribal member  who just can’t contain himself.  He hasta get up and keep talking about the atrocity.  It’s done.  Cedric signed it. Cedric of Dorcester  has signed us into slavery over and over because he’s the Chairman. He and his peeps ran a crooked election and they’re in charge. You got any ideas about how to undo this horror story or what we’re supposed to do now? How about you sat right there and watched all this crap happen.   Never lifted a finger.   Where ya been boy?

Do the “Tobey Freeze”

Reel Wamps loves Laura Tobey (Miranda).  She’s always doing all these great investigations to prove she’s smart and on top of things, a

Laura is seeking Nesting Counseling

friend to the members, and never tells anyone about her discoveries. It’s like she’s nesting. Remember the infamous  (Mark Harding) American Express scandal? Jesus.  She had the goods on the leadership (all of her Tobey cousins) and she didn’t do anything with it.  The story had to be told by a real Elder who reviewed the documents and told the tribe.  She saw the same thing and never said a word. So she was never even able to leverage her information for a deal.  No. Stupid. Yes stupid.   Act 2 : Laura Tobey starts gathering  and receiving information on  Wanda ” Biggest Looser” (not weight)Lord.  Lord is renowned for loosing millions and millions a in grant revenues while keeping her job at over $200k annually. Part of the Tobey Cromwell mandate.  Incompetence first. Anyway Laura gets over 100  packets printed up by a tribal department with the proof of  Wanda’s incredibly abysmal job performance (which RW has talked about repeatedly).  When the  Sunday meeting adjourned, Laura still had the packets in her lap.The  Nesting thing is serious. Laura just can’t pull the trigger. So those guys who thought they had a messenger are listening to the wrong Poo Bah for real. Yah….she’s supposed to be running for Tribal Secretary.  So….would she horde the Minutes as opposed to not taking them at all like Tah Tah?

Face it folks.  We just can’t take much more of the wrong Tobeys running things. It has not been a positive experience. Not only would we never have dreamed it.  It’s a horror story that is screwing with Joanne Frye worse than anyone.   She has to deal with all of them.  Ce Ce in particular trying to get her fired every day.  Imagine being chased around and harassed by them?  Bring back  memories? It’s generational don’t ya know. Sigh.