Can You Say… Usury?

I’m trying to wrap my brain around the size of our debt to Genting, Arkana, RW Investments, or whoever it is.who owns it.  At $38 million that we know of, I need some comparison budget for scale.  The figure falls somewhere between the annual budgets of the towns of Truro and Mashpee.  What do we get for that money?  Well, one thing we get is Bill Delahunt for the low, low price of $15,000 a month.  What does he do again?  We also get a bunch of lawyers who seem to be billing for everything up to the air we breathe.  We have Council members and their sycophants living high off the hog, and we only have to pay off the loans at a mere 15%, with, you know, that little boost to 20% if we get a little behind.  Can you say “usury?”

We have to find out about this stuff from the Mashpee Enterprise, hardly a strident critic of the Tribe and its leadership.  Somehow a promissory note escaped and revealed this information to the world.  Some people blew gaskets.  How dare they betray the confidentiality of this information!  My God.  These people were more upset by the revelation of the note than the actual damning content.  It sounded like they wanted to raise a lynch mob.  If only they were as concerned about the extent to which the Council were willing to mortgage our future for the sake of extravagant paychecks for people who are otherwise unemployable.  Makes me wanna holler.

Oh, and we will have to pay it back.  Now let me get this straight:  Genting is spending money to build a casino that will benefit them (and a few select Tribe members), and we have to pay them “back” out of the pittance that we will get (eventually).  They have a waiver of sovereign immunity, so they can sue us for it if we don’t pay them, AND, we do not have LIT, so they can take our land.  And, they can attach any revenue we can raise from Tribal enterprises.  Yes they can.  Such a deal!

I’m sure you’ve read the letter from “Dear Leader.”  In his usual weasel words he has decried this horrific crime and lamented what a detriment it would be to our “..tribal sovereignty and self governance.”  Baloney.  The only threat is to his income and his neurotic need for adoration and obedience from the bleating flock that hangs on to every word that proceeds from his pie-hole.

“We will be taking steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.”  That is scary, in a North Korean sort of way.  Perhaps he will emulate his template, Kim Jong Un, and execute the naughty person with a mortar round.
All hail King Ceddie!  AKA Kim Jong Uncool