The blame game cometh

When the ship sinks the captain says, ” Every man for himself and God for us all.”  We at Reel Wamps want to salute Cedric Cromwell for doing what so many weak men do…… blame everyone else for his failings.  He’s blaming Tah Tah and of course Aaron Tobey for our status as the most pimped out tribe in the whole wide world…..We have a multitude of pimps, you know them Mark and well all those God awful lawyers.

Now financial  documents are missing and are supposed to show up in the Mashpee Enterprise Friday.  Well you better believe that they were leaked by someone from finance….and no one else.  Oh my nervous are we over there in finance? Yes you should be.

One thing you can say about Cedric though….he doesn’t quit ( every 2 weeks with great fan fair)  I’ll say that for him.  He doesn’t need a cheering squad and a huge audience to listen to his pontifications and bluster….then storm outta the room….He just sits there and says dumb stuff. You may stay on for the pay check Cedric but you should do early retirement.

Just remember when you’re looking for direction and leadership,….don’t go to the guy who never shows up for the fight.