There goes the neighborhood

The changes to the Tribal Election Ordinance are particularly bad because they do three things:

  • Further disenfranchise true Mashpee Wampanoag from the voting process
  • Prevent true Mashpee Wampanoag from challenging election irregularities,
  • Removes all of our traditional methods of resolving disputes in an impartial forum, like an Elders Tribunal.

Allowing people to register to vote by mail will destroy the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  We have a disreputable group of officers at the helm who want more outsiders to join them in taking over the Tribe.  The core of the Tribe has fought this for a long time.  It’s ironic that those families who fought for Recognition are watching the Tribe disintegrate at the hands of outsiders. But this happens in many Tribes.

  • SELECT IVE  VOTER PARTICIPATION  Voter registration by mail allows people who have never had anything to do with us participate in our election and essentially take over what’s left of the government. Of course these people tend to support the very unpopular Tobey Cromwell Frye group because they were brought on by them for this purpose. They’re only helpful if they show up.  IT’S VOTER SUPPRESSION  BECAUSE IT WORKS  FOR ONE GROUP AND AGAINST ANOTHER.  IT’S THE SAME STRATEGY THE REPUBLICANS USED DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN IN STATES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. 
  • THERE IS NO NEUTRAL GROUP TO OVERSEE THE PROCESS. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS AND BALANCES. IT INVITES VOTER FRAUD.  No government has the people who stand to benefit in charge of who participates and who does not. We already had extraordinary problems in 2009, that brought this group to power. IT’S ANOTHER  VOTER  SUPPRESSION MOVE OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN PLAY BOOK.
  • THE APPELLATE PROCESS  IS RIGGED AGAINST ANYONE WHO  CHALLENGES  VOTERS AND ELECTION IRREGULARITIES BEFORE AND AFTER THE ELECTION.  Who the hell thinks the Elections Committee Chair, Kimmie Frye (Cedric’s sister- in-law) and Elzy Tubbs (Mr. Probation Scandal) will give them a fair hearing? Right.  It’s so outrageous it’s comical. Even Paula Peters got off the committee because she was so embarrassed, and Patricia Keliinui took off after she allowed the 2009 election debacle meltdown. We’re still looking for the sign in sheets.

THE  COUNCIL’S TRIBAL COURT  WILL SETTLE ANY QUESTION OF ELECTION IRREGULARITIES. Okay, this is a so called tribal judiciary that has no Rules of Procedure.  A court that has no judicial merit or authority to enforce any rulings.  But it has made all those lawyers filing nonsensical petitions against tribal members filthy rich. Who believes they will get a fair shake in the Tribal Court?  How do you enforce it? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A FAIR HEARING.  ASK DAVID POCKNETT.  SOCKBASEN RULED AGAINST HIM 15 MONTHS AFTER THE ELECTION HE WAS TRYING TO QUALIFY FOR.  So much for going through our government process and the great Tribal Court.


Solid Republican roots

Folks, its like this.  Mark Tilden has a lot riding on this administration.  He went into private practice when they came to power. He has easily made over a $500K changing our ordinances.  It’s not like he has a lot of clients since he left NARF. These changes to the election law is an attempt to clean up Patricia Keliinui’s disaster in 2009, but also  would keep this regime in power so he keeps getting paid.  Tilden is an Arizona Navajo.  He is a Republican, like many of his people there.  He believes in the Republican way of suppressing votes.  He did a masterful job of using convoluted jargon to confuse people.  All amendment processes provide summaries that explain the changes in a way people understand. Not so here.  But the level of desperation is pretty high. And the attempt to cut the heart out of the tribe is most apparent.