And the winner is …….

Micky Frye according to Quahog Pie who has been doing his own calculations on who has the most kids on the Tribal payroll.  Quahog Pie did his homework.  The list is long and familiar.  But the question is, are they qualified and are they doing good service to the Tribe? Here’s the list that won for Micky:

Donna Frye-Johnson, Yvonne Frye Avant, Joanne Frye, Ellen Frye Sharpe, Kevin Frye, Nancy Joseph, Greg Joseph, Denise Johnson, Di Di Johnson Landry, Barbara Johnson, Bobby Foster, Loraine Foster Peters, Marita Scott, and Talia Landry bringing the total to 14 for Big Mick. But more Frye’s are on the list Francie (The Deaconess), her daughter Shelly… nobody knows what she does.  She just brags about driving a Cadillac, and Nancy. Then there is the most infamous First Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell and her sister Kimmie Frye ( and their children are on and off the payroll).

Quahog Pie is confused by the bad things happening to the Tribe dominated by the Fryes.

Quahog Pie is confused by the bad things happening to the Tribe dominated by the Fryes.

Quahog Pie was troubled by all this Nepotism and talked it over with Weetamoo, the famous Pocasset strong woman.

Quahog Pie: ” The Frye people they are very dominant in the tribal government. They must be very smart.”

Weetamoo: ” Not smart, never known for being smart at all…just greedy.  Opportunists.  They defy the

Weetamoo tries to counsel Quahog Pie, but he is inconsolable.

Weetamoo tries to counsel Quahog Pie, but he is inconsolable about his Tribe.

Wampanoag ways.”

Quahog Pie: ” How’s that?”

Weetamoo: ” Wampanoags take care of each other and help others.  That’s how we survived the centuries. They serve no one but themselves.

Quahog Pie: “You’re right.  They have all the housing, they run the pantry, have every job and steal all the food out of there before the Elders, and the Tribal members can get anything. They shouldn’t be using the Pantry since they make so much money, should they?

Weetamoo: ” Now you understand don’t you?”

Quahog Pie: “Yes I do.  They are not even ashamed. But the irony is that the people at the top are all Tobeys.  And they never employed any of their own family.”


Weetamoo: “Yes, the Frye’s own them and the Tobeys are going to be held accountable for all the bad things that happened because the leaders are Tobeys.

Quahog Pie: ” Accept Ms. Marie.  They call her “Tah Tah.”

Weetamoo: ” And for  good reason.   She can’t seem to do her job of taking the minutes.  Which means that nothing that has been done by the council is real, because there is no record of it.”

Quahog Pie: ” How can that be?”

Weetamoo: ” That is who you have become.”