We were wrong

The Boston Globe says the federal appellate court will hear the appeal of the lower court decision that says the US Department of Interior  did not have the authority to take our land into trust.  We are a landless Tribe. Back to limbo.

We were wrong because we didn’t think the tribe or Interior would  appeal, but just  as we said about this case from the beginning….. It is impossible to show that the Mashpee Wampanoag or were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934…..because we were not.  That was why the first judge said Interior was wrong to do it in the first place.  It hard to believe that Interior or Cedric’s clown crowd of lawyers and consultants will come up with the proof the second time when they couldn’t  produce it the first time.  It’s like pulling a rabbit out of your behind.

By the way, this has nothing to do with whether or not we were a tribe, which is part of the ” lame spin ” the PR firm is trying to put on the loosing strategy…..because in 1934 there was no formal recognition process.  The federal government only acknowledged  “treaty” tribes which were on the Daws Roll  and were UNDER FEDERAL JURISDICTION BECAUSE THEY WERE ON RESERVATIONS.  Of which we were not.

Our validity as a tribe is held up as the gold standard of recognition by the BIA. We produced  the most detailed documentation and  proof that we consistently stayed together as an indigenous community, on our land and kept our traditions. Unfortunately, every family that played a significant role in our recognition was removed immediately from having any role in our future…..even the Elders were driven out, which is the greatest violation of our tradition.  Instead, the least worthy of us is governing us. As Real Mashpee knows.  This has been devastating.  Devastating.

As for  the funding for the casino, Sean P. Murphy might want to call a few council members to see how that’s going. He might want to check on Genting’s struggling slot dump in NY.  Cause Genting is not paying for any casino.  In fact, Cedric Cromwell has stopped soliciting for nearly a year because no one was buying in.  As we said in an earlier post, 5th Third Bank chose to bail out Genting’s NY facility with over $400 m instead of granting a loan for the tribal Asino construction .  They said they wanted to wait and see.  Casinos aren’t a good bet these days and our situation is beyond bleak.

The appeal is a delaying tactic because Shovel Ready Ceddie knows there’s no positive outcome.  Navajo Joe knows that and so does that “winning” wiz kid “Attorney Arlinda Arlinda You’re Such a Big Spenda !”

Ceddie has an eye toward getting re-elected and getting paid until the money runs out in the Spring. Genting has been saying for over a year that the Tribe had to find  their own money.

Explaining where over $320 m went is the big problem for Ceddie and the Wicked Wamp 8. And finger-pointing excuses won’t do.