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No Quorum Baby!

No longer loved by Genting

Council members Selena Jonas, Carlton Hendricks, Jr., and Laura Tobey Miranda walked out on the vote to redo the Gaming Commission.  That means they lacked a quorum to correct the screw up.  And Big Brother Almighty was hot!!!!!! He adjourned the meeting post haste, shouting  ” This meeting is adjourned !”  They lacked a quorum to vote on anything, which also meant they couldn’t take up a request for more money from Genting.  Supposedly they don’t have the revenue for the election.  Funny shouldn’t that money still be in the bank or somewhere since the election never happened ?

Where’s it at?

See what I mean?  These guys got some bad stuff.

So now Cedric says he will call an Emergency Meeting because he only needs 7 for a quorum.  Really ?  It’s up to Winnie and Marie now.   Those guys have thrown Marie under the bulldozer so many times, she has the permanent tracks everywhere.

Nice group.

But Genting ain’t happy with  Big Brother Almighty because he just can’t deliver.

Tribal Election Reset

Still shaky

The new election is set for Feb 24, and you better have a Tribal ID or you can’t vote.  Of course they failed to allow people to use other legitimate forms of ID… That’s because you have an election committee that cannot  identify the real members of the Tribe .  They can’t tell a Peters from a Mills or a Hendricks from an Oakley. They got rid of the Real Mashpee and substituted imitators and Casino Stalkers.  Scary.

And Kimmie, Cedric’s sister-in-law is still the Election Committee chair.  She does what Navajo Joe says…because she has to protect her only shot at a job (Health Department ) and real money to do nothing.

And Navajo Joes’ got nowhere to go…

Because his client list

Ain’t even hit n miss

Cause the Mashpee is all he’s got.

Who’s in charge ? Actually Yvonne is. Tonights meeting… a real FIREBALL !

If it were not for the storm, we probably would have a new group of Council officers at the helm.  But the storm stirred up more than snow.  Since there was no election or transfer of power, the current group of officers and Selena Jonas are serving without authority.  They weren’t reelected  or unelected, any action taken by them means nothing…no votes will count no contract signatures  are valid  nothing.

Think about it.  Cedric is desperate enough to give his wife a contract  for ten years and what could you do? That’s what I mean. These people apply the laws to help themselves.  But he should have done it before Sunday.  We can’t continue living the nightmare.  But it keeps coming!

It’s a dream come true for Cedric and Mark Harding, because they can sit there and collect the last of the Genting money before it’s all gone.You think they will stop taking a check.  Shoot, are you kidding?

But now this limbo status creates a serious  legal quandary.  That gaming authority redo ( set for Friday) is still a problem because the Council members are not willing to crown Cedric and Mark in particular. The relationships have deteriorated substantially. The Council does not want the baggage of consigning us to years of indebted servitude.

It’s rumored  that Cedric wants to postpone the election for 60 days.   That’s to allow his crack security team to keep handing out Little Debbie Cakes that say ” Vote for Cedric.” Knowing our high incidence of diabetes, clearly they’re trying to kill us off.

The Interim Chair

But its the Council’s move.  They can remove them, or just ignore them until the election is over. You better believe all those lawyers lead by Navajo Joe ( Mark Tilden) will be going berserk with all their opinions based on precedent that has nothing to do with our Constitution. They’re on their way out too and are trying to preserve their gravy train.

The most senior Council member is Yvonne Frye Avant.  She is the Chair, and it would go down the line by seniority.  Yvonne finally gets to be in charge.

Three more out the door

Genting has pulled the plug on the cash flow to the Cromwell gang forcing them to fire two more employees and a consultant.  Controversial grant writer Wanda Jean Lord is out along with Lesley Jonas and Myrna Nuey.

Lord set for retirement after sticking it to the MWT

Lord has done a horrible job of getting grants for the Tribe but she is one hell of a milker.  She has to be the only grant writer in the world who makes a salary of $250 K as opposed to the standard fee of 10% of what she brings in. She clearly couldn’t do it that way or she would starve to death. Lord is part of the cadre of lawyers and consultants who over billed the Tribe because no one in leadership has any professional experience to know better.

Lesley Jonas who had nothing to do with the Tribe 5 years ago became an expert on Pow Pows and was made the Pow Wow director.  We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on a cherished event that used to make $25K.  Not only did the Tribal attendance drop dramatically the White people stopped coming too. So what do they do with Lesley? They hire her in another job she knows nothing about.  Assisting Lord with grant writing.  Jonas cannot write a complete sentence or thought, so how would she persuade the most astute evaluators that we deserve anything? Close to a million dollars was wasted on those two.  And we have fewer grants and more people on the roll to take the reparations we fought for for over 32 years. Sad.

This administration really knows how to kill a tribe.

It’s been Chinese Water Torture.

But they won’t get away with murder. Too many eyes.  Too many people with evidence of wrongdoing.



Voter suppression against Tribal Core continues

The raucous Council meeting was packed with an audience full of angry shouting  tribal members.  Despite the extraordinary opposition and shouts of condemnation, Cedric Cromwell lead the effort to reinstate his sister-in-law as chair of the election committee.   Clearly desperate to hold on to power at any cost, Cromwell was engaging in methods used by Republicans to suppress voter turnout.

Attorney Mark Tilden, a Navajo, has taken a prominent role  in crafting the suppression plan. Tilden has denied all challenges to the voter election list and pulls the strings for Kimmie Frye “SR”  Cromwell’s sister-in-law.  Frye has no experience in conducting elections.  She works in the Health Department with her sister Cheryl Frye Cromwell.

Cromwell’s support is very thin among core Tribal members and he is attempting to discourage them from voting.  This latest move may have the reverse affect.  When similar attempts were made around the country voters stood in line for up to 7 hours to cast ballots for Barack Obama.

Mashpee 9 continue to press for election reform

After filing a complaint in  US District Court,  Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal members pressed the Election Committee and the Cromwell administration to voluntarily implement election reforms to ensure a fair election on Sunday.

When the Committee failed to post the voter list, the group sent a memo to the Department of Interior and the Regional office of the BIA updating government officials of the continued breach of the tribal election process.  The list was finally posted 10 days late, yet another violation of Tribal law.

On January 16, the attorney for the group, Johnathan Polloni wrote  Cromwell asking for a meeting to agree upon certain safeguards and explicit monitoring on election day. Cromwell never responded to the request, but angry Council members blasted the embattled chairman for keeping the request secret last Friday.

The Mashpee 9 have also question the blatant conflict of Kimberly Frye serving as Election Committee chair.  Council member Carlton Hendricks Jr. said he had evidence that Frye was serving without authority because her term that expired in 2012.

The Council has Election Committee appointments on tonight’s agenda.

Meanwhile the group challenged nearly 50 new members on the voter list.  The committee will have to show that the members challenged meet the criteria for membership set by tribal law.  The list was just a random review but showed a pattern of loading the rolls.

Kimberly Frye, Chairman

Election Committee

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

483 Great Neck Road South

Mashpee, MA 02649

February 4, 2013

Dear Chairman Frye,

This letter is to bring to your attention certain names subject to challenge under Section 2(5) of the Election Ordinance of Responsibilities of the Election Committee. For your convenience, the given reason for each challenge is listed next to the individual name being challenged. These allegations are based on my personal knowledge as a Tribal member with a long history and association with the Tribe.

Mostly, these names are challenged on the basis that there is no relationship (NR) of the individual with the Tribe. This means that the individual named is not within the requirements of Article III, Section 1(a) and 1(b) of the Constitution of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe (“Constitution”). Specifically, this means that for the individual named there is no proof of “direct lineal descent (1) to a Mashpee Indian identified in the Report to the Governor and Council…(also known as the 1859 Milton Earle Report)…or (2) to the union of Georgina Palmer and Charles Peters or Leander Peters and Lydia DeGrasse” or has not demonstrated sufficient tribal community involvement. Tribal community involvement is further defined by the Enrollment Ordinance, 2012-ORD-006, to “have and continue to contribute to the spiritual, traditional, social, and overall well-being of the Tribe.”[1]

The second basis for challenge is abandonment (A) under Article III, Section 1(c) and 1(d) of the Constitution. Abandonment is considered to have occurred when an individual has “publicly denounced Mashpee tribal existence” and “publicly denounced their [own] affiliation to the Tribe”, or have not “lived in or near Mashpee, Massachusetts or have had family members actively involved in tribal community affairs who have lived in or near Mashpee, Massachusetts for at least the preceding 20 years.”

The following names are listed below as found on the Election Committee voter list: [2]

 NAME                                                                                                   Reason for Challenge

  1. Abraham, Ashr Ben                                                                         NR or A
  2. Bacon, Brianna                                                                                  A
  3. Bacon, Brad                                                                                        A
  4. Bacon, Denise                                                                                   A
  5. Bacon, Joshua                                                                                   A
  6. Bacon, Kelli                                                                                         A
  7. Bacon, Stephen                                                                                                A
  8. Borges, Carlton                                                                                 A
  9. Broyles, Craig                                                                                     A
  10. Broyles, Mark                                                                                    A
  11. Bullock, Clarence                                                                              NR
  12. Bullock, Kyle                                                                                       NR
  13. Bullock, Shantel                                                                                                NR
  14. Charron, Katie Rose                                                                        A
  15. Charron, Lindsay                                                                              A
  16. Charron, Russell                                                                               A
  17. Coyse, Amy                                                                                        NR
  18. Dashiell, Emma                                                                                 A
  19. Dashiell, Neliea                                                                                 A
  20. Dowling, Keith                                                                                   NR
  21. Fray, Pamela                                                                                      NR
  22. Friedrickson, Corey                                                                         NR
  23. Gilkey, Janet                                                                                      NR
  24. Hightower, Shirley Ann Nightingal Bullock                             NR
  25. Kinsler, Phyliss                                                                                  NR
  26. Lammers, Cheryl                                                                              NR
  27. Lammers, Edith                                                                                 NR
  28. Lammers, Harvey                                                                             NR
  29. Livingston, Amos                                                                              NR
  30. McDermott, James                                                                         A
  31. McDermott, John                                                                            A
  32. McDermott, Paul                                                                             A
  33. McDermott, Scott                                                                            A
  34. McDermott, Stephen                                                                     A
  35. McDermott, Thomas                                                                      A
  36. McDermott, William                                                                       A
  37. Medeiros, Elizabeth                                                                        A
  38. Medeiros, Richard                                                                           A
  39. Mello, Christopher                                                                          NR
  40. Ormsby, Sharon                                                                                               NR
  41. Sylvia, Angela                                                                                    A
  42. Thompson, Nigel                                                                              NR
  43. Tobey, Gail                                                                                         A
  44. Tobey, Harold                                                                                    A
  45. Tobey, Pamela                                                                                  A
  46. Walters, Sharon                                                                                                NR
  47. Zangao, Julian                                                                                    NR
  48. Zaragoza, Stephanie Lee                                                               NR


Because these individuals cannot satisfy the requirements of membership with the Tribe under Article III of the Constitution due to No Relation or Abandonment, it is requested that you remove their names from the voter list in accordance with Tribal law.



Patricia Oakley


[1] Ordinance 2012-ORD-006 is referenced solely for the purpose of supplying some definition of tribal community involvement and petitioner specifically reserves the right to challenge whether or not the ordinance was lawfully adopted.

[2] This list is not comprehensive and should in no way impair future challenges based on improper enrollment with the Tribe.






The desire to win can be overwhelming.  Especially if you’re losing.   Losers spread rumors and lies. They say the “Elders say this and that ” to try to influence people who don’t know any better. The Elders haven’t had a meeting in over a month.  They start talking about people who they say are ” criminals” and try to determine who should be involved in things. They just keep things stirred up. And it’s unsolicited.

People will make their own decisions.  This is the most important election in the history of this tribe. Make your decision wisely based on your knowledge and relationship with the candidates.




Election shenanigans

So much going on. So much attempted manipulation.  You won’t believe it!   But then again, maybe you will.

Cedric’s Genting Hub Bub

We are the originators of the ancient shell game called Hub Bub. Annawon Weeden describes it best,  but essentially it’s played with broken  wampum shells shaken in a gourd thrown out on to the ground. The purple shells count for the most.  Sort of a dice game too.   When people used to say “What’s all the Hub Bub about? “ they were talking about a commotion.  Games of chance always start something. And it’s always  something bad.

Genting angry with Cedric's latest screw up

Well, Cedric Cromwell, Mark Harding and Yvonne Frye Avant have their own Hub Bub going on in the way of their infamous Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Commission.  As members for over a year now, they are the guardians of upwards of $12 – 15 million that Genting has funneled through the Commission coffers. Actually we don’t know how much it is. This Commission is totally independent of the tribe, accountable to Genting only, does not submit budgets, but has the benefit of  hiding under the Tribe’s sovereignty. It’s quite a shell game.

More problematic is the fact that the Commission was never set up properly. While Cedric and his gang are notorious for violating Tribal law, this was a screw up that threw Genting and their lawyers into a full blown panic.  Genting had to make sure that the “ Cash Stash“ was in order to keep all that debt obligation and other secret deals under wraps.  They want their stuff done nice and legal like. Imagine.

That’s why the Council is having a do over vote Saturday, the day before the election.  The Commission was established without a proper vote and a host of other missteps.  It closely resembled the recent screwy effort to change the election ordinance to benefit the “Casino Stalkers.”

The other serious problem is that Council members are furious with the leadership’s lies and secrecy. They have no idea what Cedric or Harding in particular are hiding from them day to day, and this is another example. There are many Council members who want no part of this effort to enslave us forever.

So the do over may come undone.


Fairhaven—The social was good until Cedric’s stepson PJ  Fermino ran up to the drum and tagged David Pocknett’s  son.  Supposedly it was about a campaign bumper sticker or flyer. Then David and Cedric,  as usual,  almost got in a fight. Great. Those testosterone chest bumps don’t amount to anything when your people need work and assistance.
Richard Oakley meanwhile, was talking about delivering services and Gettin’ Mashpee Back on Track.

That’s what you fight about.

More details later..

Getting Mashpee Back on Track