Ball of Confusion

The Emergency Meeting was a sideshow beyond comprehension. Secretary Marie Stone became “Tah Tah” before your very eyes as she proclaimed that she was the “Senior Adviser” presiding over the  meeting.  Whatever that meant.

It was hard to understand what Big Brother Almighty was saying .   He was mispronouncing peoples names and seemed confused.   The circus like atmosphere prevailed as Marie reigned over chaos.

Even Aaron Tobey was having trouble making any sense.  Observers said they all sounded screwy. All under serious duress.

Anyway, BBA urgently pushed his redo of the Gaming Commission fiasco.  He made a huge mistake by trying to change the ordinance that determines how many votes you have to have to pass an ordinance. As was the case so many times before, he didn’t have the votes to change anything. Nor did they post the ordinance ten days in advance…but he proceeded anyway.  He didn’t have any choice with Genting and all the lawyers on the phone and in the room insisting that it was all legal.

So he pushed the Gaming Commission redo through without the proper number of votes and will do it again next week in a regular meeting sometime next week. It will probably fail again.

For Laura Tobey it was too much.  Too much rampant wrongdoing.  She said she would have something to say to Genting about the whole mess.

Meanwhile Cedric flew out of the meeting and  had his flack post more misinformation on his rapid response medium.   The Tribal Facebook his new campaign site (along with the Mittark and the Tribal website).

It’s not like anyone believes what you say anyway BBA.