Non Negotiable

If Cedric Cromwell was elected chairman, isn’t Robbie Hendricks the new treasurer? Noooooooooooo according to Cedric, Mark Harding needs to hang around and TRANSITION for 90 days.  So we have two treasurers. It’s a constitutional violation.  The transfer of power is plain and laid out in the Constitution.  There’s no transition.

They don’t want Hendricks to bring his technical guy, and  outside auditors to look into that Tribal Gaming Commission or $47 million. They don’t want him ordering Drula (Navajo Sue) to give him the keys and signature cards, so he can be a real treasurer.

Hendricks doesn’t even have an email address. But if Hendricks allows this to go any further, he’s failed to do his job. Allowing Cedric and Harding to compromise you is pretty bad. The tribal family should take note of this outrage against him.  Does nothing matter? Is Genting on the tribal roll?

Are we all that  pimped out ?

It’s going to take 90 days to cover up all the mystery money that is everywhere. This is the beginning of the stash the cash game, and they aren’t even trying to disguise the money shuffle.

Funny when Harding came in he assumed his post the night of the election as he ran around changing locks and shutting down genealogy to cover up their dirty deeds.

Now he’s hanging on to try to hide years of bad business.