Chinese Water Torture in the Wamp Swamp

Big Brother Almighty had it pretty rough last night.  Now he’s posted the Emergency Meeting Notice to fix the Gaming Commission tomorrow as though he’s concerned with the health and well being of the Tribe.  All of a sudden he’s worried about us? We have no services and get nothing from this administration but a lot of debt and hooey.

So many secrets to be told

So tomorrow it’s do or die for BBA.  He has to have an EM because he can’t get a quorum for a regular meeting.  The Council knows this isn’t about the health and welfare of the Tribe. It’s about the Gaming Commission because it’s the  “Stash the Cash” fund.  And, anyone voting for it is in fact endorsing the whole smelly business.

It’s about BBA, Mark Harding and Yvonne taking care of business for Genting.  Then they have turn around and redo it in a regular meeting….to be legal. Both efforts will be tough to do. Judging by Navajo Joe’s petrified performance last night, things are not well in the Wamp Swamp. And he’s an easy target for Chinese Water Torture.

Genting is a rough group.  Ask the Seneca. But for BBA its the end of the line and the Gaming Commission is the last play in the game with the big boys.  Frankly, he never knew how to play.