“That shi_ ain’t right, I’m outta here.”

Robin Tobey Stamps  resigned from the elections committee saying, “That shi_  ain’t right, I’m outta here.”  So whatever is going down with Navajo Joe and Kimmie Frye has to be off the chain.  Robin is head of Indian Health Services so she probably doesn’t want to  be part of anything shady.  Being a federal employee and all, well it just isn’t worth it.

Scrutiny  of the Tribal elections has made everyone suspicious. Law suits, questionable membership practices

Hot Mess !!!!

make it worse.  It’s like a pressure cooker around there. Anyone connected to the membership process and the election process is under the microscope.  Jim Peters tried to escape his role as membership chair and the questionable add-ons under his watch. The regime wouldn’t allow it.

But Robin is well liked by Tribal families and is employed by the Feds. She broke camp.

This morning, a locksmith was over at the executive office trailer. He was there to either lock Bobby Foster out or allow Cedric to barricade himself in.

Stay tuned.