Tribe to Brooke—You don’t’ speak for us

Lately, Brooke Scannell has been a mighty scarce highly paid FLAK .   They trot her out when Navajo Joe and the Regime don’t want to talk to reporters about their overwhelming incompetence and general madness.

Kimmie Frye is reportedly babbling, “ I just do what they tell me to do. It ain’t my fault, “she says.    It’s good to know she’s on top of this election.  Navajo Joe told the Mashpee 9 that Kimmie and her committee will no

Shredder on overload at MWT

t be dictated to by “a third party.” Navajo Joe meant, basically that they don’t answer to the people. Ironically the Navajo boast in ad nauseum  that they areDine” ( “The People).Fascinating. Oh yah, Navajo Joe also said Kimmie has no conflict being Cedric’s sister-in-law. How Republican of you Navajo Joe.

When reporters called yesterday, everyone was busy at the shredders, and taking equipment to their cars.  So Brooke and the million dollar lawyers drafted a bullsh- – statement saying the Constitution prohibits election monitoring.  Constitution?  What Constitution is she talking about? Surely it’s not the one the regime has consistently violated for the last 4 years.  Is that what you’re talking about Brooke? Ohhhhh.

Come on bird !!!!

The simple fact is that the Election Committee can authorize election monitors.  The chair has the authority to require ID. The Council spent hours screwing around with the passage of an ID ordinance when Kimmie could have done it through her committee.  That’s what they’re for. But the Council usurped their authority and eliminated their autonomy.  Jesus, that process was painful.  The Council is requiring Tribal ID to vote. That’s okay, but you need other forms of acceptable ID like hunting licenses, driver’s licenses, passports, state and federal ID’s with your picture on it.  Many of the indigenous Mashpee do not have tribal ID’s because they don’t want to pay for one, or can’t afford them.  These people can be identified by Patty Oakley or someone who knows 500- 600 members on sight.  Kimmie is the only one on that committee that can eyeball members. She may have amnesia if they’re not voting for her brother in law.  The others can’t tell one family from another. The Casino Stalkers are the ones who should have ID. Now they changed it again back to no ID’s.  What the hell?

The Casino Stalkers are ineligible to vote anyway.

Let’s be honest folks.  Navajo Joe and his girl, the new tribal administrator (Navajo Sue) have effectively taken over the Tribe at the most critical levels. To keep their jobs they have to keep this lawless crew in place.  We have paid dearly for the Navajo Way.   We’ve had enough.