Woebegone Women can’t draw a crowd

The Woebegone Women had their  campaign shindig last weekend at Dino’s….and nobody came. They sent  out hundreds of invitations, free food and booze and nobody came. Not even their own families.   Well, Donna Johnson and Ca came, Campaign manager Brian Weeden was there looking sad and defensive, maybe one or two others  we really can’t remember.

Herrin’ and Roe looked in and left.

Housing Hijacker,Mean Travel Queen, Ratchett Newfrye,Winona,The First Lady or " She Who Lies About Her Military Service."

Shovel Ready Ceddie endorses clean election….no actually not

Arkana has told Shovel Ready Ceddie to do some serious push back.  So he did an election dissertation, written by his White PR firm, on the tribal Facebook page (established by his 21 year old protege, Enrollment Chairman, election day gadfly and campaign manager to the 5 incumbent Woebegone Women candidates, Brian Weeden).  This was some serious spinning to make us believe he’s worried about low voter turn out.  There’s also a condescending lecture about the role of elections in a “Democracy”…..ain’t that White of them.

We need to see the ballots go in the box and counted by us...not spin that gives us more of the same.

He goes to great lengths saying the electronic voting machines are credible. But if members want to vote the old fashioned way, why not give them what they want? Why is he so frightened of an open process that will satisfy tribal members? Because he will not get the result he wants.

Course that’s  democracy right?  Doing what the tribal members want.None of that here.

The more important question is why are the immediate relatives of of 3 candidates ( including his wife ) still on the election committee?

Again, his protege Brian Weeden is the chair of enrollment,which establishes the voter list in

"Oh Shi-, they know." SRC in his posh office at his empty desk in the Echo Chamber of the Woebegone Tribe.

collaboration with Election Chair  Kimmie Frye, (sister of candidate Cheryl Frye Cromwell and first cousin to candidate Yvonne Frye Avant). Melissa Hill (sister to candidate Danielle Hill) is also a member of the committee. Lots of collaboration on addresses, phone banking, and shenanigans going on that Tribal Core challengers cannot overcome or participate in.

For God sakes ! Talk about rigged! They have access to the membership rolls ( voter list of those eligible to vote over 18), can add whoever they want to it and they present that list as the voter check off for  election day. We have no election laws, so we have no idea what they are promising these new so called members…no idea whatsoever.  It’s election 2009 all over again.

No government tribal or otherwise, runs an election process that is so without credibility. Despite what Brian Weeden says (that tribal law tops the federal law) adults know that federal government still rules us. We are still citizens of the United State aren’t we? Damned right. The Woebegones break tribal law all day long but not state or federal law…ever notice?  Disenfranchisement of any kind and voter fraud outlined above is taken very seriously by the Justice Department. You see the power these so called elected officials have over our lives? That’s why federal law places a high penalty on bad elections that put bad people in office.

WHERE IS THE OVERSIGHT?  Where are the Elders to keep non members from voting? We have no idea who the hell has been put on the damned roll because of Messy Jessy and her efforts to throw elections by enrolling people who should have never been accepted into the tribe.

The process is so corrupted, it is scary.

Do you ever notice that Shovel Ready Ceddie nor his cohorts ever address the issues we bring to light….They can’t answer cause they’re leading a shell government in our name.

Give us the ballot, let us mark the ballots and count them ourselves in front of everyone.  That’s a clean election.

Oh yah His Hokaness? Where’s that LIT Arlinda said would be in place this month?  (Crickets)




Really? The White Man doesn’t do it this way—–but we’re “Woebegone”

Okay so let’s take a look at our election process.

Do you think the Town of Mashpee or the State of Massachusetts would allow its Elections Supervisor, or anyone connected to the elections process

The MWT is violating federal law

  • To be an immediate relative of a candidate(s) on the ballot?
  • Campaign publicly for incumbent candidates
  • Control the list of voters by determining who’s on the roll(voter list) and who’s not
  • Have a inexperienced 21 year old controlling essential aspects of the election that determine the outcome
  • Allow the use of tainted equipment cited in many media accounts
  • Offer no assurances that a legitimate election will occur

This is not how Steve Peters, Harry Frye, Eddie Amos, Mabel Avant , Ferdinand Mills or anyone else conducted business in Mashpee.  Course these men and women were not foreign and answered to their people. They were respected.

This is why we are not respected and under close scrutiny. We can’t even dream of voting in a clean election. Disenfranchisement is disenfranchisement.

Election irregularities on blast in Robo Call III

The phone bank list keeps growing as hundreds of tribal members, council members, elected and federal officials listened to Robo Call III concerning irregularities on the elections committee and the inability to have a clean tribal election.

Since the Woebegones and Shovel Ready Ceddie want to maintain control of the tribal council, they will fight even harder to preserve their crooked election process. The First Lady (Cheryl FRYE Cromwell), Mean Travel Queen (Yvonne FRYE Avant), Housing Hijacker ( Winnie Johnson) and Newfrye (Trish Keliinui) are the slate that is being presented.  Actually, it’s really just Mean Travel Queen and The First Lady that they really want. But if 2 of the other 3 get in its as acceptable because they will do whatever Shovel Ready dictates. The back up candidate to Housing Highjacker or Newfrye is of course Ratchett (Danielle Hill).  Winnona Pocknett  doesn’t seem to understand that she’s in there to take votes from other candidates that can’t be controlled by Shovel Ready.

Stunneded Woebegone Women! Running against each other as a unified front. We know the fix is in. HH, MTQ,R, NF, WP, & TFL. For God sakes more makeup, more highlighter for the under eye dark shadows.The Woebegone Women standing tall !

It was pretty obvious during the council meeting that the Woebegones can’t take any chances on this election. They could easily loose control of the council. They put on a great demonstration with the voting machines. Not convincing at all.  Those voting machines can be programed to do whatever Arkana wants. And they want their pawns back in to continue to gouge us.

With such a small number of people voting, at most 600 -700, you don’t need voting machines.  The computerized voting machines are designed to read lengthy ballots containing many categories, candidates, and issues. It counts all those categories quickly. Voting in numerous categories is what is time consuming for the citizenry. The voting technology is designed to count  hundreds of thousands of complicated ballots.

We have 6 council seats to vote on. Our voter turnout amounts to a very small precinct so it’s hard to justify even the expense when you can count them in a half an hour in front of God and everybody..

Simple, quick & clean . Everyone can vote and watch the ballots counted. Crooked voting machines deliver crooked results.

But then again, we don’t know what the hell is going on or who’s been put on the roll.  You have Brian Weeden chairing the enrollment committee (that determines who votes) and campaigning openly for the incumbent Woebegone Women like they are role models and this is okay. It’s pretty incredible that such a young person is in charge of enrollment.  Very very irresponsible.  But look who we’re dealing with. Why not put Brian on the election committee too with Melissa Hill and Kimmie Frye Sr? We could skip the voting and just let the 3 of them announce their results.   He runs everything on election day. Very important fellow. I’m sure we’re all comfortable with that.  Apparently he’s “Chair For Life” of the Youth Council.  They’ve extended the membership cut-off to 45 years old with the motto ” I’ll never grow up.” We have enough bullies in Woebegones.  Now they’re training new ones.

Tribal Youth Chair Brian Weeden in 2013 surrounded by kids half his age in a video at a youth party. Because he insisted on continuing as chair, the age limit was bumped to 21 so he could be "Chair for Life." Another Woebegone in training. Breaking all the rules is mandatory.

Anyway, Shovel Ready Ceddie who runs the election committee, could allow us to mark our ballots and drop them in the ballot box. Everyone can watch them go in and be counted.  That would be the smart thing to do and it would give us a clean election that no one can contest.   The other way is yet another negative hash mark for the feds watching with great interest.

What now “His Hokaness?”

Not a good Sunday meeting was it His Hokaness?  Corrie Dadabbo got in in your face cussed you out and stealthfuly eluded the Clown Patrol (security).  When they would try to close in, she would move to the other side of the room and then move in on His Hokan from her new position. HH had a crew of cops and security on site.

It was such a raucous spew fest the council members barely raised there heads to mutter anything, let alone respond.  Frankly they couldn’t say much because the Natives were restless and sick of the debt and the Woebegones.

Crystal Maddox raised so much hell security threaten to remove her….course she said, ” You ain’t taking me outta here. ” And they didn’t try.

All versions of sentences using the word lie were a common thread.

“You lie”

“Why are you telling that lie?”

“You’re lying.”

“You just can’t stop lying.”

“Lies all lies.”

It went on like that.  Too much for right now, the calls are coming in with more accounts.

Oh, one last thing.  His Hokaness did not have a friend in the audience. Lonely.

Sistas workin’ to hold power…doing the “Disenfranchise Dance”

When you are disenfranchised, it means you are unable to exercise a legal right, awarded to you as a US citizen …..in this case, the right to vote. By the way, our so called sovereignty does not supersede the US Government. We are about to participate in a election that is clearly rigged….again. There are no independent election monitors who know the election machines and the red flags to watch for.  We certainly have no tribal members who know the election technology. So if they serve as monitors it’s a joke.  The tribe currently uses  election equipment has been documented in the media, as easily hacked that has brought faulty results. Arkana can rig the process with less than $15k in election equipment.  How would we know ? On top of that crap you have the following.

Kimmie pressured

Kimmie Frye decided to resign as chair of the elections committee after her less than professional conduct following the last dirty election she presided over. You may recall she was riding around with ballots in the trunk of her car and getting wasted at Dino’s after the  deed was done. It took a while but she finally stepped down, exhausted from the stress of all her other family problems.  But now big sista Cheryl Frye Cromwell  is back on the ballot and needs to stay on that Council. The First Lady

Can't get any worse, but no better either

has to keep cheesing in pictures and giving all that good service to tribal members, especially cancer patients, as the health department liaison.  Ahem. Its the same conflict and nepotistism we were subjected to before. Course Kimmie has to take care of TFL, Yvonne for sure. They can’t afford to loose any pawns like Trish or Winnie.

Now they’re really feeling the heat as the noose tightens so they have another entrenched sista tag team involved.  The Hill girls.  Melissa Hill has been added to the elections committee. Melissa is the secretary for the gaming authority (also known as the “Laundromat” that is getting over $7m over 3 months. The tribe

Danielle ready to serve Arkana

gets $2m, in Shovel Ready’s budget request).  She is paid to keep secrets from us. She also got busted for driving on a suspended license very recently.  Anyhow, her sister Danielle who is a highly paid tribal senior planner (both received first and last months rent …and  Danielle is living with someone of questionable reputation all according to the internal housing audit.) has decided to run for council.  Isn’t that amazing?  A  month before the election. Danielle has decided to run and her sister is on the election committee.  Pretty funky indeed.

It doesn’t stop there.  You have the chair of the enrollment committee and a volunteer for the election committee openly campaigning for TFL and the crew of incumbent females, like these are the kind of women we want our girls to follow…eh?

Since Marge's hospitalization for heart failure, Boo has been overwhelmed

And Boo Boo the Fool refuses to give the names of the tribal employees and their salaries  in his report because the Fryebal Council  strangle hold will be confirmed. The gouging by attorney’s and consultants is even worse.

They are flaunting their egregious behavior.  So we will keep “Feedin’ the Fryes.”

Robo call Round II

The second ” robo call ” went out Sunday and Monday to tribal members, reporters, the governor’s office and various in-sundry federal officials. The call urged tribal members to attend the Sunday meeting and dispute the $386.5 million request from Shovel Ready Ceddie and the Woebegones…begging Arkana for between $50 – $100m.  The rest you may recall is supposed to come from the banks.  The bulk of the money goes to the laundromat or the Gaming Authority which is basically a separate tribe, but in our name none the less.  Trouble is we have no vote or authority to stop the Woebegone gravy train.

What now bro?

Things are heating up so much Genting may want to scrap the tribe that’s generating a lot  of negative press that could upend its major plans in Florida and Las Vegas.  The federal government is not real fond of corruption.The PR firm that is assigned to the MWT, Regan, has already assigned a flack to Florida for the real gaming fight. With so much controversy here, all Regan does is offer ” No comment, “  on behalf of the befuddled Shovel Ready Ceddie. After all what can he say?  What is the proper response?  There is no response… but that comes with the guilty brand that SRC has born for a long time.

There’s more to come to the chagrin of the Woebegones. But SRC issued a memo telling staff and council members that they should look forward to a “very prosperous year in 2015.” Wow.  The guy’s either a comedian or a demon.

Pity the Fool

Edith T. Bannister was a first and second grad teacher at Samuel G. Davis School.  She was one of those dedicated teachers of the type necessary to teach Mashpee kids.  She had many aphorisms and words of wit for us.  One comes to mind:

“Fool’s names and fool’s faces

always appear in public places.”

What the reader should take away from this is:  If you object to your name or face being displayed on this page, then your best course is to not be a fool.  Free yourself from the corruption and destructive behavior that has taken hold of our Tribe like the talons of a predatory bird.  Smarten up.  The gravy train is about to go off the track.

Word to the wise.


Tribe diagnosis: Ptomaine Poisoning from “Feedin the Fryes”

Joann campaigning for sista Yvonne. She's so huge they call her B.A.T.S. " Bursting At The Seams".

Where did the Fryes go wrong?  Well the gluttony (habitual greed or excessive eating) began when Joanne and her sister Ca doctored the 2009 voter sign in sheets to keep themselves on the payroll. And this one is so powerful, he reportedly gave Barnstable County doctored 1040′s to avoid child support. Of course we’re talking about Joann’s son Bobby Foster who is said to have burnt up voter sign in sheets.  They threw the election and have made sure Shovel Ready Ceddie remembers that he knows… that they know he owes them LARGE.

Oh, they tried to fire Joann many times but she

The the Overwight Lova.

pulled the herring from the river in winter….ya know what I mean? Joann provided total cover for the Fryebal Council that never stopped growing and burgeoning. On the rare occasion when a Mills or a Hicks is hired, you better believe 5 Fryes are hired and frequently imported from around the country to fill jobs they are totally unqualified to hold. Three (part time) Peters’ have been adopted into the Fryebal Council.  They took out papers eagerly!

Yvonne still slip sliding away.

The Fryebal Council Obstacle Course travels through the Council maze of malfeasance lead by the Mean Travel Queen Yvonne. When she’s not flying to useless meetings nationwide, she’s constantly disguising herself in court as a social worker, capable of resolving all our ICWA troubles.  She’s like a psycho chameleon gone wild assuming a new identity every day.  Risky yes, but does the Mean Travel Queen worry….no she’s the slippery slimy one who has no friends. She’s a Frye for now but when it gets hot watch out she’ll squeal on everyone….even sista Joann.

Bobby, Yvonne’s nephew is the Illusionist, who see himself differently than we do.  As a Council member he confirms how worthless the Council is. He’s  been on the dodge all his life. Irresponsible with kids he doesn’t want to support…known forever as the guy with the fake GED.  Really Bobby?  Who has to falsify a GED certificate ?  You’re a well known illiterate. Remember your infamous email memo to Patty Oakley…” I needs to no bout this.”

And the lovely, compassionate First Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell keeper of the lies and the backhoe for the Sacred Arkana Burial Ground.  The Micky Fryes–BATS and them, barely acknowledged Cheryl (or Kimmie either), of the Danny Fryes…cause, well you know. Cheryl is the liaison for  tribal members to the health department. Horrible.  She takes lots of pictures and grins that crazy grin with Indian Health Services officials. They clearly don’t know how far she’s come from that tough life and how badly she wants to forget it. She helps no one and many have suffered because of her insensitivity.

Kimmie Frye resigned as Elections Chair, now she's back to make sure the Frye's prevail. Nancy struggles to smile, as usual.

Then there’s Nancy Joseph. Nancy Joseph…. a Frye who finally arrived in the tribe with bad attitude and all.  She finally got all the benefits of being a Frye by default, cause everyone still calls her Nancy Joseph.  All the meanness and resentment not associated with the Fryes came in one big nasty package called Nancy Joseph. Anyway, after she got the job as the financial assistant, in Tribal Finance …ahem, making  more than $60k. Don’t ask for her qualifications.  Right. She sashays around with her all her nastiness spewing everywhere…. she gets rid of her house in Falmouth, jumps on the 184 Housing program and gets a house on the infamous Cotuit Road.  The internal audit is riddled with Nancy Joseph’s incomplete paperwork and unanswered questions that show a clear pattern of discrimination and obvious gift of a $300k home backed by the tribe. Oh yah, her sister Joann got a house too, and Joann has been foreclosed on so much that lenders would laugh hysterically at her application.  Now Nancy was just the opposite with a ” partner ” who has a legitimate job and good income and was coming into a big settlement.  Well, Nancy just couldn’t help herself….she got the 184 when she should not have. The sisters were at the opposite ends of the spectrum and should not have gotten a house, but they did.  That means 2 families that met the criteria did not get  houses because they were not Fryes. Literally. Nancy panicked when all the noise was cranked up about the 184′s and started paying her mortgage.  Her man got his expected settlement and the big very expensive juiced up  purple truck  is parked in front of the government house they should not have.Purple Haze.......




The Cowlitz & Carlisle = $386,500,000m more debt.. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Let’s talk about the Cowlitz Tribe.  Let’s talk about how the Cowlitz situation is in no way connected to us and cannot help us get land in trust.  Here’s why: The Cowliz are part of the Salish nation in Washington state. In 1911 the Cowlitz received (federal) land allotments on the Quinault Reservation.

The Cowlitz we are not.

That means they were on a federal reservation, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (before 1933). Their current lawsuit is embroiled in legal challenges because the Cowlitz want to take a second parcel of land into trust for an off reservation casino.  Of course the surrounding communities don’t want it and are fighting it, and despite the BIA saying they’re ready to move, those legal challenges are blocking that. We cannot coattail the Cowlitz unless the BIA wants to reverse a bunch of decisions.

But the big difference between us and them is that the Cowliz were clearly under federal jurisdiction before 1933, and we were not. So the Cowlitz could get that off reservation casino because the US Supreme Court  Carcieri case makes one exception: it allows the BIA to take LIT ONLY if the tribe was under federal jurisdiction before 1933. 

So What about us?  Well now, Shovel Ready Ceddie and attorney Arlinda Locklear are offering (38 year old) REJECTED ARGUMENTS as proof  that we were under the feds prior to 1933. Well, clearly this is all strictly for billing purposes and the paycheck.  But they press on with irrelevant (and rejected) arguments like these.

Mashpee Wampanoag (Charlie Peters, Eben Queppish and Nelson Simon) attended Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania.  Yes they did but the feds had no authority over us. The other argument is that  our

Mashpee in our Middleboro homeland in 1929

agreements and land deeds with the King of England were tantamount to recognition by the new United States government.  That is absolutely not true. Those agreements were not transferred, considered or of any concern to the US government. Unlike the western tribes, we had no treaties with the US government. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts governed us from 1776  until 2007 (without Land in Trust we are in limbo as a landless tribe, we own nothing and our sovereignty is incomplete).  We had plantations  (reservations)for centuries under the Commonwealth, as Marshpee, and later Mashpee. As wards of the Commonwealth we became a town in 1876 and then we really got screwed because Sandwich and surrounding towns would blatantly steal our land with authority! We had self governance, but as the Town of Mashpee in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Ironically, Massachusetts Governor Levi Lincoln Jr blocked the first possibility

Massachusetts Gov. Levi Lincoln Jr blocked our removal from the state.

of our becoming a “federal tribe”  in the 1830′s.It actually worked in our best interest. When President Andrew Jackson began his forced  “Indian removal” known as the “Trail of Tears,”  Jackson wanted to move us to Oklahoma.  Lincoln, a progressive, said no way.   With a 1,000 miles added to the 3000 mile trek we would have surely perished like thousands of Creeks, Cherokees, Chickasaws, Seminoles and Choctaws forced from their homeland and culture.

MW Reniasance leader Eben Queppish

Our attempt to get federal recognition in 1933 was lead by Mashpee Wampanoag Renaissance leaders  Queppish and Simon.  Simply put, everyone met at the Old Indian Church, did the required paperwork that never materialized at the BIA. Middleboro sleuths reminded the BIA of that with recognition documents confirm that fact.

So, Shovel Ready Ceddie and Locklear are using the King of England, Carlisle and the failed 1933 effort AGAIN. Those arguments were rejected during the recognition process and in our  famous land suit from the late 1970′s. So what’s changed ? Nothing but the enormous  price tag attached to this deceitful mission to get us to believe the Woebegones can get around Carcieri. There’s no detour, but they keep spinning and spending.

Now the worst part. We laughed pretty hard about the Healing Fire fiasco especially with the First Lady lying about what a huge success it was. Oh yaaaas yaaaas! Just like her major effort to help the tribal member get to her cancer treatments. Ahem.

But the last laugh is on us.  Shovel Ready Ceddie and the Woebegone Crew had to do the big spin on LIT  to justify a $386.500,000.00 loan they’re going for now. Oh, don’t forget the $100,000,000 we’re drowning in, with nothing to show for it. This is in light of the fact that (according to the Taunton Gazette) the BIA has even less to say than normal about our application.  BIA honcho Kevin Washburn  said earlier this summer that he could no longer predict when our application would be finished, totally lacking the enthusiasm he had months earlier.  Just call it INFINITY cause we don’t meet the 1933 criteria.

The state has extended the gaming license application deadline by a few months, not for us but to get the best deal  for the Southeast region.  None of the state leaders see us as a threat because of our LIT is such a long shot.

So this is how the budget breaks down:

The Tribe — $12,500,000  (to keep “Feedin’ the Fryes”)

The MW Gaming Authority  $374,000,000

Casino                                   $250,000,000

TCAM                                     $ 55,000,000

Steelman Partners                  $ 17,000,000

Taunton Property                     $ 40,000,000

Property Option                       $   7,000,000

The numbers come out about $5m short but actually that’s being paid to about 10 additional architects associated with Steelman Partners. For some reason those extra architects are just floating around independently instead of coming under the Steelman umbrella.They are busy working in Vegas and Florida for Genting(Arkana). TCAM is the original investor group and Middleboro, the Property Option fees is money

Fantasy First Light Casino constantly redesigned

we have paid to hold the many small tracts of Taunton property that we don’t own.  We do not get that money back by the way. But you know Shovel Ready. Who cares….as long as he gets a check.  All of this is contingent upon us getting LIT.  If we don’t get it,TCAM gets nothing, no casino built. Lotta money spent on people doing nothing but over billing.

Shovel Ready told our well informed Treasurer  Robbie Hendricks now known as “Boo Boo the Fool” that he was working on Bank of America and Wells Fargo to loan the $224 m balance because Arkana is tapped out at $150 m. Jesus, why would these banks bother with us? The Woebegones also have option 2 of  $27 m for the Gaming Authority, if the land doesn’t go into trust,(add the $12.5m Feedin’ the Fryes money) and we’re just under the Arkana cash cut off. Isn’t that interesting? Also the Arkana loan comes due July 3 ($150m) etc etc.  Yah why has the loan due date been extended over and over if we don’t have to pay it back His Hokaness? And if we plan on honoring the state compact we have to have land into trust to move forward. Could it be no LIT no casino? And how do we pay it back with no cash flow? With that being in doubt, the state issues the license to a White gaming entity that is credible and not a front. The other options are risky and would confirm our money laundering status for all these years and Shovel Ready allowing it to happen.

Yes the Woebegones give us food bank charity of potatoes and ham. Oh yah, how was the $100m ham? And they keep spending millions on whatever

Welfare for us...millions for the Woebegones

personal luxury they want. And taking care of their buddies and the Fryes is the pastime.  We can look forward to nearly $500,000,000 in debt.

Watch for His Hokaness and The First Lady digging around in the Arkana

Shovel Ready & TFL are using Winnie's backhoe in the Arkana Sacred Burial Ground

Scared Burial Ground very soon. Looking for all that dirty money that never went through the laundry.