When the bad guys rule

Hayward during a ceremony. Mashpee Wampanoag Medicine Man John Peters is seen in to the left. Hayward and the Mashpee had a good relationship.

Hayward during a ceremony.  Wampanoag Nation Medicine Man John Peters is seen on the eft. Hayward and the Mashpee had a good relationship.

We should have learned from the Pequots.  But we didn’t pay attention.  About 40 years ago Skip Hayward, a Mashntucket  Pequot, rounded up his people scattered west of their Connecticut homeland, got them recognized and on their way to a better life. Skip Hayward, a real Pequot, was kicked to the curb and the outsiders took over and well the rest is well known.  Now the Pequots, who went from rags to riches are  humiliated and broke.The largest casino in the world and formally the most productive is run down empty shell of it’s former self.

Guess who their backers were? Genting. Genting feeds on greed and poverty.   Genting bought the Pequots, built the a huge casino and charged them 27% interest on hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Pequots could never catch up because the casino made less and less money each year. Genting got out…made the Pequots get a bank to buy the debt of a no longer profitable casino and built a competing casino, MGM Grand next door.  Just ruthless.

And guess what ? Genting was the poster child for the Indian Gaming Regulator Act.  IGRA was established to protect Indians from the Gentings of the world. Well Genting went about it’s business charging the Mohawks and Senecas outrageous interest rates and even came into a Council meeting with guns blazing threatening the members because they refused to pay anymore.

Well history repeats itself and when the old investors refused to pay Cedric’s crew, the lovely Mark Harding found Genting. So we pay 17% on millions and hundreds of thousands for wire transfers. No one knows what Shovel Ready Ceddie and crew did with $130 million, and Genting has pleged another $120m but after that, the Malaysians say Wells Fargo is the best bet, cause they’re out.  Sound familiar?  That’s why there’s no discussion about allotments for tribal members because the so called investor has to be paid….and the bank and on and on.

Back to another problem.  IGRA has to investigate Genting before the tribe goes forward.  Ironic, that everything comes full circle and that may be the reason for an American bank early on.

So of course Arlinda will say that’s a snap too. Sorta like SRS saying he is unaware of lawsuits on the issue we said would be a problem no matter how may footnotes Kevin Washburn listed.

And SRC would not answer the question of whether the lawsuits would stop the building of the casino.  Maybe he should ask Adam Bond. Yes, ask Adam Bond.___


Where’s the tribe? The tribal employees turned out for Cedric and Cheryl’s press conference and party Saturday, but the Tribe was absent.  Where were the jubilant tribal members ? Not much of a crowd.  Guess the Mashpee weren’t feeling it.  There was such low turn out Harold Tobey was in one picture…he used to call us Mud Hens. Guess they ran out of people to invite.

Anyway, Ramona Peters was unrecognizable standing there at the microphone

Mona talks history.  When is the museum going to be open? is there anything in there?

Mona talks history. When is the museum going to be open? Is there anything in there? What the hell does she have on? Love The headband tho.


talking about our ( undocumented ) history in Taunton(Ahem)…definitely a symbol of the tribe today.

The Tribe of 6 years ago was anywhere but there…no proud families together, laughing and talking….just the employees. The Cape Cod Times captured the drummers and about 30 -40 people and kids…lotta food to take home. Not much to celebrate, since nothings going to change.

The Elders and the Mashpee were celebrating Aunt Dart’s ( Ellen Hendricks) 90th

90 year old Ellen Hendricks a living symbol of who we were.

90 year old Ellen Hendricks a living symbol of who we were. So proud and pretty.

birthday, at the Rod and Gun Club…telling stories and reminiscing about our golden days when we were proud people. 90 years young, a symbol of who we were.

Arlinda walks it back and lectures reporter on civics

So yesterday Arlinda Locklear said the BIA LIT decision for the Mashpee

Will Arlinda get us a settlement for what we are owed since 1933? Crickets again.

Will Arlinda get us a settlement for what we are owed since 1933? Crickets again.

Wampanoag Tribe was “not bullet proof” admitting that the anticipated lawsuits could prove fatal.  Apparently a reporters questions about some of the issues we raised here were bounced off Arlinda and she responded with a walk back that was funny and a lecture about the invincibility of the  Department of Justice and the Bureau’s decision. All of a sudden the LIT decision was pretty much a done deal and that the lawsuits would have no impact.  Really? They win every one of these cases no matter what?

We know that the Department of Justice represents all federal agencies in legal disputes.  We know that the US Attorney General is the chief  law enforcement officer and lawyer  for the United States.  The AG is also is in charge of the FBI that she sends to investigate messy illegal goings on.  They do a pretty good job too.  So let’s stop with the civics lesson.

If the legal challenges are going to be dismissed or if there will be no way to interrupt the project, why would you wait 7 – 8 months to break ground? You should be able to start right after the comment period ends on October 18.  Why not since you’re so sure the courts will rule in favor of the BIA.

And for God sake have you no mercy on Cedric?  Hes been the biggest squall bag

Always squalling and reinventing our history to involve people who were no where around.

Always squalling and reinventing our history to involve people who were no where around. And lazy reporters print that foolishness.

Oops there it is. Not a good moment for the chairman.

Oops there it is. Not a good moment for the chairman.

ever to cross the town line. And for 6 years he’s been dragging that damned shovel around  with wampum galore glued on the handle.  Why delay his euphoria any longer? Maybe it will make him stop with the bad drumming, bad regalia and even worse head dresses.

But seriously, Arlinda since you’re the spokesperson for the Tribe now and our the legal representative, are you going to file our suit against the government for its failure to pay us benefits for over 104 years? Since the Bureau says we were under their jurisdiction during that time, where’s our money for college, food, healthcare and other reparations? Where’s it at? I know, all we hear are crickets right now.

Since you got so much to say about the Justice Department and have such raptor maybe you can work something out.  We see where other tribes have gotten their back pay.

Albuquerque, NM — In a historic settlement, Native American tribes have been awarded nearly a billion dollars. The U.S. Department of Justice announced this week that a settlement was reached with 645 Native American Tribes for the sum of $940 million dollars.

The settlement stems from a 1990 lawsuit, which claimed the U.S. government failed to pay its portion of federal contracts for housing, education, law enforcement and healthcare, as well as a number of other support programs.

Ouch ! The government owes us plenty in back benefits because we never got a dime.  Again, can you help us out Arlinda?  You’re making that long money, and all we get is $35 a month from the Boston Food Bank and a couple of hams.

Herrin'-- "Git ta work girl. Roe --"Else we'll have ta thro you in the pond." Herrin--"Yaaaaa 'n that Navajo Joe too !"

Herrin’– “Git ta work girl. ” Roe –“Else we’ll have ta thro you in the pon!.” Herrin–“Yaaaaa ‘n that Navajo Joe too!”

Put all that trial experience to work girl ! Ahem.  Besides Herrin’ and Roe are tired of Green Eggs and HAM.

Arlinda speaks the truth…..

Arlinda celebrates her only victory and still cautions that the LIT is not " bullet proof" no kidding.

Arlinda celebrates her only victory and still cautions that the LIT is not ” bullet proof” no kidding.

Yes, it was a historic moment.  Arlinda Locklear admitted that the BIA LIT decision was “not bullet proof.” Because she knows it will not hold up in court.  It could take another several years to resolve the LIT issue and the Bureau’s authority to do so.  Groups and individuals will be in court Monday to sue according to several news outlets.

Another interesting note. Kevin Washburn the Assistant Secretary who leads the BIA, announced he was leaving the agency on the same day he released our LIT decision.  A bunch of the agency’s division directors under him also announced their departure. Washburn and crew are leaving several piles of poop in the hallway of the Tribal Flags. The Pachanga Tribe has asked the US Attorney General Lorretta Lynch to investigate the Bureau’s neglect and failure to oversee corrupt tribal governments.

Washburn's decision means he owes the Mashpee a big fat check for millions and millions.

Washburn’s decision means the BIA owes the Mashpee a big fat check for millions and millions.Let’s just call it back pay.

And now there’s us….suddenly being under federal jurisdiction of the BIA means they owe us a lot of money…dating back to 1911 when the Dawes Act established tribal rolls.  That means the other tribes were getting reparations because they were officially recognized, but we were not.  Imagine that we were cut out of the deal for at least 104 years.  It amounts to  millions of dollars for the 1001 Mashpee.  You better believe we’re better off trying to get paid that way than waiting 15 years for a casino allotment from the tribe. Course you can opt for the Green Eggs and Ham.

Washburn’s decision now known as“How I was able to make butterflies and birds fly outta my a– ”  will cause delays no doubt, probably years more, according to the Boston Globe but it was a reprieve and a great way for the Cromwell administration to buy time so  they can keep getting paid those incredible salaries.

Big problem for the state gaming commission is whether to issue a license in Brockton or keep waiting for us to ” clear hurdles.”  The state looses money waiting for us, and makes less in the end. Check out today’s Boston Globe story. It had a pretty thorough, unbiased assessment of what is happening.

Lotta Frye’s at the celebration yesterday and today. Lotta press conference nonsense, hopefully someone asked about when we’re going to get paid, and if the Chinese are really going to hire all their people for jobs etc, etc.

And  If there are anymore Fryes left off Cape, you better believe they’re headed this way.

For the real Mashpee….winter is coming.



Here we goooooooooo!!!!

Okay, this initial phase of the BIA land in trust approval is huge for us.  BUT there’s no explanation of how we fit under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. Gee, wonder why? Federal court rulings and the BIA said we didn’t meet the criteria.  All of a sudden we do? Future legal challenges to the bureau’s decision will be the determiner. According to one tribal member, Genting has so much money they can influence any outcome and make “butterflies and birds fly outta your a– ” They have their own magic act. Oh yes, they do. It’s called millions of dollars.

Despite what Shovel Ready Ceddie says about lawsuits, lawsuits are a huge problem and he admits they are a problem…but that ” they won’t stop the process ”  What process is he talking about? The Genting process?

Regardless, everyone knows a lot of people will be suing and it does slow everything to a drizzle.

Anyway, in addition to SRC, Yvonne, Robbie, Bobbie Foster and Jessie receiving additional undisclosed salaries from the ” Gaming Authority “…now they have another  “Benchmark” that they have met for another raise. For those who are not millionaires already they will be such in a matter of months, while yes, we’re going to say it……you get a couple of hams a year and $35 in groceries a month from the Boston Food Bank. It is not going to change.

First question is, after the month comment period where people can challenge and appeal the decision, and the lawsuits start ….are you going to start building anyway or what since the lawsuits don’t matter?

The biggest question is when are tribal members going to get paid…..ha! They haven’t told you because Genting could care less about anyone in the tribe, but the paid council members of course.  When will we get a check ? You never got an answer 6 years ago you won’t get one now.

And if you thought these people were bad before this..they will be even worse in the future. Get ready for the Apocalypse.

And the truth is LIT means nothing for us because we will not get a dime…not a dime. They will do whatever they want. And definitely under orders from Genting who have no respect for us at all.  Ask the Pequots and the Senecas.  Imagine the Tribal Government  having that power…unless the federal government stops them.

The menu may change though to Green Eggs and HAM.

All about gettin’ paid …right?

Damn right.  All that hell we raised about those pay raises, we forgot to tell you about the payola for the ones on the Gaming Authority.  Right and we can’t even guess what the amount of that pay grade.  Probably at least $100 K each.. But the Gaming Authority spends at least $2 million a month on…..well, nothing !

More tomorrow it’s too juicy.

Rogue Nation

A government gone rouge

A government gone rouge

Riddle me this…..Who votes to give themselves huge raises when they don’t have a quorum ? You got it.  The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council officers. Robert Dias did not attend the meeting. Carlton Hendricks  Jr. was there for the start of the meeting but when it was clear they were going to increase their salaries yet again, he left the meeting intentionally, after giving them a few choice words.

This is why the Pechanga Tribe is asking the US Attorney General to investigate the Bureau of Indian affairs.  Tribal nations are suffering under the corrupt leadership of governments that abuse their authority  and hide behind their sovereign status. Basically doing whatever they want. The Bureau has turned a blind eye to this blatant abuse for decades.

We’re just getting a taste of it all.  The horror of the worst in the Tribe taking revenge on us.

Look at these salary raises ;

Shovel Ready Ceddie  $125,000.00 – $147,000.00

Messy Jessie raised to $109,000.00. Messy should be fined for subjecting us to all her wacky ideas and machinations that are just rampant.She finally got the power she craved just like TFL, her old ” Road Dog” (ahem…) but never got the respect.  Memories are to long and vivid in Mashpee for all that.  Too vivid for the both of them.

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members...nothing

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members…nothing.

Tah Tah   $66,000.00 – $82,000.00 And get this, she works from home, has 3 assistants and they still can’t get the minutes right or caught up ! But who cares !  This is Rogue Nation.

Robbie Hendricks $71,000.00 – $91,000.00. Course Marge is still running things from home because Robbie is not capable, for a variety of reasons.

The First  Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell $56,000 -$72,000.00.  Cheryl is such a hypocrite.  It is hard to imagine how she looks in the mirror.  She had it so hard and yet she has zero empathy for those of us that struggle.

Even Bobbie Foster got a raise !  Whatever it is, it’s too much for that guy ! The repo man need not worry…he’ll still be in play. Oh yah, you’ll be glad to know that they got him on his back child support.

They agreed to do the raises after they paid $35,000.00 for a survey justifying it.  Of course the company completely ripped them off, by comparing apples ( MWT ) to other cities and tribes that in no way resemble us in size, income or tax base.  Which means since we are not self sustaining, and we are not a gaming tribe, there is nothing to compare us to.  And this Council has less than 1,000 people to actually govern, ha ha..or whatever.

No one knows exactly what any of them do. They can’t even return a phone call. They don’t come to work.  In fact no one comes to work except the people in the health department under IHS.

$790,000.00 a year in salaries for people who do absolutely nothing for us. They vote themselves a raise without having a quorum ( legal number of people present) to do it. NO RULES.


We owe $130,000,000.00 to the Chinese. Robbie was bragging that Genting will loan us up to $250,000,000.00.  Jesus.  Have they no shame?

That’s a lot a yard work boy. Rogue Nation on blast.


Finally an answer to LIT

The Bureau of Indians Affairs made a weird move.  It notified Taunton that a LIT decision was eminent.  That could be for a number of reasons: Taunton is a secondary reservation designated for the casino, the historic ties are invalid,  the state wants the yes or no right away to get others to bid in the casino region, or the 1934 argument is invalid.

It would be a stunning move for the the BIA to reverse themselves and say that we were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934 when they told us during the recognition process that we were not.  That would leave us with the Congressional route for LIT, which is virtually impossible.

The BIA may have stopped at the question of 1934 federal jurisdiction…..closing the door on it’s ability to take our land in trust.

Even weirder was the fact that the homeland, Mashpee were the primary reservation is to be, was not notified first. Very very weird.  And we believe that Shovel Ready Ceddie really did not know what was going on, which is another bad sign, because usually they give you a high sign. No sign at all.

A negative would be worse for the administration of Cedric Cromwell.  The backers would be far less interested in continuing to invest in a protracted effort to get LIT fixed through the congress. All the huge salaries, padded staff, surveys to give themselves huge raises would be left for all to see.

If they had just been honest. we could have fought this thing together.  We want LIT but not at a cost of $130m a Christmas ham and a charity food pantry.


Arlinda, Arlinda you’re such a big spender !

Land in trust is complicated.  One way to fix the Carcieri decision is for  the Congress to change the law to allow the Department of Interior / BIA to take land into trust for all tribes regardless of when they were recognized. According to the BIA, we were not under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934, so that congressional change is what we need.

The Congress has been dragging its feet on fixing  this law for six years and now that there is some sign of Congressional activity. It’s so minimal, it actually makes matters worse.  There is one bill that works for us that has been stuck in a committee since February.  Now the Republicans are throwing amendments around that gut the bill.  One says that for the BIA to take a a secondary parcel of land ( like Taunton) into trust the land has to be contiguous or connected to Mashpee for example.  Good luck on getting 1 acre from Sandwich, Osterville or East Falmouth, let  alone freakin Tauton which is the one place we don’t even have historic ties to. Again were trying to take Taunton into trust and we never lived there.  Brilliant.

No wonder the BIA is silent.  We are rediculous  all the way around.  Not us but the Fryebal Council and Shovel Ready !

The other amendments only allow LIT for housing and to establish governments but no gaming.  Lastly you have a hostile Republican Congress that is not interested in giving Native Americans anything…nada.  They are totally threatened by any people of color and do not want to give any land back period. Let aone gaming. Natives do not vote for Republicans and they just hate us.

Lastly, the bills can’t get out of committee with or without these bad amendments (that kill the original intent).

Arlinda keeps talkin' and gettin' paid to deliver a blank . Great work if you cn get it.

Arlinda keeps gettin’ paid to deliver a blank.  Great work if you can get it.

Arlinda Locklear and Mashpee Wampanoag Chairman Cedric Cromwell better know and Shovel Ready Ceddie ( for obvious reasons) rely on the fact that most tribal members, like those all over the country, don’t understand the legislative process, so they keep lying about the process and get away with it.They keep borrowing $10 -$11 million every 3 months to keep getting paid while millions of dollars go to places and people other than tribal members. Very very dangerous business with the feds watching.

Another thing.  Where are we building this casino?  We don’t own ANY land.  We are paying millions to people in Taunton to hold on to land rather than buy it outright  because we don’t have the LIT.  Renting crappy land we will never own in the town know as the home of the state nut house.  You could use a deal like that eh?

We’re paying Shovel Ready’s “special assistant” Lew $17k a month to do what? White lawyers

He's been "Shovel Ready Ceddie for 6 years and can't break   ground. No land or license, just false promises.

He’s been “Shovel Ready Ceddie”  for 6 years and can’t break ground. No land or license, just false promises.

and a former congressman hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to do nothing.

Arlinda said that something was going to happen by September…maybe.  How about they stop paying her until something materializes cause that bill is dead and she knows it.  Even if it got out of committee, it would have no support for final passage.

You get a ham and some lame parties 3 times a year.  The Government Center is home to the Fryebal Council and a few rejects from other families.

If we had a real Medicine Man we might stand a chance in at least trying to serve our people.  We need to do more than pretend this is not happening and retreat to being old Mashpee and ignoring the slime that that has taken over the tribe we have worked to establish for 32 years.

Stand for something or fall for anything.We need someone who is not afraid to lead us out of this mess and legally challenge the horrific debt of $130m that we never approved.

Wrong Answer

Nervous? They should be.  The Land into Trust debacle has been an exhausting nightmare for us because Shovel Ready Ceddie aka Cedric Cromwell keeps trying to keep hope alive on our casino without proof that it’s going to happen. And he does it by fabricating meetings with BIA leaders and his lawyers who tell humongous  lies about the process….and without shame. It’s amazing.

SRC’s Million Dollar Baby, Arlinda is supposed to report on the ROD the Record of Decision/ Record of Determination by the BIA on our LIT.  Okay.

1st: Is the Application Complete?  Where is the proof that the BIA accepted our ” historic ties” to Taunton for our elusive casino?   When were the hearing held? There is nothing in BIA records for LIT that indicates that we are even on the radar.

2nd: Where are the markups and schedules for hearings on our LIT at any level on any issue? LIT cannot happen without these hearings. Nothing.

3rd: So the BIA has reversed itself and says we were under federal jurisdiction before 1934 therefore the BIA can take our land into trust? When were we told of such a remarkable decision? Why wasn’t it given to the Cape Cod Times? Nah, cause it ain’t real.

4th: So why aren’t we on the long list of tribes who are moving through the process like the Alabama-Coushatta, the Ft. McDermitt Paiute & Shoshone and other Nevada Nations Tribes? 

So does Arlinda wave her fan and we jump ahead of these tribes? The Alabama -Coushatta has been suffering a long while too.

Our LIT suffering is based on blatant misinformation from our tribal government and the lawyers to keep lining their pockets.   Now the date for LIT is scheduled for the end of August….maybe because the state is allotting the second gaming license for our region in September. Remember none of the criteria has been met.  It’s absurd.

Jesus how stupid do they think we are?

Here’s the worst lie. SRC and Messy Jessie claim they had a meeting with BIA Secretary Kevin Washburn. Right.   SRS claims he told the Secretary he was very disappointed with the BIA’s timeline and missed deadlines. SRC is lying  on the BIA. Like why would Washburn meet with either one of them? They are toxic.

What happened was Messy and Ceddie attended the Annual United National Indian Tribal Youth conference …..and Washburn also attended.  Anyway, Washburn has nothing to do with LIT.  And surely wants little to do with them.

The legality of the  matter is in plain sight on the Congressional and BIA websites. It’s also recorded in documents to ensure the integrity of the process.  And unfortunately the communication and record does not have our tribe in the picture.