A hurtful place….in the Empire

Well….4 more Frye’s have been added to the Empire.  The Empire has 4 more Fryes added to their 80 percent domination.  Kevin Frye who has been on the Mashpee Police department was demoted for reasons unknown along with his cousin Curtis Frye Jr., will be the tribal policeman.  Let’s talk about this a little bit.  Neither one of them are in very good shape.

Patty Oakley could back hand either one and keep goin’. Yes, and there are two more Frye’s,  daughters, sons and cousins of other Empire dwellers making huge salaries with barely a high school education and they are not even trying to go to CCCC.  Why should they?  Course when everything falls apart they will wish they got a formal education instead of stealing from their own family members and cousins. That is if they have any conscience at all.

We have much more to discuss  tomorrow…it’s too much for tonight.


Say it ain’t so Aaron

Aaron wants back in the power structure and will do whatever he has to to get there.

Aaron wants back in the power structure and will do whatever he has to to get there.

Aaron Tobey wants back in and he really pulled a shrewd trick to get there.  The former Vice Chairman joined others and worked hard to get over 140 signatures on a petition ( he loves petitions) condemning the 1.3 million dollars in raises that will be given to officers and paid council members.

Another point of interest…Aaron mailed out the indicting flyer pictures, salaries and all as his campaign material, pretty much discrediting the whole effort.

Well there was the great special

The flyer Aaron co-opted as campaign material to get a job from Cedric.

The flyer Aaron co-opted as campaign material to get a job from Cedric.

meeting to address this latest outrage and certain Elders were thrown out and others asked questions and raised hell. As Reel Wamps said prior to the meeting there would be no answers, nothing would happen and nothing did.

Back to Aaron.  He had a lot to say about the abuse of tribal members at the hands of a heartless council.  He and his buddy Cedric went at it hard.  It was as though Aaron had amnesia and forgot all the damage he did to tribal laws pretending to be judge and jury etc etc.  Aaron was part of the destruction of tribal law.  He was part of the very undoing of the fabric of the tribe, creating the phony Elders, forcing the real ones out and a host of other outrageous political hacking that in the end proved his undoing.

But now, Aaron could be victorious again.  Rumor has it that Aaron’s “advocacy” as he calls it, may have brought him results.  He may have badgered Cedric into giving him a cushy job on the Gaming Authority reviewing contracts. If its true, Aaron used the raise issue to benefit himself not the tribe.

Aaron will be Aaron after all.  Like Cedric, they are outsiders who rob you blind and without regret.


Land in Trust at any “Cost” has consequences

It’s a good idea to read stories by Marc Larocque in the the Taunton Gazette. Larocque is a serious reporter who thoroughly researches his stories. He also substantiates why certain things will happen and why the worst is yet to come concerning the casino. He actually interviews people who know and understand Indian law.  He is a straight shooter and  he does more than print a press release and make fun of tribal members futile attempts to fight the corrupt Cromwell regime.  We have to give him credit for telling the whole story and what to expect.

Since we’re honest at Reel Wamps we have to admit that Larocque has confirmed every aspect of our speculation concerning the flimsy LIT decision, the state’s continued skepticism about the Arkana (tribal) casino while it considers issuing a commercial license and lawsuits that are bound to delay it by 3-4 years. Read the whole story from November 5: Below is a excerpt.


Brockton casino developers say Taunton casino won’t happen

“The Brockton casino proposal is the only remaining commercial license applicant pursuing a license provided to the southeastern region by the state’s gaming law. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission expects to make a decision on whether to issue a commercial license to Brockton by March. Tribal casinos are given preferential treatment under the Massachusetts law, but the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s proposal is likely to face challenges in court over the legitimacy of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s decision to award land in trust to the tribe for its project site in Taunton.

Mass Gaming and Entertainment presented a lawyer who specializes in Indian law and litigation, who claimed that the Department of Interior’s decision is “seriously flawed,” based on an “unprecedented” interpretation of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 and a disregard for historical evidence that is critical to understanding the law.

David Tennant, a partner at the firm Nixon Peabody, said that several tribes have been unsuccessful in their efforts to petition Congress to change the precedent setting Carcieri v. Salazar decision issued by the Supreme Court in 2009, which held that a decision to grant land into trust hinges on whether the tribe was under federal jurisdiction in 1934 when the IRA became law. ”

Again, the only beneficiaries are Shovel Ready Ceddie and his gang.  They get paid more than city commissioners serving millions of people.  There is no profit to be seen from that casino (if it’s built) for 11 years.

Mashpee Wampanoag leader Eben Queppish pulled our paperwork together in 1933, but it was never filed. Maybe he knew who would be in charge.

Mashpee Wampanoag leader Eben Queppish pulled our paperwork together in 1933, but it was never filed. Maybe he knew who would be in charge.

Also, a group of tribal members are headed back to federal court to sue  the Bureau for reparations. Other tribes recently got a big fat check, and have already set the precedent  After all we were under federal jurisdiction they just forgot our benefits for 104 years right Kevin Washburn.? Oh ya they completely forgot our roll numbers too right?Where’s that top notch Indian lawyer Arlinda Locklear? Trying to protect that bullet proof LIT decision no doubt. Lots missing all the way around.

Brace yourself

This information is so bad we had a hard time bringing it to you. These are the salary increases for the paid tribal council members and officers for what is called “MILESTONES.” The Council is getting paid for pimping us out to Genting ( Arkana ).  The 6 benchmarks signify each victory the Malaysians achieve with the help of Shovel Ready Ceddie, Messy Jessie, Tah Tah and Robbie “ISSIV”  ( I Shoulda Stayed In Vegas).

So here are the total amounts of the raises:Shovel Ready Ceddie, $187K, Messy Jessie $126K, Tah Tah $56K, Robbie “ISSIV” $50K and worst of all Bobby, Cheryl, Yvonne, and Winnie get $40k each.Yes the man with the fake GED will be making $108k. 

We have to say that Winnona Pocknett had the decency to refuse the raise.

So all total the Malaysians are paying $1,300,000.00(on paper) a year to these Sellouts to build a casino in our name only. Because if it happens,  the cost of this painful venture is over a billion dollars,which means they own the casino. That is if IGRA approves the crazy interest rates and lets us slide by without the required  economic development plan and that’s if the BIA LIT decision holds, if the Malaysians get the license, if they can build a destination casino  on a bunch of disconnected lots in majestic Taunton (purchase price $46m).

So that’s why there is no discussion about your paycheck.  It is going to take 11 years to break the Genting financial grip cause those birds are going to keep taking those checks no matter how many petitions Aaron gets.  They will sit in that meeting and say nothing and do nothing because there is nothing you can do and they know it.

The only way we’re going to get paid is if we sue  the government in federal court for failure to pay us reparations for 104 years. In a class action 600 tribes already did it successfully, so there is a precedent.  After all they took the land into trust under the premise that we were under federal jurisdiction right? Ya can’t have it both ways.  And, we still don’t know if the land really went into trust.

Otherwise we have to remember the saying of a Mashpee Elder who passed away who said, ” I’ll be fartin’ up dust before we get anything from any casino.”



For Your Perusal…

Well, we got scooped by “Rebel Wamps,” but here it is.  Enjoy…



Voucher Queen buys $700,000.00 house

jessie hWe told you it was going to get worse and well….here it is.  Messy Jessie just bought a $700,000.00 house at 29 Christopher Lane.   Maybe she’s gonna open a rooming house. Right.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have such an abysmal housing situation in the Tribe. The Vice Chair of the Tribe just couldn’t help herself.  She just couldn’t.

So let’s review our housing horrors:

  • Tribal members who are homeless and literally dumpster diving for food in Hyannis.
  • Tribal members who cannot get emergency assistance and are reduced to living in Del Sol and barely making ends meet.
  • The Section 184 program that allowed tribal members to buy houses has been shut down because of abuse. Mainly the Fryes getting all the loans.
  • The tribal renovation program is shut down for abuse also. Queen abuser was Council member Winnie Johnson who renovated her second home and that amounted to a new addition.

So if Messy Jessie had earned it, that would be one thing.  But she’s getting paid not to serve us basically.  She serves the Chinese.

But you know how nervy Messy is.  This woman who is making at least $200k – $300k a year with all her bonuses and raises has the nerve to use vouchers for her grand kids daycare. Yah.  You can take them outta the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto outta them.

One thing for sure, Jessie ain’t living in a Quonset Hut now!

What happens in Vegas don’t stay there !

Ouch boys ! And Melissa…adding to the Hill Bad Girl Legacy.  Minnie Ah Ha and Herrin’ and Roe have something to say about that ! Stay tuned !

Can't take 'em nowheres can ya?

Can’t take ’em nowheres can ya?

The proof is in the Town Seal

It’s absolutely crazy. In the LIT decision, the BIA…Kevin Washburn said that we were under the feds prior to 1933. He talks about the plantations and living on our homeland etc. but there is no new confirmation of federal governance of the Mashpee at any time in our history.

As we have said over and over and over, we were on plantations under the British, and the Commonwealth but never under the federal government.  If we were under federal jurisdiction, why didn’t we get roll numbers in 1911 like all the other tribes Arlinda? We got nothing, that’s the point.  We have no connection.

But we made the fatal mistake of becoming a township in 1870 and the encroachment on our land began…but we were officially a town in Massachusetts, baring our name. Look closely at the seal.


From a state plantation to a state town in 1870, the federal connection remains elusive, and the BIA knew it.

From a state plantation to a state town in 1870, the federal connection remains elusive, and the BIA knew it.

This is the reason Arlinda said the decision “was not bullet proof.” Reel Wamps will post the actual detail on the Washburn explanation.

Cromwell and Arlinda may get us paid after all

The irony is just too much.  The  US Supreme Court has recently validated a nearly $1 billion award forcing the Bureau to pay over 600 tribes for services never rendered.  Or for not paying these tribes enough for services they were owed.  This is an except from another story from BUZZFEED.com about the settlement.

Federal officials on Friday announced they had agreed to pay almost $1 billion to settle claims brought by hundreds of Native American tribes who say the government did not properly fund a number of tribal programs.

Under an agreement with the federal government, the tribes administer their own education, housing, law enforcement, and environmental management programs, among other services. But for 25 years tribes have complained that the government underfunded the programs, leading to major shortfalls.

“Deep and painful cuts were made every year,” Val Panteah, governor of Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico, told reporters at a press conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Friday.

More than 600 tribes and tribal agencies took their case to the Supreme Court in 2012, where the justices ruled the government was liable for the payments.

On Friday, after years of negotiation, tribal elders and government officials speaking in Albuquerque announced they had reached a $940 million settlement, which they have submitted to federal court for final approval.

Right — so if according to the BIA claims that we were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934…let’s say since 1911, the government owes us at least  $15,000,000.00, and that’s conservative (averaging about $147,000.00 a year). We could use a little change right about now ey bird?

The best part of it all is that the precedent has be set by the above settlement which means a successful legal argument supporting our claim has already been made.The only catch is that the LIT ruling by the BIA has to hold up, and it’s pretty weak. In the Federal Register, there’s no explanation of how we meet the 1934 criteria.

The irony is that the same US Supreme Court ruled that the BIA could only take LIT  IF we were under federal jurisdiction and there are court challenges coming that say the BIA itself said were NEVER a federal tribe. The decision is shaky. Anyway those challenges could reverse our BIA Land in Trust action.

But those crickets are chirping and Alrinda is silent.  She’s working for Genting not us. Maybe she’s thinkin’ about filing that suit for us. Probably not.  This decision buys them time, gives the Comwellians huge

Reluctant dad, and best known for "eating off the White man's plate" While drunk in Dino's and other shenanigans...is the photo opt king and big time Indian.

Reluctant dad, and best known for “eating off the White man’s plate” while drunk in Dino’s and other shenanigans…is the photo opt king and big time Indian.

huge raises, bonuses and benchmark raises worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They get to build their frequent flyer miles by flying all over the country pretending to be big shots doing God knows what.

Winnie has a long history of getting what she wants from tribal coffers...remember the broken down back hoe?

Winnie has a long history of getting what she wants from tribal coffers…remember the broken down $17 k back hoe?

Hell, if we combined  Winnie’s $32,000.00 raise for leaving IHS and coming on as full time council member ( without a job description ) and Bobby Foster’s $30,000 raise (without a GED), we could have a real pantry for needy families and Elders to shop every week.

Think about what we could have done with the $130 m in debt that does nothing to enhance our lives.

Green eggs and ham people.




Brotha can you spare a dime?

Fat Cats ( literally ) up front and primed to get paid  and our homeless can't even get a place at Del Sol. Winter is coming.

Fat Cats ( literally ) up front and primed to get paid and our homeless can’t even get a place at Del Sol. Winter is coming.

We’re used to waiting, but this is pretty bad. When is SRC going to file suit for our back pay from the BIA? Yah, you know all that money we were never paid when we were under federal juristiction since ahhhhhhhhh the Dawes Act ?  1911 Right Arlinda ?

Oh, stupid question. He’s only thinking of his big fat pay check.  He knows he’ll get his, but we’ll never get ours.

They have never done one thing for us. Why start now? As one Elder said, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.