Bad form and bull- – – –

Mass Gaming wants a resort casino that makes money not a slot dump.

Mass Gaming wants a resort casino that makes money not a slot dump.

It’s hard to keep up….but we’re going to take  a stab at it

First, the Tribe hosted the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  It was a courtesy meeting clearly because  the Tribe has so many problems and is incapable of meeting the state compact  or the Indian Gaming Commission requirements. So the state is forced to look elsewhere for a viable gaming entity because what Cedric Cromwell rolled out was totally unacceptable. The state had to be courteous.  What the mainstream media describes as a

“hard sell” by Shovel Ready Ceddie, seemed disjointed and meaningless. Genting is literally a  predatory lender for Native Tribes….at least the Pequots and Seneca members got paid for a while.  Us…it’s turkey and ham while Fryes reap the benefits of salaries (with no education) they would never earn on the outside.  It’s a joke.

What was presented was a ragity itty bitty slot dump essentially with parking lot…in majestic Taunton. The Brockton casino competitors, who profer the safe bet is issuing them a casino license, say the lawsuit makes Ceddie’s Asino a huge risk. So true, but much more is at stake and the MGC knows the deal with Ceddie is a no go….. we’ll get to that later.

Kevin Frye, SRC, nd Guy Cash, the alleged medicine man prays before the meeting. Guy's committment to tribal ministry is summed up by his recent demand for $68K a year. "Mr Absent also looks like he's goin bowling or something. Tribal members are resigned to being without MM ...he's never ever around.

Mashpee cop and tribal secuirty Kevin Frye, SRC, and Guy Cash SRC cousin, the alleged medicine man pray at the meeting. Guy’s tribal ministry is summed up by his recent demand for $68K a year. “Mr Absent” also looks like he’s goin’ bowling or something. Tribal members are resigned to being without a MM …he’s never ever around and he’s pretty weird.

Back to the embarrassing babble at this meeting.The Genting presenter ( who was very young and all over the place) was actually bragging about their history with the Pequots and Senecas who have horror stories concerning sky high interest rates and gangster moves.  Newspaper stories recount the Chinese bursting into a Seneca tribal council meetings brandishing guns demanding payments. Unlike Shovel Ready Ceddie, the Senecas said no deal. SRC is on the payroll and he could care less about some casino. Or taking care of constituents.

This so called ” First Light Casino” has had $25m in architectural re-dos over the

Whatever the slot dump will look link, it won't even come close to this. just a building and a parking hotel.

Whatever the slot dump will look like, it won’t even come close to this. just a building and a parking lot…no hotel.



last 5 years. What corporate executive would allow that kind of expenditure on a casino that will barley materialize?  That was the beginning and the most obvious part of the laundering scam.

But let’s look at the big picture.  Everyone is in this game for the money.  The state wants all it can get and so does Shovel Ready Ceddie.

Here’s the difference.  The MGC is cutting the best deal for of he people of the Commonwealth.  SRC, on the other hand has

The Gaming Commission was probably praying for us in a big way.

The Gaming Commission was probably praying for us in a big way.

never, delivered for “The Tribe.” There is no pay for the tribal members because the Asino will go in the hole some $25 – $45 million a year  for 10 -11 years.  Why would the state be a part of a scam and the likelihood of the BIA Land in Trust  decision  being overturned (because it didn’t follow the US Supreme Court criteria to take the action)? The Tribe is not in the picture at all because there’s no payment for the membership.  There’s no profit for anyone but Genting and the state makes the interest on whatever the No Light Asino scrounges up from the poor devils who catch the bus to play the slots in majestic Taunton. The “Phase” is for a place that is half the size of Twin Rivers with landscaping that amounts to a parking lot.  Nothing like the spandangle in those phony pictures. For some reason they never show you all these “Phases.”  Clearly Phases are not  defined as a resort casino in the compact. And the sovereignty route is still incomplete with the IGC.

So we’re right back to the bull—- of who wants to be bothered with it? Clearly the banks and other financiers are not interested. So Genting is in to recoup something, anything. After all, we have no economic development strategy because it’s about SRC.

If SRC puts up an ice cream parlor on the over priced property…why would he care? The guy who don’t get no respect is pulling down about $20K  a month based on our information from the fiance department.  As long as Genting keeps fronting Cedric’s salary, why would he care? Genting has it’s own washing machine..

Again rambling insults and bad humor  before the Mass Gaming Commission was nothing more that Shovel Ready’s  bipolar issues on display. The audience was beleaguered council members and their Fryebal Council relatives. Council employees, who were on paid vacation to applaud on que.The tribal Indians were no were around.  And the Commission didn’t seem real interested in the presentation anyway. It was clear that Jessie ( who stopped in the middle of her bizarre history lesson about the Wampanoag people) realized nobody was listening and abruptly sat down.  It was like being in a tribal meeting when someone tells her to ” stop lyin’ and sit down.”

The real story is hidden away from the Commission because if they saw the real financials and the huge losses the casino will take over a ten year period they would be astounded. It is a crime for sure.

So Shovel Ready finally lives up to his namesake 7 years later.

This bogus casino, if it ever materializes, is a payday for SRC. More to come people.

For the love of God…can you just stop embarrassing us

This is horrific indeed.  For Cedric and Jessie to prostrate themselves before the Mass Gaming Commission as though they really represent us. It is humiliating.  For Jessie Baird to discuss this itty bitty casino like it it is a treasure for ” our children she said, “they are doing this for our children.”   It is pathetic.  We will not  be compensated in any way  until 2026.  The compact does not say Phases  it says $500 m resort casino.  They do not have the money to build it and they will never finish it. Cedric is one hell of a liar.

Watch for yourself


What’s it gonna be ?

So we are going it alone, taking the “Sovereignty” route to get this little tiny casino.

No no. Cedric threatens the Massachusetts Gaming Commission because it could issue a license to a reliable gaming entity

Cedric says the Massachusetts Gaming Commission isn’t following the Compact.

Howard Cooper, Cedric’s lawyer says that the Tribe’s going to sue the state if they issue a license to the Brockton group who are reliable and truly shovel ready.

So if the Massachusetts Gaming Commission issues the license to the Brockton Group, the tribal casino could never compete with the real resort  casino…if it’s ever built. IF IF IF is the operative word because the Land in Trust is so shady and the lawsuits are hovering over the No Light ittty bitty casino.

Now Cedric’s trying to play nice with the gaming commission and host their meeting at the tribal headquarters..  Unless some American financier falls out of the sky Cedric has a huge problem fronting this project because the money is not there.

So you’re going to use the foreign investor that the Indian gaming law was established to stop exploiting Indians, to finance your casino.  And you’re ultimately competing against one of the top gaming entities in the world, that has a great location while yours is crap. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

And you’re paying over $25K s month for a bunch of PR hacks to get the paper to re print your press releases about breaking ground.

Cousins indeed. Jessie plans to run against Cedric for chairman, and there's another planning to get it.. Knowing Cedric, he'll be hobbling around on crutches to keep getting a check. But he ain't no Franklin Roosevelt.

Cousins indeed. Jessie plans to run against Cedric for chairman, and there’s another planning to get it.. Knowing Cedric, he’ll be hobbling around on crutches to keep getting a check. But he ain’t no Franklin Roosevelt.

Jesus Cedric. Are you breaking ground with Winnie’s broken down back hoe or what?   Desperation is a terrible thing. In a matter of days we’ll be able to tell the real story of our demise.

Cedric should resign and take his cousin Jessie with him. Oh and her….she’s over in Barnstable court tinkering and threatening the state with demands for the confidential court records of our kids..  Jessie Baird screwed up the rolls can you imagine that sensitive ICWA information all over the Cape.  Jessie should  in no way be involved in anything legal or confidential. She is dangerous and grossly incompetent. 

Whaaaaaaaa happened with Bank of Boston?

According to our sources, Cedric  and crew had the nerve to cross the threshold of Bank of Boston in search of financing.  And they were promptly shown the door.  It really makes us sad to be so on point with our “Looser Leaders.” .  But when you look at what has been spent and what tribal members have gotten for it….it is frightening.


Messy Jessie the ” know nothing chameleon”

Jessie Tobey White Baird is a beautiful chameleon.  Just life threateningly  overweight and prone to insatiable

Jjessie So Messy....CAN'T GET NO RESPECT. Your cousins Ceddie and Harry make it so hard to play Indian !

Jessie So Messy….CAN’T GET NO RESPECT. Your cousins Ceddie and Harry make it so hard to play Indian !

lies.She supposed to be the Vice Chairman but no one knows what she does other than hire her kids and run around pontificating and now doing ” naming ceremonies ” that she is not authorized to do. Right, Messy Jessie is not the Medicine Man, but some tribal members who are totally clueless let Jessie name their daughter/granddaughter.  Right. Totally clueless, who know nothing about tribal protocol and tradition. They fell for  Jessie’s bulls*it.  And the name was so ugly for a girl.  The English translation makes no sense.

But this is Jessie’s MO.  She preys on tribal members like the above who are really loony and don’t know our rituals from the Cheyenne.

Here’s the Latest Jessie Mess….she’s running for Chairman.  I suppose her cousin Harold Tobey is her campaign

Harold Tobey, despised by the Tribe because he happily arrested tribal members and denounced us as Indians. Not consideed A Mashpee Wampanoag, he was one of the first Red Box Indians put on the roll in violation of our laws

Harold Tobey, Jessie’s cousin, despised by the Tribe because he happily arrested tribal members and denounced us as Indians. Not considered a Mashpee Wampanoag, he was one of the first Red Box Indians of 900 Jessie put on the roll in violation of our laws. Jessie expects to be elected by the Red Box Indians she put on the roll.

manager.  Harold has been out front…sort of the new mascot of the tribe.  We call him ” Mr Red Box.”  You know Jessie put him on the roll when she was in running enrollment.  If you’re not one of  the 1001 like the rest of us…it’s really questionable about your status because Jessie couldn’t even figure out Hazel, Eleanor and Patty’s numbering system.Course they did it that way for the numskulls like Jessie. Trouble is that Harold Tobey languished in the Red Box because he did not meet the requirements of the Constitution to be a tribal member. Tracing your ancestry is near impossible unless you’re a real member…but you could trace back to Massasoit ( which many of us can) it didn’t matter because you had to have participated in tribal events and the elders had to confirm you…pretty standard in any tribe…so showing up with lineage just gets your foot in the door.  But Harold Tobey’s lineage was questionable there too needless to say, he was never a Mashpee and therefor languished in the Red Box.  Jessie took him out.  Just like she did all 900 Casino Stalkers who also languished in the Red Box.They never ever came to a Pow Wow or social or funeral, they went away an never came back to Mashpee until it looked like we we going to get a casino. And we all know that Red Box divided a lot of tribal members because the 1001 brought it home and the Casino Stalkers couldn’t tell the difference between  John’s Pond and South Cape Beach. The Red Box drew the line. I missed one pow wow in my adult life…and I’m pretty old.  None of us attend anymore because it is horror  show where non Indians put on costumes and dance.  All because of Jessie who went away and came back with the fantasy of being accepted and respected.   Those are Jessie’s voters Casino Stalkers from the Red Box cluttering our Pow Wow…Course she’s Cedric’s cousin and plans to run against him with a group of women.  Right Jessie needs to resign before she does anymore damage and she’s done a lot.


For those who don’t know, we are the most credentialed Indigenous people in America. We were shocked when the thousands of non Indians cheered us in 2004 during the grand entry at the opening of the Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. The White people know our value, but we clearly don’t.    We have more

Mashpee Wampanoag John Peters is credited with establishing ICWA, and was a world renowned Supreme Medicine Man. Tah Tah wants to make Guy Cash a paiid Medicine Man when he can't show up to the many funerals we have. Guy Cash is a disgrace and an insult to the memories of Billie James and Peters

Mashpee Wampanoag John Peters established ICWA, and was a world renowned Supreme Medicine Man. Tah Tah wants to make Guy Cash a paid Medicine Man ($68K) when he won’t show up to comfort tribal members at the many funerals we have. Guy Cash is a disgrace and an insult to the memories of Billie James and Peters.  We don’t pay traditional leaders in case you forgot.

documentation validating our heritage, lineage and struggle than our more famous cousins from the west.  We are the First Americans in many ways.  We led the fight to regain our land setting the precedents for Native land reclamation.  The western tribes followed our lead. Our Supreme Medicine Man, John Peters crafted the famous federal law 35 years ago, to protect native children known as Indian Child Welfare Act. Our people taught other eastern tribes the traditions and since the 1600’s we were political leaders who orchestrated our survival only to arrive at this place where the worst in the tribe undermine our future.

More on why Jessie and Cedric should resign and take their cousin Harold with them… tomorrow

We’re not making it up. Genting’s in trouble and so are we !

Shovel Ready Ceddie is Mao in disguise...a foreigner with no place to call home.

Shovel Ready Ceddie is Mao in disguise…a foreigner with no place to call home.

Just read the article about our big time investor Genting a couple of days ago.  And this is not from a bootleg website.

Its clear Genting is struggling. So we can safely say that the lifeboat is full and the Titanic has sunk just like the Tribe.

If you believe that we are going to benefit from a minimal casino that is located in a dying town….well I want to sell you Plymouth Rock…talk about dishonest.

Cedric should be a man and resign



No outside financing … predictable

The day after our most recent post, a website called World Casino News printed a nebulous story saying Genting ” may help finance ”  the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe casino. The site is apparently a dumping ground for canned gaming press releases that a hand full of so called writers tweak. The Tribes PR firm sent their press release there instead of the paper…once you read it, it is clear that it is a very sanitized version of the black hole Cedric has dropped us in.

Here’s our guess, and it’s so obvious, so predictable. Shovel Ready Ceddie could not get outside financing. He was told by Genting a while back that the gaming giant did not want to go any further that the $200 m cap .  With Genting shut out of Florida by the Seminoles,and no outside financing of the tribal casino, Genting is forced to fund the shoe box version of the former “Resort Casino” for about $200-250m  to get their money back.  By the way, the Tribe will be into Genting for upwards of $700m… least.  Remember  that the Tribe has to pay all the millions in infrastructure costs in Taunton whether the casino is built or not.

But with no outside financing to pay them off, Genting was forced to try to get something built  or they would never get any of their money back.  The minimal casino  on the drawing board combined with the debt would probably take at least 18 years to pay off.

But Genting is clearly hedging their bets and they know that the Tribal casino is still a long shot.

  1. Clearly the state gaming commission is eyeing Brockton as the ” sure bet” for a license. They are interested in making the most money for the state. They said so.
  2. SRC will go the sovereignty route but he still has to get by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Commission by fixing all the holes in their plan including the lack of an economic development plan.  Genting will have to make up something. What does Ceddie care…he never even made an effort to make us self sufficient. He damn sure is!
  3. IGRC was established because of Genting’s gouging and exploitation of Natives on the east coast including the Pequots.  The sky high interest rates are the very reason IGRC was established, so 17% simply will not do.
  4. The lawsuits are a deadly factor and killed financing.  Genting had no choice.
  5. The biggest problem is that, if the No Light Casino in Taunton is built, it will not be able to compete with the the real casino in Brockton.

Cedric Cromwell continues to build the case for his resignation.We will have more on why Messy Jessie should go with him.

So freakin’ predictable


It’s very very sad but all of it was predictable.  We said so on Reel Wamps.  What did we say?

That the MWT was NEVER under Federal jurisdiction, therefor the BIA could not take the Land Into Trust.

That Mashpee was a state “plantation” and became a town in 1876 which is further proof of the absence of federalization. And that the BIA had already acknowledged  this fact during our recognition process.This is why the BIA LIT decision is laughable at best.

That we had no historic ties to Taunton

That the LIT would not hold up and that the BIA would be sued because their decision was so seriously “flawed.”

That the Tribe cannot meet the requirements of (a $500 million resort casino) the state Compact nor can it pay the original investors ($60 million) as mandated by the Compact.

That the Massachusetts Gaming Commission would have to consider what is in the state’s best interest and issue a license to a reliable gaming interest.

That Cedric never intended to build the resort casino. He was only fronting the Tribe for a pay check.  Now that everyone knows the scam, Shovel Ready Ceddie says he plans  to build a minimal gaming facility where the warehouse is located in Taunton.

Experts and the world knows that banks don’t consider casinos a good investment.   And now it has become clear that Shovel Ready Ceddie is unable to get the outside financing to build a $500 m casino, so ….its easy to understand why there is no evidence of anything happening regarding the construction of the itti bitti  “No Light Casino” .

More importantly a recent article confirmed what we have said for the last 2 years courtesy of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission spokeswoman Kristen Cullen, who was totally unabashed in her candor about the Tribes’ so called casino and the BIA LIT decision.:

Ultimately, a Brockton casino would make the most money for the state and a Taunton casino the least, Cullen said.

“It’s a risk. There’s a good chance this land in trust decision is overturned,” she said. “The East Taunton residents have a strong case and it’s important to remember a Brockton casino will bring significant revenue to the state.”

                                                                        From The Cape Cod Times 2/12/16

So we all know where this is going right? It’s very likely the MGC will issue a license to the Brockton group because of the lawsuit filed, the LIT being overturned, Cedric’s inability to build a big casino and pay off the old investors. The strategy to bad mouth the Mass Gaming Commission does not seem particularly effective nor does the planted story about CERA. The story finally says that CERA has nothing to do with the lawsuit plaintiffs filed or underwriting the case.So the piece  is confusing if you don’t read closely.

The newspaper keeps using this misleasing photo of the MWT $500 m casino that will never be built. How about an update?

The newspaper keeps using this misleading photo of the MWT $500 m casino that will never be built. How about an update?

It was all so predictable. Take a look at Ceddie spending $14m on numerous redos of the architectural renderings of the “Most Exotic & Mysterious Mashpee Wampanoag Casino” that is now   the shoe box version without authorization or financing. Where’s that drawing ? Of the shoe box that is.

The pay checks keep coming whether the casino is built or not.  The funding for the phantom tribal government came through for just that reason.

Cedric’s poor leadership and crooked regime has brought us to this awful place. He never planned to deliver and he never knew how.

Cedric Cromwell must resign.



It is getting worse because…..TFL reveals it in her “Squall Bag” face

The First Lady and SRC all aglow last year at the Ball. the thrill is gone at least with the hotel on the Cape and apparently the Mass Gaming Commission has lost patience too.

The First Lady and SRC all aglow last year at the Ball. The thrill is gone at least with the hotels on the Cape and apparently the Mass Gaming Commission has lost patience too.

Just when you think Shovel Ready Ceddie can’t humiliate us anymore…we find out more titillating scandal and derelict behavior BY THE CHAIRMAN OF THE MASHPEE WAMPANOAG TRIBE. Apparently sources say, The First Lady rolled up on her husband…that would be SRC, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person.  Reportedly TFL broke into her brawling mode and we don’t know what happened after that but we do know it was so not pretty and totally unbecoming of a “First Lady.”

See folks, this is why no one will have anything to do with us because of these trashy acting people.  No hotel will allow us near their  facilities because a few tribal members get too drunk and drugged out and tear the places up.  Instead of banning the bad actors they just move off Cape to Westport.  That’s a novel idea.  But it’s just not proper form for our horrible officers.

Why is everyone so quiet and despairing ? Why are we witnessing TFL’s Squall Bag Face…she’s getting whiplash from bad Karma…all the cruel things she’s done to her own people.  And we’ll have more on our new ambassador…Harold Tobey.


The brawl between Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell and Secretary Marie Stone would not be tolerated anywhere in America….Indian Country either.

Cedric should resign.

Cedric sporting his western NDN bolo clowns with the Mayor of Taunton. We can imagine what they say about him behind his back after reading of his escapades

Cedric sporting his western NDN bolo, clowns with the Mayor of Taunton. We can imagine what they say about him behind his back after reading of his escapades

Cedric has a history of bad relations and total disrespect for women tribal members and they happen to be Elder women. He bullies and verbally assaults them because they challenge him.  Many tribal men have called him out and he demurred.  That docile facade he puts on for Whites and other outsiders is pure “fake, phony, fraud” as Marie Stone said. As he called her ” a fuc**** bitch” and said he was going to “punch her in her face”  she said ” So you’re a woman beater too, you’re going to punch an Elder in her face?”  Yes he was. apparently, meanwhile  he was comforted by his executive assistant the “Deaconess”…(nutty Francie) who knows something about abuse.

Another very interesting revelation during this Ghetto Madness was Winnie Johnson Graham’s attempt to bring order to chaos.  Winnie has a sordid history of violence herself.  She spent time in Barnstable County Jail for beating up a pregnant woman.  A few years ago, she jumped on a tribal woman in front of the tribal youth she was supposed to be mentoring. Right.

Winnie in a lucid moment posing in Taunton. the mannequin with a past, always ready to spring into action.

Winnie in a lucid moment posing in Taunton. The mannequin with a past, always ready to spring into action.

Another irony is the fact that Cedric and his crew have never recorded council meeting or activities with any authenticity or consistency.  As we have said over and over, even the Girl Scouts have official minutes. A government without minutes is not real.  We are confident the Federal Government is aware of this also.  Again, ironically, if Cedric (and his clown show) wanted to stop the foolishness, they would videotape  every meeting.  That would be the record THAT MARIE IS UNABLE TO KEEP ! The previous administration videotaped the meetings to stop inappropriate behavior that often stemmed from Cheryl Frye Cromwell, AKA, The First Lady.  Cheryl would stomp around the Council table sneering, making inappropriate comments and having outbursts while her brother was at the other end of the room threatening the Chairman. Well, when the previous administration videotaped  meetings and the madness stopped.  Back then if tribal members wanted to see what happened and how people voted, they could read the written minutes, listen to the recorded minutes and view the videotape.  Now if you ask for the minutes, per the tribal law, you get crickets.

And the idea of making thieves punch a time clock is totally absurd now that they’ve stolen all they can steal and on the way out.

Contrary to Winnie’s urgent effort to stop any recordings of Ceddie and Marie, videotaping would have preempted the whole mess.  And, we would be able to tell whether she tripped him or not.

The other enormous issue is our Tribal Shame.  We all know that Marie is incapable of doing her job as Secretary.  We have watched a once beautiful smart tribal woman deteriorate before our eyes and we all know she is ill, yet we are all guilty of allowing her to continue to engage in bizarre and

Beautiful Marie not so long ago. Many tribal members say she is unrecognizable.

Beautiful Marie not so long ago. Many tribal members say she is unrecognizable now.

undignified activities as an official of our tribe.  She is officially our Secretary of State.  Marie has become an unrecognizable replica of her former self.  We are all guilty of allowing this to go on.  And likewise, Cedric has apparently taken advantage of Marie’s condition which is unconscionable. But then again Cedric;s insecurity, the result of the Tribes refusal  to accept him as authentic Mashpee, is all part of his insecurity and his very dark side.

One last point concerning the chaotic scene between these tribal council.officers.  Kevin Frye was told to remove Marie.  Course she told him where to go.  Do ya see what I mean?  We said long time ago that Kevin Frye is not exactly Mr.  Enforcer.  It’s ridiculous.

Cedric should resign and we all know it.

The casino is a bust. We say that because they can’t even finance their bloated government.  That $8m that finally came in from Genting is already spent because the Tribe is 2-3 months behind in its bills.     In 10 days he will know if the Malaysians will give him another $16m to run the tribal government, ( $933,000 a month, an increase of $300K a month) and $46m for the Gaming Authority. It is outrageous because you can’t see any tangible result.  We don’t even run our own pantry.  All we have are a bunch of trashy leaders fighting because things ain’t working out too good.

Genting, by the way is not likely to take any more risks with the Chinese economy tanking and the Florida Seminoles have shut them out of the state for several years. Contrary to what some clueless tribal members ( who work for the Tribe) babble about the Seminoles.  We in no way resemble the Seminoles because while they did start out small 40 years ago, they had no debt and they lived within their means paying their lobbyist with nickels and change from bingo. But they took care of their people, and if they didn’t want the money and chose to live in the Everglades, they did.  But James Billie took care of his people and he was very defiant and controversial in the bargain.  Now they are huge and billionaires and totally independent.  They never surrendered to the US government by the way.

There is no word on the outside financing for the Warehouse Casino in Taunton.  There is absolutely no news on who would go into business with us with a venue that cannot generate the money to pay the note, so Jim Peters was right. But one thing we know there’s no class 3 in our future and even it were possible we wouldn’t get a check until 2027.

Lastly, Cedric should resign because he is in declining health.  He has diabetes, high blood pressure, a bad heart and he is unable to walk.  Rumors are that he has multiple sclerosis.  He has never served us but he should have the decency to step aside and let us rebuild our nation.His obsession with money is literally killing him. You can’t keep paying unworthy staff for loyalty at our expense. That’s bad and we deserve better.  We have been humiliated long enough Cedric.