Budget, Bust, or Stockholm Syndrome

No Casino, No Pantry, No Tribal family assistance, just debt and the Frye's get a raise !

Every Frye on the planet will show up tomorrow to see how much trouble they’re in.

After all it’s all about  the swollen budget that doubles their  pay. As we’ve told you, the nearly $15 m  budget is to pay a bunch of lawyers and consultants who have not moved us any closer to a casino than we were 5 years ago. It’s so bad the Massachusetts Gaming Commission opened our region rather than wait for us to get Land in Trust that is virtually impossible under current conditions. They sure got rich though ! So did Cedric the Tobey.

The Fryebal Council is like clockwork. They will be there tomorrow.  Likewise, the real tribal members usually stay home because they feel helpless.  If they show up like Ronnie Garcia did a few weeks ago  they might be able to take control of their government and get us back on track.

Garcia is a tribal member with finance credentials.   He’s been a well known banking officer for many decades.  Garcia questioned Council members and  Treasurer Robbie Hendricks because the budget was such a mess and made absolutely no sense.  Of course Robbie could not explain any part of it.  He did not compile it because he is not allowed nor does he care to do his job as treasurer.Garcia was outraged and made that clear.   But Cedric the Tobey goes ahead anyway because Genting tells him too and he needs that paycheck.  And don’t forget, we are the tribe of no redress.   No way to stop them with all that delusional sovereignty at work.

Garcia doesn’t come to meetings often but his expertise was needed to verify how bad things were.  Hopefully he’ll come back tomorrow with other tribal members who have had enough and stop the nightmare….

The Mashpee will otherwise be the shining test case for Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is a name given to a mindset that sometimes develops in hostages. Sometimes a hostage or a victim will become attached to their captor.

Oh, one more thing.  Best to vote the old fashioned way with a ballot box in front of all, and counted by tribal members.  Or a hand count.  Too many crooked elections to risk it..

Hiding Housing Horrors

Once again the Cromwell Administration is engaged in coverup.This time it’s becoming more apparent that panic has set in. Boy, video cameras at the last Council meeting would have provided wonderful evidence of the total idiocy we are subjected to day in day out. And it’s heaped upon us by people who aren’t even real Mashpee!

Enough of that.   Back to the story.  There’s not enough seaweed to cover the many disbursements to that fascinating Indian maiden Marie Stone, affectionately known as “Tah Tah” or Firebug. Before Tah Tah snuck on to the Council, she had trouble paying her mortgage.  We’ve all had that problem.  But that was because she didn’t have a job and hadn’t had one in 10 years probably because she was setting cars on fire. But what’s the excuse now? She’s  the Tribal Secretary (or whatever) with a huge salary in excess of $ 70k  ( and now 2 assistants) she needs money from Housing? Not to mention grabbing more cash from  the slush fund operated by her ever so close bud Cedric the Tobey to pay for you know, fines and an  impounded car about to be repossessed.

Well, Tah Tah hit the internet when she found out that Carlton Hendricks, Jr. wanted to verify reports of  serious irregularities discovered by some Housing Committee members (everybody is scared now).  Tah Tah starts trying to scare the tribal members with claims that Hendricks wants their SS#s….wants to steal their identities and on and on. Little too close for comfort and Tah Tah  wants no more scrutiny. Course no one believed any of that, and it only confirmed Tah Tah’s sad mental state.Tah Tah is a powder keg. The longer Cedric let’s her stay on the Council, the more danger she represents to everyone. And besides, her mood swings are prone to make her call Tribal Elders weeping and searching for sympathy.  No luck there.

According to the HUD Regional Director, there is no regulation that prevents a Council  member or any elected official from reviewing Housing disbursements.The only thing standing in the way of a review are those with something to hide….the Cromwell Administration.  Cedric and his  new Lieutenant Jessie (Tobey) Baird said Hendricks was not looking at anything and that was “it.” Ya Jessie.  This is coming from the person who has as much credibility as those pine needles and sea foam that she says we came from. More foolishness visa vi Jessie….she is now performing naming ceremonies. Great. Who made her Medicine Woman ?

But the hidden secrets in Housing are  actually well known.  Confirmation of the discrimination against certain tribal  families is another pitiful fact ….but none the less a serious federal crime.But it was also disclosed and confirmed that former Vice President David Pocknett reviewed housing disbursements and books…

The messy Council meeting was not only dominated by the Housing coverup….there was more scandal.  Yvonne Frye Avant got her step daughter a very nice IT contract rumored to be $75k or more.  Yvonne gets to move back home, and there we are. She had the nerve to ask,.” What are you trying to say?” What the hell do you think? Yvonne holds the Slimy Award record for all time, Jessie is a close 2nd.

They were holding the meeting in the new  tribal building.  They tried to move into it last week without an occupancy permit.  Right….. Jessie’s lies and handy work ….she never got the permit and was going to just occupy the building that isn’t even finished. The temporary permit comes with a hefty $75k bond. Anyway the Mashpee Fire Department came down and told everyone to get out until they got the permit.

Yah that’s SOVEREIGNTY HUH? Ha! The overpriced boondoggle (that we pay 21% interest on) is parked on land we don’t even own….course there isn’t too much conversation about that old Land in Trust bugga boo….eh Dr. Jo? So different from your gigantic nation eh? A small tribe is a nightmare to manage when the worst ones are running the government like it’s a brothel, shaming us every day with their ignorance and destruction of  traditions.

Cedric the Tobey jumped on the elevator with his private swat team.  They also substitute as friends. Hendricks asked him, how could he go up to his fancy penthouse while the Mashpee were suffering? Cedric had no comment.






Pot, Meet Kettle!

I was following an exchange on Facebook the other day and this came up from a well known council member:

“Wekon Uppeshau It’s not for investor it’s for Carlo Hendricks and Laura Miranda to see they are the ones insisting the Chairman give him access . With all the identity theft going on in this world, trust me you don’t want to give your shit over to a thief and convicted felon …. But hey those are the monkeys you wanted to vote in.. Ya happy now!!

Oh yeah by the way all the jobs we created for you guys they don’t want you to have them either how do I know. There’ rallying up tribal members to vote no on the budget. Like Dr. Phil says @hows that working for ya?”

Pretty strong language from someone whose lips are firmly and corruptly attached to the Tribal Teat.  Maybe we should look back to some of her past:


Wareham Police Log

April 06, 2001 12:00 AM

Thursday, March 22, 2001

518 a.m. — Suspicious activity, wind activity to door, West Street.

804 a.m. — Vandalism, inside of car set on fire, Carriage Shed Automotive, 2237 Cranberry Highway, arrest, Marie A. Stone, 42, 33 Shields Road, Mashpee, burning of personal property, malicious destruction of property worth more than $250, attempt to burn automobile.

1158 a.m. — Motor vehicle accident with damage, Dick’s Marine Service, 3213 Cranberry Highway, no injuries.

1203 p.m. — Report of youths fighting, Hathaway Street.

237 p.m. — Person in to the police station to report larceny of credit card.

417 p.m. — Child custody dispute, Penikese Street, advised of their rights, civil matter.

520 p.m. — Suspicious motor vehicle, Park Avenue.

Money is no object


Everyone knows how crooked the tribal housing program is but would you believe that nearly  $100 k has been given out to a very small group of tribal members, mostly Fryes of course…this is extra money on top of the undeserved salaries, granted without qualifications and the infamous 184 housing program loans.  Okay.  It’s called discriminatory practices, frowned upon by HUD, aka the federal government.There’s a clear pattern of discrimination against  tribal members when it comes to the distribution of federal Housing and Urban Development revenues.  Not a Peters, Hicks, Pocknett, Mills, or any of the rest of the tribe got a dime.  It’s a problem. It’s a big problem.

The Tribal Administrator, let’s call him Dr. Jo ( short for Navajo ).  We are a little teeny tiny tribe compared to his of hundreds of thousands.  He pretends he doesn’t know whats  going on sending out all those job descriptions and he still hires Fryes from as far away as Arizona….and his  new hires tribal membership is not verifiable. Way to go Dr. Jo.  Explain your role in the cover up.  You think you’re so smart. When this craziness starts unraveling…soon…you will curse Mark Tilden (Navajo Joe) for bringing you to Mashpee for the quick cash.  Yah.


Plainville Ain’t So Plain Any More

Looks like the little town of Plainville has jumped out ahead of the pack.  A town just north of North Attleboro, (I never heard of it until now) with a population just over 8,000 souls will in all probability host a slots parlor at its rather modest, until now, harness racing track.  There is nothing modest, though, about the planned facility.

“Plans include a 106,000 sq.ft. addition, renovation of the existing facility to include a Doug Flutie’s Sports Pub, intimate entertainment venue, upscale dining, four-venue food court and 1,250 of the hottest slot machines!”  (From their website.)

The question in my mind is, how will this affect the Tribe’s plans for a resort casino just a few miles away in Taunton?  The Plainville site is right off route 495, and would appear to have better access from the north and the Providence area.  Also looks like they are ready to hit the ground running, and have already started preliminary construction work.

And to think:  they never had to pay Bill Delahunt a single penny!

Roll the video tape

Back in the day, from January 2008 – Feb 2009, tribal members could watch the Tribal Council public meeting sessions on video tape. If you wanted to read the meeting minutes you could do so in the hard copy log book at the reception area.Tribal Secretary Desi Hendricks also recorded audio tapes  of meetings. Every meeting.  Of course these audio tapes were the official record of minutes for the tribal government.

Now we have  none of the above.  Nothing. No accurate audio, hard copy or video. Probably on purpose because Cedric and his lawyers don’t want a record of this trifling group of unofficial Council Members who can’t conduct business properly.

When Shawn Hendricks was Chairman, by the beginning of 2008, it was decided that video taping the meetings would not only provide a visual record of the meeting, as is the case in government sessions all over the country….but also stop the inappropriate behavior of one Council member in particular.  She would march up and down behind the chairman like a banshee screaming and disrupting the meetings…out of order, like a ghetto fabulous queen.The video taping stopped Cheryl Frye Cromwell from embarrassing herself and the tribe. The video taping forced certain members to behave and conduct business properly.

Carlton Hendricks Jr brought the taping back during the last council meeting and the Cromwellians flew into a panic.  They don’t want anyone to see how they conduct business or whatever they call it.The video tape would have captured Tah Tah storming out of the meeting claiming duress when she is in fact running away from her constituency because she can’t answer questions about her  very poor record keeping.  Tah Tah’s madness will be the demise of the Cromwellians and it’s too late to turn back now.

The idea of video taping was absolutely out of the question vote wise and Trish looked like she was about to have a stroke…. so allowing council members to audio tape record the meetings passed.  Now to show you how absurd Cedric is, he was trying to stop Laura Tobey Miranda from tape recording the public meetings.  Anyone can do it . There’s no tribal law that says it can’t be done. If your tribal secretary is “coo coo” and cannot be relied upon to take the minutes….the last thing you want is for someone else to do it correctly.  It was so stupid…..but it served a purpose to collect more evidence.

Thank you Cedric, Trish, Mark Tilden, Tah Tah for confirming the failure to record and conduct business legally.   And the real Mashpee came to the meeting to see for themselves. Real Mashpee has had enough.






BIA Moves In Chukchansi Case

In case any of you don’t think that the BIA will intervene in a “sovereign” tribes election activities, read this:


With a little push from the federal court, we could finally have a resolution to the highly questionable 2009 “election.”

Drunken Debauchery at Dinos

Guess who fell off  the bar stool (backwards) at Dino’s ? Knocked themselves out for a minute. A very important tribal director !  Ask someone….oh never mind.  They were all wasted. Your tribal leaders whipping out the AMEX cards. We don’t know about Cedric Cromwell.   Honestly. He was observing the election revelry  with sunglasses on surrounded by his family and his one friend….Lou.  Lonely ain’t it bird?

Carlton Hendricks, Jr. poses continuing threat to Genting Tribe

Carlton Hendricks Jr, took a huge bite out of the Cromwell Genting Tribe on Sunday. The Fight for Right goes on. Hendricks vote count of 246 votes topped Genting pawns Cheryl Frye Cromwell (225) Yvonne Frye Avant (215)  and Winnie Johnson (213) and the Fryebal Council. Despite questions about recorded and non recorded votes from Aaron Tobey, Genting clearly feared the fallout of throwing yet another election in favor of their paid disciples.  So Reel Wamps can only claim credit for 2 out of 3 outcomes.

Hendricks has consistently voted against the continued increases in budget that is now approaching $80 million with no benefit to the true tribal members. Of course the  scandal continues over the slush fund to Council members and others where there is no record.  And the federal government is very interested in all this.  But we have t give Hendricks the total credit for fighting alone on the inside and without help from the outside.  Maybe the membership figured it out.

Apparently the pressure is on.

If the real tribe is to make a comeback it needs outside help for sure, but Robbie Hendricks needs to be ready to explain himself to his peers.  Tough job Robbie.

The Scoreboard…

C Hendricks 246

C Frye Cromwell 225

Y Frye Avant 215

W Johnson 213

W Pocknett 200

A Tobey 199

R Tobey Stamps 197

L Jackson  155

Many of these people had no business running and if they had gotten behind those who could win, our nightmare would have been over.Actually. Genting would have had to sacrifice their soldiers Cheryl and Yvonne.   But some people are bought off for nothing.  Yes they are. But there are new eyes watching. Thank God.




Genting’s Election Quick Picks !


The Genting rigged election is likely to come out this way…..

Yvonne Frye AVANT ( All of the Fryes will vote 2 or 3 times to keep getting paid as Council employees and besides  Kimmie Frye is in charge of the election…ballots in the trunk don’t you know….or “Hey need to vote a few more times? Nobody will know the difference cause we don’t allow any election observers.” Yvonne is such a mess she keeps reminding everyone she’s been on the Council over 20 years.  Too bad she only helps herself ! )

Cheryl Frye Cromwell ( When your sister is in charge and your peeps are voting 2 or 3 times why worry?  All your dirty little secrets aren’t secrets and all the phoney credentials and taking credit for federal programs can’t bring the respect you crave.  Worst, you can’t get that crick out of your neck from looking over your shoulder.)

Aaron Tobey ( Another delusional usurper who undermined the most essential tribal traditions.  Remember the “Tobey Elders” or the “Bomber Jacket Elders” he established to replace the true Elders, who disliked him.  He torpedoed our aqua farming opportunity owned by the late Mr. Kelly while screeching about Aboriginal Rights.  He gave away our Aboriginal Rights to hunt and fish to the state in the Crappy Compact…..that was a doozey.That was the first time the BIA said …who are these guys? in a scathing rebuke of our Compact. The guy almost started a full fledged riot.  Yes indeed he will replace Winnie Johnson who sucked up to Cedric so hard in the Mashpee Enterprise you had to wonder if she was on something. She’s so simple she was promising families monthly allotments from the casino we will never have….thanks to her buddies. And hiding her Mercedes 500 doesn’t mater either cause everyone knows shes hiding it.)

The fourth winner of this  election remains a mystery.  The corruption is so rampant you have to wonder if the outcome really matters.