Rogue Nation

A government gone rouge

A government gone rouge

Riddle me this…..Who votes to give themselves huge raises when they don’t have a quorum ? You got it.  The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council officers. Robert Dias did not attend the meeting. Carlton Hendricks  Jr. was there for the start of the meeting but when it was clear they were going to increase their salaries yet again, he left the meeting intentionally, after giving them a few choice words.

This is why the Pechanga Tribe is asking the US Attorney General to investigate the Bureau of Indian affairs.  Tribal nations are suffering under the corrupt leadership of governments that abuse their authority  and hide behind their sovereign status. Basically doing whatever they want. The Bureau has turned a blind eye to this blatant abuse for decades.

We’re just getting a taste of it all.  The horror of the worst in the Tribe taking revenge on us.

Look at these salary raises ;

Shovel Ready Ceddie  $125,000.00 – $147,000.00

Messy Jessie raised to $109,000.00. Messy should be fined for subjecting us to all her wacky ideas and machinations that are just rampant.She finally got the power she craved just like TFL, her old ” Road Dog” (ahem…) but never got the respect.  Memories are to long and vivid in Mashpee for all that.  Too vivid for the both of them.

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members...nothing

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members…nothing.

Tah Tah   $66,000.00 – $82,000.00 And get this, she works from home, has 3 assistants and they still can’t get the minutes right or caught up ! But who cares !  This is Rogue Nation.

Robbie Hendricks $71,000.00 – $91,000.00. Course Marge is still running things from home because Robbie is not capable, for a variety of reasons.

The First  Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell $56,000 -$72,000.00.  Cheryl is such a hypocrite.  It is hard to imagine how she looks in the mirror.  She had it so hard and yet she has zero empathy for those of us that struggle.

Even Bobbie Foster got a raise !  Whatever it is, it’s too much for that guy ! The repo man need not worry…he’ll still be in play. Oh yah, you’ll be glad to know that they got him on his back child support.

They agreed to do the raises after they paid $35,000.00 for a survey justifying it.  Of course the company completely ripped them off, by comparing apples ( MWT ) to other cities and tribes that in no way resemble us in size, income or tax base.  Which means since we are not self sustaining, and we are not a gaming tribe, there is nothing to compare us to.  And this Council has less than 1,000 people to actually govern, ha ha..or whatever.

No one knows exactly what any of them do. They can’t even return a phone call. They don’t come to work.  In fact no one comes to work except the people in the health department under IHS.

$790,000.00 a year in salaries for people who do absolutely nothing for us. They vote themselves a raise without having a quorum ( legal number of people present) to do it. NO RULES.


We owe $130,000,000.00 to the Chinese. Robbie was bragging that Genting will loan us up to $250,000,000.00.  Jesus.  Have they no shame?

That’s a lot a yard work boy. Rogue Nation on blast.


Finally an answer to LIT

The Bureau of Indians Affairs made a weird move.  It notified Taunton that a LIT decision was eminent.  That could be for a number of reasons: Taunton is a secondary reservation designated for the casino, the historic ties are invalid,  the state wants the yes or no right away to get others to bid in the casino region, or the 1934 argument is invalid.

It would be a stunning move for the the BIA to reverse themselves and say that we were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934 when they told us during the recognition process that we were not.  That would leave us with the Congressional route for LIT, which is virtually impossible.

The BIA may have stopped at the question of 1934 federal jurisdiction…..closing the door on it’s ability to take our land in trust.

Even weirder was the fact that the homeland, Mashpee were the primary reservation is to be, was not notified first. Very very weird.  And we believe that Shovel Ready Ceddie really did not know what was going on, which is another bad sign, because usually they give you a high sign. No sign at all.

A negative would be worse for the administration of Cedric Cromwell.  The backers would be far less interested in continuing to invest in a protracted effort to get LIT fixed through the congress. All the huge salaries, padded staff, surveys to give themselves huge raises would be left for all to see.

If they had just been honest. we could have fought this thing together.  We want LIT but not at a cost of $130m a Christmas ham and a charity food pantry.


Arlinda, Arlinda you’re such a big spender !

Land in trust is complicated.  One way to fix the Carcieri decision is for  the Congress to change the law to allow the Department of Interior / BIA to take land into trust for all tribes regardless of when they were recognized. According to the BIA, we were not under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934, so that congressional change is what we need.

The Congress has been dragging its feet on fixing  this law for six years and now that there is some sign of Congressional activity. It’s so minimal, it actually makes matters worse.  There is one bill that works for us that has been stuck in a committee since February.  Now the Republicans are throwing amendments around that gut the bill.  One says that for the BIA to take a a secondary parcel of land ( like Taunton) into trust the land has to be contiguous or connected to Mashpee for example.  Good luck on getting 1 acre from Sandwich, Osterville or East Falmouth, let  alone freakin Tauton which is the one place we don’t even have historic ties to. Again were trying to take Taunton into trust and we never lived there.  Brilliant.

No wonder the BIA is silent.  We are rediculous  all the way around.  Not us but the Fryebal Council and Shovel Ready !

The other amendments only allow LIT for housing and to establish governments but no gaming.  Lastly you have a hostile Republican Congress that is not interested in giving Native Americans anything…nada.  They are totally threatened by any people of color and do not want to give any land back period. Let aone gaming. Natives do not vote for Republicans and they just hate us.

Lastly, the bills can’t get out of committee with or without these bad amendments (that kill the original intent).

Arlinda keeps talkin' and gettin' paid to deliver a blank . Great work if you cn get it.

Arlinda keeps gettin’ paid to deliver a blank.  Great work if you can get it.

Arlinda Locklear and Mashpee Wampanoag Chairman Cedric Cromwell better know and Shovel Ready Ceddie ( for obvious reasons) rely on the fact that most tribal members, like those all over the country, don’t understand the legislative process, so they keep lying about the process and get away with it.They keep borrowing $10 -$11 million every 3 months to keep getting paid while millions of dollars go to places and people other than tribal members. Very very dangerous business with the feds watching.

Another thing.  Where are we building this casino?  We don’t own ANY land.  We are paying millions to people in Taunton to hold on to land rather than buy it outright  because we don’t have the LIT.  Renting crappy land we will never own in the town know as the home of the state nut house.  You could use a deal like that eh?

We’re paying Shovel Ready’s “special assistant” Lew $17k a month to do what? White lawyers

He's been "Shovel Ready Ceddie for 6 years and can't break   ground. No land or license, just false promises.

He’s been “Shovel Ready Ceddie”  for 6 years and can’t break ground. No land or license, just false promises.

and a former congressman hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to do nothing.

Arlinda said that something was going to happen by September…maybe.  How about they stop paying her until something materializes cause that bill is dead and she knows it.  Even if it got out of committee, it would have no support for final passage.

You get a ham and some lame parties 3 times a year.  The Government Center is home to the Fryebal Council and a few rejects from other families.

If we had a real Medicine Man we might stand a chance in at least trying to serve our people.  We need to do more than pretend this is not happening and retreat to being old Mashpee and ignoring the slime that that has taken over the tribe we have worked to establish for 32 years.

Stand for something or fall for anything.We need someone who is not afraid to lead us out of this mess and legally challenge the horrific debt of $130m that we never approved.

Wrong Answer

Nervous? They should be.  The Land into Trust debacle has been an exhausting nightmare for us because Shovel Ready Ceddie aka Cedric Cromwell keeps trying to keep hope alive on our casino without proof that it’s going to happen. And he does it by fabricating meetings with BIA leaders and his lawyers who tell humongous  lies about the process….and without shame. It’s amazing.

SRC’s Million Dollar Baby, Arlinda is supposed to report on the ROD the Record of Decision/ Record of Determination by the BIA on our LIT.  Okay.

1st: Is the Application Complete?  Where is the proof that the BIA accepted our ” historic ties” to Taunton for our elusive casino?   When were the hearing held? There is nothing in BIA records for LIT that indicates that we are even on the radar.

2nd: Where are the markups and schedules for hearings on our LIT at any level on any issue? LIT cannot happen without these hearings. Nothing.

3rd: So the BIA has reversed itself and says we were under federal jurisdiction before 1934 therefore the BIA can take our land into trust? When were we told of such a remarkable decision? Why wasn’t it given to the Cape Cod Times? Nah, cause it ain’t real.

4th: So why aren’t we on the long list of tribes who are moving through the process like the Alabama-Coushatta, the Ft. McDermitt Paiute & Shoshone and other Nevada Nations Tribes? 

So does Arlinda wave her fan and we jump ahead of these tribes? The Alabama -Coushatta has been suffering a long while too.

Our LIT suffering is based on blatant misinformation from our tribal government and the lawyers to keep lining their pockets.   Now the date for LIT is scheduled for the end of August….maybe because the state is allotting the second gaming license for our region in September. Remember none of the criteria has been met.  It’s absurd.

Jesus how stupid do they think we are?

Here’s the worst lie. SRC and Messy Jessie claim they had a meeting with BIA Secretary Kevin Washburn. Right.   SRS claims he told the Secretary he was very disappointed with the BIA’s timeline and missed deadlines. SRC is lying  on the BIA. Like why would Washburn meet with either one of them? They are toxic.

What happened was Messy and Ceddie attended the Annual United National Indian Tribal Youth conference …..and Washburn also attended.  Anyway, Washburn has nothing to do with LIT.  And surely wants little to do with them.

The legality of the  matter is in plain sight on the Congressional and BIA websites. It’s also recorded in documents to ensure the integrity of the process.  And unfortunately the communication and record does not have our tribe in the picture.



The last man standing

The TA makes a cool $110 a year, to do nothing and you get a ham and little else.

The TA makes a cool $110 a year, to do nothing and you get a ham and little else.

So the new Tribal Administrator David Thundereagle fired Quan Tobey yesterday.  There are several versions of what went down.

Version 1:

Quan did not attend a mandatory meeting was called in…and was fired.

Version 2

Quan wouldn’t write a job description…..and was fired.

He was in the middle of finishing a $200 K grant.  As the Director of Natural Resources, Quan made significant headway with our aqua farming programs and  had quite a good reputation with the Bureau  of Indian Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency . Though not a traditionalist, Quan did a superior job of maintaining our fishing culture that we have depended on forever.

He is clearly the only department head who was legitimately doing business on our behalf.  No lying, no exaggeration of education or credentials, because he has a college education and knows his business. The majority of the people in charge of tribal government have nothing more than a high school education and most don’t have that.  The ones who have a college diploma are holding high paying jobs, are very young, raised White and have absolutely no idea what they are doing in a very sensitive position….you who we are talking about.

And the person who is supposed to take over this spot is in no way qualified to do the job.  The man has been coveting job for a long time.  After blowing through the money, the new man will have to answer to feds for fraud.  Something to think about but these people think they’re invisible.  Example, ever wonder why the very important 184 housing program is still shut down for almost 18 months. Can’t even get a storm door fixed but you have all these people over there collecting checks to turn you away. Yah. That 184 theft is still hoovering over housing.

Quan was a good example to our kids, and the adults.

It’s another “DAMNED SHAME” moment because this TA Thundereagle is not accountable to us….or anyone actually.  He has no contract and made it clear he doesn’t want one…He apparently has a habit of walking away whenever he pleases.   At least that is his reputation. And like all the others has a career path that leaves a huge mess behind.  He makes # 6  (or 7 if you count Leon’s deuce terms) in our cachet of less than competent TA’s.

In a government without rules,or Elder guidance,  gouging lawyers, scam artists, and a cadre of scallywags, you have to wonder how the so called leaders can look themselves in the face. Course it’s not like they’re people any of the true Mashpee associate with. Pretenders. Lonely pretenders.




Keep dreaming, but you know the end game

Don’t you remember the days when we were dreaming of a casino. When it was actually going to happen once upon a time…and now it’s all screwed up. Actually, we’re still hoping that the Creator waves his hand over us and a miracle occurs.

We have to talk about our sad reality.  It goes like this:

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is getting ready to let a second license in our region.  Our money is on New Bedford.

Another INDN lawyer who keeps bluffin' and billin'

Arlinda Locklear who is in charge of  what has become our never ending LIT exploratory mission, says (in the media) that it will be the end of the year before we have the answer on land in trust. Now, let’s review  her long list of predictions.  She predicted 90 days from November of 2014, which conveniently came after the crazy election. Nothing. Then in the spring she said June or July. Nothing. Now it’s the end of the year.  Here’s her quote in the Taunton Gazette when it became clear that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission had long abandoned the waiting game with the Mashpee Wampanoag and the phantom casino.

“I think it will be this year,” said Arlinda Locklear, the tribe’s attorney handling the land-into-trust application, which is currently being reviewed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. At the same time, Locklear emphasized that this was just her estimate, and that the government process provides no prescribed timeline to complete the review.

We know what that means….nothing happening. As far as the LIT application goes,we have a huge problem with the historic ties to Taunton.  Pretty weak if you’re going by Messy Jessies’ “pine straw and sea foam” theories.  It’s embarrassing that that sort of absurdity would come out of anyone’s mouth ….but then again she just makes stuff up.  Anything to get attention.

But back to Arlinda.  She’s still clinging to the Cowlitz argument saying the Washington tribe clears the way for us because they

The Cowlitz children have a future. Their tribe is fighting for their future. Shovel Ready Ceddie is planning his exit.

were FORMALLY recognized in 2002 ….as we were in 2007. The 2009 Supreme Court decision said the Department of Interior could not take LIT unless the tribe was under federal jurisdiction on or before 1934.  Well, as Reel Wamps has said over and over…the Cowlitz were under federal jurisdiction dating back to the 1850’s…but as stated below in the background of this case the difference between us and the Cowlitz is that the feds were marching them all over Washington state from reservation to reservation..  We on the other hand were always dictated to by the Commonwealth. We had the first reservations (called plantations) in the nation, but that was during colonial times and eventually we gave them up to be a township…again under the Commonwealth.

Below is the Cowlitz federal  connection.  Don’t know how much more “federal” you can get beyond the “Congress” & the “Secretary of Interior.”

Plaintiff-Appellant, Cross-Appellee,
Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, Plaintiff-Appellant,
STATE OF WASHINGTON; William R. Wilkerson, individually and
as Acting Director of the State of Washington Department of
Fisheries; Frank R. Lockard, individually and as Director
of the State of Washington Department of Game; Washington
State Game Commission, Defendants-Appellees,
UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee,
STATE OF WASHINGTON, Defendant-Appellee, Cross-Appellant.

Nos. 95-35370, 95-35371.

United States Court of Appeals,
Ninth Circuit.

In 1911, Congress directed the Secretary of Interior to make allotments on the Quinault Reservation under the provisions of the allotment laws to “all members of the Hoh, Quileute, Ozette or other tribes of Indians of Washington who are affiliated with the Quinaielt and Quileute tribes in the [Treaty of Olympia] and who may elect to take allotments on the Quinault Reservation rather than on the reservations set aside for these tribes.” The Supreme Court subsequently ruled that members of the Chehalis, Chinook and Cowlitz tribes were entitled to allotments on the Quinault reservation pursuant to this act and the 1873 executive order. Halbert, 283 U.S. at 758, 51 S.Ct. at 616-17.

So Arlinda’s extended projections have kept  her in moola  ($480,000) for over 4 years of unproductive legal work.  But you would think she would at least  do her research about us and stop using the Cowlitz as the means to collect $10,000 a month and to lie in the media.You see how much good she did for her tribe.  They were never recognized, and may never be unfortunately.

Shame on you Arlinda

The curse of The Pond, and Goshes

The Tribal Court being what it is…..nothing, has a lot of nothing going on. It has a

As a former Minnesota Assistant Attorney General, newly appointed Mashpee Supreme Court Judge Yellowhammer should know a scam when she sees one

new Supreme Court Judge Terri Yellowhammer who joins the old ones getting paid to participate in a process that in legal terms is “moot,” or “not real.”

The court rulings are not enforceable because we can’t get our land into trust.  As we all know by now, LIT completes the most important part of our sovereignty that validates our government and more importantly the court. As you can see we really don’t have any way of getting justice against the corrupt Council unless we go to a federal court or the FBI shows up. That’s why we can’t resolve true legal matters in the tribal court…serious issues are handled by state courts and a lot of times it does not work out well for us.  ICWA is a huge problem needless to say.

LIT is a  fantasy postponed for over 5 years by Shovel Ready Ceddie and his very expensive White lawyers (and one NDN Arlinda). These Boston firms lead by a former governor and Congressman do absolutely nothing but bill us for stuff a law clerk knows will be thrown out. They’re frantic now because they know the state has made clear they don’t believe in the LIT fantasy and they’re giving the casino license away. Last November Arlinda Locklear said we would see

Arlinda couldn't get her Lumbee tribe recognized nor can she get our LIT..She is getting a fat check for $10K a month

LIT in 90 days.  By March she and Messy Jessie said June

Messy Jessie "Master of Charades" searches the heavens for her next scam

or July. Well? The time frames evaporate and new ones appear….that’s the only thing that is certain in the LIT saga. The BIA has no preliminary decision standing by which is the normal step before an affirmative decision is made.  There’s just silence. The state Gaming commission knows what the silence means.

These shameless shysters have made millions by over billing us in the Genting racket. The so called tribal leadership keeps getting paid to run all that money through the tribe.

What did Cheryl say? “The Fryes’ll be rollin’ in the doe!”

The First Lady never dreamed of riding so high after being so low.....

Damn right girl!  Can’t get a clean election…can’t get rid of you and all your relatives who have infested the government with all your extensive education, sophistication and brilliance. You have made us so proud with all your empathy to our sick tribal members, one beloved member who recently passed away. And the prosperity, the abundance you have brought to our families and our fledgling tribal community.

Right.  So tribal members filed a challenge to the latest crooked election where the First Lady won by keeping people from voting (because they would not have voted for her). Well her great White lawyers told, the tribal court that the the challenge was filed by “dissidents” who don’t like the leadership. Yes that’s true. But the court’s role is to resolve legal disputes.Aside from the argument being valid,  the majority of those members are from the same families that fought to get our land back and to get us Recognition.  The government of the United States thought we were “dissidents” in both of those instances.These new White Overseers say the tribal members should be sanctioned for filing the suit.  Oh yah….so how is that enforced?

                                      Kickin’ the Quahog down the path….

Well the court wants no part of the case because  they know that we know that the judicial system is a sham.  The judges want the pay check to do nothing, but don’t want to be held accountable for rendering unenforceable decisions. So, they want the case to go to the Peacemakers who are some of the nutty-ist  people in the tribe. The Peacemakers were supposed to be  Elders from each family because they are wise, will be fair and people will respect their decisions. When you have outisders running the tribal government…well they don’t want the Elders involved. And we all know that Carol Lopez and her daughter Marie are not exactly credible…okay…that’s a duo on the panel that makes the whole thing ridiculous.

These White lawyers are paid to insult us and degrade us in the phantom court. They are paid handily.  Arlinda makes about $10,000 a month to tell us that LIT is just over the horizon about every 3 months. Whatever she’s doing it ain’t much cause there is no legislation in Congress that has a chance of passage to fix the Carcieri ruling. We pay a lawyer named Burr $30,000 a month to review the bills of the other lawyer thieves. Fox in the hen house indeed. The tribal government has failed us and become a caretaker of the people who have worked against us since time immemorial.

Watch out for the FRYEPATROL !

$130,000,000 later, and we’re worse off than we were before recognition. You get a ham, and a monthly ration from the food pantry (that’s sponsored by the Boston Food Bank no less).With that kind of debt,  tribal members should be able to go into the pantry weekly. Instead you’re greeted by Donna Johnson and her sister Ca ( who loaded the voter rolls with pending tribal members for Ceddie )who do nothing but pass judgment  and gossip about everyone…They’re on Fryepatrol. Beware, the Fryepatrol is watchin’.

No one would go down there if Natalie weren’t there.

The Curse of the Pond and “Goshes”

Generations of Mashpee speak in hushed tones about the Pond and it’s consumption of strangers….White people mainly.  They talk about how they can’t remember a Native drowning in the enormous lake, but many White tourists perished for some

The Pond .. a sanctuary for Mashpee Wampanoag but treacherous for outsiders.

reason. That Pond drops off wicked bad and it was like the shock of it is so stunning it appears as though they’re sucked  under. Natives standing on the gray sand would watch in silence…then, someone would beat it out into the black water to save the pitiful victim. But if no one were around it spelled trouble every time. Whites capsized in the middle of that lake and it was too bad cause they couldn’t make it to shore…not a Mashpee. Mashpee don’t capsize and if they couldn’t swim shore to shore, they didn’t accept the dare to race. We learned to swim in that lake or suffered constant humiliation. Course it was too much and you were a prolific  swimmer in short order.

It’s sad because we never learned from this longstanding childhood lesson of tradition and survival. We’re still saving the White man but won’t save ourselves.

The Consummate Mashpee Man

A very good man left us today.  Dwight Peters has died.

Dwight was a Lawrence High School graduate. A true Mashpee man who changed very little.

Very sad news to those of us who knew him.  Dwight was a true Mashpee man.  He was a hard worker, a good husband and  son who cared for his mother and brother without fail. Dwight was an excellent hunter and fisherman and took many trips to Maine with other Mashpee men because that was his passion.

If you didn’t know Dwight, you knew where he was  from…. Mashpee. His sense of humor was his trademark and he kept our dialect alive no doubt! All true Mashpee know we have our own jargon that no one understands but us. Like his father “Sip,” Dwight loved nothing better than to give you a rapid fire comment that took you a few minutes to figure out !

He was the same guy all his life.

Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Grace, mother Edna, sister Anne Marie, brother Robert and family.

We will miss Dwight.







You’ve Been Served

Too bad we don't have a court that will actually help us.


Plaintiffs had the County Sheriff’s serve the tribal election committee with papers concerning the election lawsuit.  Kim Frye accepted her own paper work and the individual documents for problem child Brian Weeden, attorney Mark Tilden, and Melissa Hill.  Everyone in the complaint had serious conflicts and a stake in ensuring the election of someone on the Cromwell slate.

The Chair, Kimmie Frye, returned to the committee post in time to ensure the re election of her sister Cheryl Frye Cromwell ( who claimed she had 4 years of military service when she had 4 months) and her first cousin Yvonne Frye Avant.

Melissa Hill, sister to candidate Danielle Hill who was wanted on felony charges in New York City, was allowed to be a member of  the committee a month before the election. The reasons for her sudden interest in the election is obvious. Melissa is also no stranger to run ins with the law. The secretary of the Gaming Commission was recently in court again for driving on a suspended license.

Brian Weeden was allowed to openly campaign for the Cromwell slate while serving on the election committee and also as the chair of the enrollment committee.Of course Weeden saw nothing wrong with any of this. He was thrown out of the election.  He has resigned from the enrollment committee recently. The damage was done however, and now he’s waiting to take a job as the Youth Council consultant or a staff assistant in enrollment….whatever that means.

The election committee had bullies aboard who forced members to resign and they were so damned obviously corrupt, they even let Danielle do her own background check which of course showed nothing.  It’s embarrassing.

Lawyer Navajo Joe was a little nervous and tried to keep down the noise, but the above blatant foolishness was a clear sign that if the case were brought to a REAL COURT, A REAL JUDGE would throw the election out and let us vote the old way by putting ballots in a box and counting our own votes.


The Election Connection

Tribal members have filed a Tribal court challenge to the February election.  The primary complaint centers on the fact that known tribal members were turned away because they dd not have ID. These tribal members were clearly disenfranchised from their constitutional right to vote.  Also known was the fact that those members (at least 15) were certain to vote against the Cromwell slate.  Those 15 votes would have ousted The First Lady (257votes) and her first cousin Yvonne Frye Avant (266 votes) pushing Laura Miranda  into the victory lane and Robrt Dias and Carlton Hendricks Jr ahead of Winnie Johnson and Winnona Pocknett. You can refresh your memory on the vote tallies in  our Feb 9 post.

It’s amazing how critical those15 votes were, and that was not lost on the Cromwell administration.   The entire political mood of the Council would have be changed with TFL and Mean Travel Queen bounced, Robert Dias added and Carlton Hendricks, Jr. re-elected.

Election Monitors officially doing nothing

Here’s another absurdity in the election process.  Members raised hell about the the secrecy of the process, the voting machine company’s record of questionable outcomes and most of all, the lack of integrity in the election process….the absence of Elders and independent oversight was always a huge concern because of the make up of the election committee itself.  You will recall it’s loaded with Cromwellian supporters.

Anyway, the administration consented to having a panel of “election monitors.”  A token concession in light of the fact that the monitors;

A-Did not know what they were looking for regarding voting irregularities

B-Did not know how to examine the voting machines to prevent tampering

C-Had no known process to utilize in the event of irregularities

D-Sat in the front of the polling place and did nothing (under the watchful eye of Navajo Joe)

The so called “election monitors” were useless when they did not stop the election officials from turning away known tribal members. And of course the Administration wanted it that way.  They saw Connie Cromwell get a brand new tribal ID on the spot…..while others were turned away. The idiocy of it all is that she too is a known tribal member and does not need an ID.

She, like her son did not get on the roll until 2006. Oh yah, and Glenn Marshall and Patty Oakley had to explain to Shovel Ready what the roll was and why he needed to be on it. SRC was the consummate Casino Stalker from the start. He has the nerve to try to spin positive media recently by giving people a video tour of our historic sites. The guy never spent more than a few days here during his formative years. He is Dorchester / Roxbury for sure. That is obvious.

Shovel Ready Ceddie knew what he was doing with this latest in a series of bad elections. And things heat up and the Land in Trust becomes a confirmed fantasy…. he is trying to hang on and do a better job of burying that money in the Arkana Sacred Burial Ground.

Aho Bro