Paying large for a pants load

Wanda  Lord was supposed to get us grants. Now we’re told  she’s a consultant making $250 k a year  to look over grants staff  find themselves to keep their programs going.  And on top of it all, the woman says it takes her 3 months to review them before she okays them. What a  scam.  Most grant writers work off a commission.  In other words, they get the tribe the grant, and they help administer it for about 10%.  No one pays someone to be a consultant on grants and not bring a damned thing in…..but the Cromwell administration.   Reliable  Sources say the woman has not brought one grant to the tribe….but keeps getting paid as a consultant.  It’s called no deliverables.  No tangible product. Nada. Nothing.

This is why the original investors spent the money on professionals because,  people, who claim to be leaders,  lie and don’t know what they’re doing and screw things up very nicely. The last two years are a testament to that premise.

Okay now look at this.

More “ No Delieverables “

Cedric Cromwell makes  $68.00  and hour.

Aaron Tobey made $41.00 in 2010 and now he makes $52.00 an hour .

What have they done for us ?

Marie Stone and Mark Harding make close to what Aaron makes and they only show up for Council meetings where they collect another $100 a meeting, and on Fridays to get their pay check. Marie cannot produce the audio records from the time they took over in early Febuary 2009 until present.  We know why.  Ain’t no records.  Just pictures of her banging the gavel…frantically.

The Assistant District attorney should be very interested in that being that the state has jurisdiction over us since we are not sovereign. …with no land in trust.

We are not the Seminoles of Florida ( even though we used to share the same lawyers….back in the day when we were ballers…they were fired by  Mark Harding who hired real estate lawyers in their place). Course the Seminoles own all the Hard Rocks and are opening casinos in Saudi Arabia with their own money while our people languish.

Many of our people do not make $68 a day let alone an hour.  We could give every LEGITIMATE FAMILY IN OUR TINY TRIBE $2,000  a month and fair better than paying outsiders to push us over the cliff.

Cities with populations in the millions do not pay their political leaders hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and their budgets are in the billions….but then again we’re billionaires ain’t we?

No cash flow.

Illegal measures to sell off our donated housing land.

No Economic Development plan to put our people to work.

And now there’s this little matter of the Federal Charter of Incorporation.

Stay tuned.