Chop Chop !!

The Council made a magnanimous gesture…in their minds anyway.  We put the pressure on about the huge salaries and no return on our investment and guess what?  They decided to cut their salaries, a little…just a tiny bit.  Actually Ann Marie cut her salary far more than anyone else, even more than the passionate chairman, about 1/3.  Take a look.

Where’s my next pay check? Shovel Ready says Reel Wamps are “Haters.” Well yes we are, we “hate” the way you played us, pimped us out, leaving us on the side of the road with a tin cup. Our only consolation, and it’s not a good one, is that we told you so.

Cedric Cromwell    178 – 147, Jessie Baird $130 -109, Ann Marie Askew $109 -75, Gordon Harris $91-82, Winnie Johnson, Winnona, Cheryl Frye Cromwell $75-68, The Invisible Medicine Man Guy Cash $68-61, cutting about $123 K a year.   Well they need to do more.  Why? Cause they don’t deliver to the constituents. Malfeasance.  And in light of the fact that Shovel Ready is still begging the deaf ear Genting for $1.5M, the money is drying up to pay the Genting tribal employees, consultants and the Council.  And it’s doubtful the Tribe will be operational by this time next year. We didn’t even do the math on the millions that would be saved if we fired all the spongy lawyers and overpaid consultants.  We don’t need them, they do nothing.

The Mashpee Wampanoag need to get what they can right now, while they can. The paid Council members should give up their monthly pay checks through January ( 3 months, $200 K ). The money would create  a special trust for economic development specifically designed to employ and train tribal members. It would be administered by an independent panel of professional tribal members. Boy that’s novel ain’t it ? 

A couple of million to put us to work and deliver income to tribal coffers for us?  Why do we keep paying people who contribute nothing to our quality of life?  Its dumbfounding.  They never put a plan of independence together for us because its about their sustainability…..and Genting wouldn’t allow it.

Next the raiding game and the declining $1.3 m in the dormant Gaming Commission.