When ya lie down with dogs, ya come up with fleas

The Genting group has it’s share of investigations in the United States in addition to¬† hurting Native tribes that they showered with unregulated money, then shoved off the cliff. Namely the Mashantucket Pequot. They are the poster child for the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Actually the law was passed because the Genting exploited the Pequot so badly, the federal government had to establish a law to protect Indian tribes from the loan sharks like them. Well it came to late for the Pequot who 23 years later were crushed by a debt they couldn’t generate the money to pay….even with their ” largest casino in the world.” Foxwoods is an empty shell now. And the Pequots are absolutely broke and in debt. No more $150,000 allotments. Nothing.
And the Mashpee Wampanoag, without land in trust? Guess who owns this tribe? Genting. We are no different than the Pequot, on the same path, unprotected looking for a commercial venture that benefits the investors….exclusively Ain’t that special?. But guess what, the officers of the tribe and all their friends still get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to bind us to a really bad deal. Yes indeed, the landless Wampanoag are paying their government to set us back 200 years. Great. Can’t blame the White man…ya just can’t.