You’ve Been Served

Too bad we don't have a court that will actually help us.


Plaintiffs had the County Sheriff’s serve the tribal election committee with papers concerning the election lawsuit.  Kim Frye accepted her own paper work and the individual documents for problem child Brian Weeden, attorney Mark Tilden, and Melissa Hill.  Everyone in the complaint had serious conflicts and a stake in ensuring the election of someone on the Cromwell slate.

The Chair, Kimmie Frye, returned to the committee post in time to ensure the re election of her sister Cheryl Frye Cromwell ( who claimed she had 4 years of military service when she had 4 months) and her first cousin Yvonne Frye Avant.

Melissa Hill, sister to candidate Danielle Hill who was wanted on felony charges in New York City, was allowed to be a member of  the committee a month before the election. The reasons for her sudden interest in the election is obvious. Melissa is also no stranger to run ins with the law. The secretary of the Gaming Commission was recently in court again for driving on a suspended license.

Brian Weeden was allowed to openly campaign for the Cromwell slate while serving on the election committee and also as the chair of the enrollment committee.Of course Weeden saw nothing wrong with any of this. He was thrown out of the election.  He has resigned from the enrollment committee recently. The damage was done however, and now he’s waiting to take a job as the Youth Council consultant or a staff assistant in enrollment….whatever that means.

The election committee had bullies aboard who forced members to resign and they were so damned obviously corrupt, they even let Danielle do her own background check which of course showed nothing.  It’s embarrassing.

Lawyer Navajo Joe was a little nervous and tried to keep down the noise, but the above blatant foolishness was a clear sign that if the case were brought to a REAL COURT, A REAL JUDGE would throw the election out and let us vote the old way by putting ballots in a box and counting our own votes.