Yo Henry…You’re a little late aren’t ya?

Here’s the letter Nellie sent to the tribal court about three weeks ago.  Like everyone else….she’s figured it out.


Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Court

Marita Scott, Clerk

483 Great Neck Road South

P.O. Box 480

Mashpee, Ma. 02649


August 14, 2012

Dear Ms. Scott,


I will not  attend the upcoming hearing scheduled in the Tribal Court regarding my Election Complaint. Tribal Court Judge Robert Mills confirmed that he “could not compel the Tribal Council or the 2009 Election Chair Patricia Keliinui to produce the documents” requested in the complaint.  So It does not make much sense to seek resolution in a court that cannot help me get to the bottom of this mess.

Also in light of the recent ruling of the US District Court in Alaska; Koniag, Inc again Alaskan Corporation & Michael P. O’Connenel, Plaintiff, V Kurt Karian individually as tribal attorney for the Native of Karluk Tribal Court Judge for Karluk Tribal Court….etc , is identical to our situation because the Alaskan tribe does not have land in trust either.  Of course the Federal Court ruled against the tribe saying the tribal court did not have the authority to do anything.

I have requested materials that should be a matter of public record to all tribal members and have been denied. I therefore have no alternative but to seek relief in the Federal court on the matter.



Nellie Hicks Ramos

P.O. Box 118

Mashpee, Ma. 02649

So Nellie gets this long letter from Judge Henry Sockbasen basically calling her a liar. He  threw the case out…and you want to say ” Where’d he throw it ?”  He keeps ” holding court” and nobody shows up, but the tribal attorneys who get paid enough to feed a tribal family for years.

He said Nellie never wrote the letter to Patricia Keliinui on February 9, 2009 challenging the election.  Well Patricia Keliinui knows what happened and so does Mark Tillden and about 5 other witnesses…because they verbally denied Nellie’s request. That’s the problem.

Nellie and Patty Oakley heard Robert Mills say he can’t make the Council do anything ( no land in trust ).  And why would Mills walk away from the case beyond the fact that the issue can’t be resolved and the court has no authority to resolve it.

And lastly, the voter sign in sheets seem to be missing and just can’t be produced.

No matter. There is video of  people who were not on the roll standing in line to vote…..and lots of affidavits  and testimony  for a real court.

Besides if  the court were legit why aren’t Indian Child Welfare cases resolved in our Tribal Court?That’s how other tribes handle it.

Why isn’t anything resolved in our court ? And why do the lawyers keep billing knowing full well the court has no legal authority. That is problematic also.for the lawyers.