Whatever happened to setting the example?

You know, the Tribe has become so weird,  Reel Wamps was actively recruiting an exorcist and other experts to see if certain Wamps are actually possessed by aliens. I mean, that’s not far fetched being that so many of the employees, and council leaders have been acting like they’re on Flakka.


The Wampanoag Ball was such an catastrophe, we don’t want to go there..all you have to do is Google the mess if you want to relive the international  humiliation and embarrassment of essentially shutting down Sea Mist and behaving like deranged psychopaths. “Don’t taze me dude !” became the phrase snickered as people followed up with how “awful” it was.  As the White people checked out of Sea Mist and got their refunds, the police, (Mashpee,

The First Lady & Shovel Ready Ceddie. Overwhelmingly Purple POMPAss

Falmouth and State cops),went looking for the Chairman to see if he could calm things down.  What? Not Shovel Ready Ceddie.  That boy was hiding in his room.  Shovel Ready has a security detail that’s the envy of President Obama.  He’s so afraid of his own people, the press release statement lecturing tribal members on their bad behavior  did not come from the so called chairman but the White president of the Regan PR firm.  Nice.

This is what our young people see? It’s what they are supposed to emulate?


Clearly you have to have a record to make a  big salary  at the government center.  Danielle Hill is still there and her dishonesty about her unresolved felony charges is now part of the ongoing coverup that includes hiding the fact that she lied on her application that disappeared. Danielle only presented a resume, according to HR. It’s so so bad that a record is the prerequisite  to getting a job making over $50K.  If the voters rejected her, why is she working for us?

Bobby Foster still tries to pay almost nothing to take care of his kids by lying about his income.  He got quite a bit of help from his peeps.

You have another employee who blatantly lies about having a college education and beat their spouse with a golf club in a moving car…never mind other really bad stuff.

Staffers to Messy Jessie and Tah Tah have constant run-ins with the law with open cases.


Tah Tah likes buring up cars and being " the Boss"

Tah Tah has the worst record.Setting cars on fire, erratic and scary behavior at the office. The Council is trying to get the minutes dating back to  October.  She cannot do her duties as Secretary and her behavior clearly warrants her removal from the council.  But, there are no rules and the reprimands are minimal.  She runs up and down the halls saying “I’m the boss” because she believes she’s the HR director.  It’s obscene.

Once again young people believe this behavior is appropriate and the rest of the world believes we’re degenerates because our government and leadership thinks this stuff is invisible..

Yes the buck stops there because it all stems from the top.